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  • GVSCC Targa Florio Proxy

    The Greater Vancouver Slot Car Club is presenting the Targa Florio Proxy.

    This is an open invitation to 1/32 scale slot racers around the world to enter a car in the Greater Vancouver Targa Florio Proxy. This is a club proxy, not limited to the participants from any particular club or forum. Everyone is welcome.
    The proxy will consist of two races on Luf's famous Targa track, one in each direction, as well
    as at least four more races held on the tracks owned by other club members. The tracks are all non-magnetic routed wood with a 1⁄4 inch minimum slot depth. All cars will be shipped here, run in all the races and then shipped home again.
    All cars will be reasonable 1/32 scale models of any car that actually ran in the original Targa
    Florio, held in Sicily from 1906 to 1973. Car authentification will be according to the Targa Florio files shown on
    To qualify, the make and model must be listed in the results file as having run for any year of the race. Livery does not have to be the same, and fantasy liveries are allowed, but they should be period correct for the year of the race. Cars will be divided into two classes.
    Class A
    These cars must have a motor of less than 15000 rpm at 12v, as tested and listed in Robert
    Livingston's motor list found here - motor-list.html
    Class B
    These cars will have an open motor formula with unlimited rpm. Motors above 22000 rpm at
    12v are not recommended. The class is determined only by the motor rpm, not the make or model of car chosen.
    Cars may have any chassis type, made of any material. Chassis may have any motor
    alignment, inline, sidewinder or anglewinder. Wheels may be of any type, but should look scale for the car being modelled. For example, no O-ring front tires, and front wheels must turn. For cars up to 1960 the maximum tire tread width should be about 1⁄4 inch. For cars 1961 to 1973 most should be 3/8 inch. Several cars from the late 60s and early 70s had wider rear tires, up to 1⁄2 inch width. Limits can be exceeded only with documentation for the real car.
    Rear tires should be urethane, but rubber is also allowed. No sponge or silicone tires will be allowed. No tire solutions are allowed. Tires will be cleaned with a damp sponge, only if necessary. Any gear ratio is allowed. Be advised that most of our tracks are quite technical, with short straights and lots of turns. None have extra long straights.
    While not a rule, you should know that cars wider that 2.5 inches or longer than 5 inches will have difficulty on the Burnaby Grind Hill Climb event which has very tight corners and narrow areas where a larger car may hit the scenery.
    Car clearance should be at least 1/16 inch to protect track surfaces. Spur gears may be closer but a car will be disallowed if the gear touches the track.
    Participant are invited to enter one car in this event, either in class A or class B.
    There will be a maximum number of entries of 30 per class or total of 60. This will be by time of entry, and a waiting list will be kept if the number exceeds 60.
    Entry fees will be $10 for local participants, $25 for other Canadian and US participants, and
    $35 for those from other countries, payable in Canadian dollars. All registration fees must be received by Sept 15, 2015. After that time invitations will go to entrants on the waiting list. Fees are mainly used for trackable insured return postage.
    Cars must arrive by October 15, 2015, with the first event taking place about November 1, 2015. The plan would be to send cars home by Jan. 1, 2016.
    Races will be held on several of our club tracks, with two rounds on Luf's Targa and one on the
    Burnaby Grind hill-climb. Other tracks are Perry's Rocket, Don's Attic track, Laguna Douga, and Roger's Coquitlam track. There may be others by the time of the races. We will aim for a minimum of six races.
    Prizes will be awarded to the winning car in each class, and a concours winner. It is hoped that
    these prizes will be donated by slot car dealers. Participation items will be given to each contestant. A small award will be given to the participant whose car had to travel the furthest to compete.
    All events will be driven by local club members who are experienced drivers. In any event,
    drivers will be assigned to one specific lane, and will drive all cars in turn on that lane. Drivers may be changed between classes.
    Contact Us
    Participants may enquire or register by contacting the race director, Keith Hines, by email to
    kahines at telus dot net, or by PM on SCI, HRW or Slot Forum to Retro Racer 44.


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    GVSCC Targa Florio Proxy

    For those of you who are entering this proxy, please choose a number and let me know what class you intend to enter.




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      Ferrari 312 PBS #3
      Class A


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        Entries coming in

        Glad to have you aboard, Aloha. The entries are starting to come in. This is going to be fun.


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          Should have time to prepare for this can you put me doen for #13 in the big class - also Jonathon Newns #166 in the small class.



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            Gotcha Mike! Thanks for joining the fun.



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              Luf's Targa is a track known by slot car enthusiasts from around the world. Many proxy cars have run the Targa from as far away as Greece and Australia. The track recreates the landscape and scenery of Sicily and the Little Madonie Circuit of the Targa Florio. It even has one of the villages that the famous races passed through. With over eighty feet of three lane track, it is a challenging course to run. There is about 4 feet of elevation change in the course, as it climbs up from the village on the left hand side and then plunges down a three foot drop along the wall on the right. When run in reverse it is completely different. The car must be able to climb that same hill and then return to the bottom through a meandering set of switchback. Here is a look at the track from two different angles.

              The track is sized for 1/32 scale cars with a lane width of 3 inches. In the village, the outside lane takes a shortcut to equalize the length and all three lanes squeeze together through the narrow street. The locals come out to watch and will be really happy if there are some Ferraris and Alfa Romeos leading the pack.

              I hope you will join us for the Targa Florio Proxy. (see rules attached to Post #1)



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                Perry's Rocket

                Every so often I will post pictures of one of the tracks on which we will be running this proxy.

                This is Perry's Rocket.

                Perry actually has two tracks, the Rocket and the Canyon shown behind. These were totally redone about a year ago and are now the fastest tracks we use. The rocket is basically a folded loop, three lanes wide, equal lane spacing and a wide banked turn on the one end. Lap times are very quick.

                There are still entry spaces available for this proxy, come join the fun.


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                  Its time to introduce you all to the next track in the GVSCC Targa Florio Proxy. It is called the Burnaby Grind, and is an old fashioned hill climb.

                  it is about 130 feet long for the return run. Cars start at the bottom in front of the computer screen that runs a special Trackmate program. The single lane is divided into four sectors, so that racers can see which part of the track offers opportunity for improvement. At the top of the hill is a loop back into the same track for the return descent. The software automatically changes the polarity of the track at the top end of the loop. When the car crosses the finish line a total time is displayed as well as sector times.

                  We normally run five timed runs, and cross out the worst one for a total of four. The club record is about 70 sec. with single runs in the 17-18 second range. Most of us mortals take over 20 seconds per run.

                  As you can see from the picture, the course is very windy in the bottom sector, and a long or wide car will have difficulty on the turns. Deep guides or extra long ones like Carrera are not recommended.

                  The upper half of the course consists of a series of switchbacks leading to the loop. Here the rock walls loom very close to the narrow lane and too much throttle can cause the car to brush the wall and de-slot.

                  This track will be the most challenging for the cars in the proxy, but at least it is only one of six or more events. Again, urethane tires rule on this course.

                  I will post pictures of the other tracks later. If you haven't done so already, join the fun.




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                    GVSCC Targa Florio Proxy Entries

                    OK The lists that were here are now gone. I have been collecting entries for this thing on four different forums, as well as our local guys, and it has become almost unmanageable. Well at least for an old guy like me. So to simplify I have decided to add the master list as an attachment to this post instead of the lists.

                    As you look at the list you will see where I have recorded info on each entry. If your entry is missing info, please let me know by post or PM and I will add it in.

                    One thing I ask is that you check to make sure your entry is in the right class. Class A is small motors, Class B is big motors. If you grew up with 1:1 club or drag racing, this is opposite to some and may be confusing.


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                      What an interesting historical context for a proxy race and, with a venue like Luf's Targa track in the schedule, it seems like a natural. I'm interested in entering a 1950's era car in the low power Class A, but I need to make sure I'm understanding the rules correctly. It appears to me that my narrow track-width, skinny-tyred 50's car would be in direct competition with much wider, fatter-tyred 70's racers like the Ferrari 312PB and Alfa 33/3. Is that correct? Won't that put any of the more historic or vintage-era cars at an impossible disadvantage at every track with the possible exception of the Burnaby Grind Hillclimb?



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                        Tires in Class

                        I thought about your concerns when setting this up. A skinny tired car in B class would only be as good as its power to tread capacity, and therefore a wider tired car should be able to put more power to the road. However, a fat tired car with limited power should not have that much advantage over skinny tires. I believe the 1:1 races were in classes by power(cc) and the winning car was not necessarily the one with the biggest motor.

                        I was trying to keep it simple, and since we are covering a wide range of cars, it may be more of a fun run that an all out proxy. I am hoping both classes will be quite competitive and I guess time will tell. It should be fun anyway.



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                          I'll go B class # 11.
                          Tentatively Ferrari 312.



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                            Plerase put me down,class A,#41,Ferrari 250 LM


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                              Make my entry: Class A, #148, Alfa Romeo.