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    Hi guys,
    Since the CanAm Proxy Race will have a rolling eligibility date that expands the window of eligible cars every year the race is run, I thought I'd start a thread on which cars you guys think should be added. Of course I will do my usual research of results tables from '69, I just want to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. Two notable new entries for the '69 season would have to be the Fly Lola T70 Mk III and Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro. Is there anything you guys think should be added in either GTU, GT, or P classes?
    If you have a car you think should be added to the eligibility lest then let me know the slot manufacturer that made the particular model you nominate.
    Here is what has been nominated so far:

    Nominees for 1963

    • Polistil, Protoslot, Artin Lotus Europa
    Nominees for 1966

    • Strombecker Ford J
    • Chaparral 2E

    Nominees for 1967

    • Betta Ford Honker II

    Nominees for 1968

    • Pioneer Ford Mustang[/LEFT]

    • NSR Ford P68

    Nominees for 1969

    • Arii Fairlady 2000
    • BUM, Teamslot, SCX Alpine A110
    • Scalextric, Teamslot, OCAR Ford Capri (no flares)
    • Scalextric Datsun 240Z
    • Scalextric Ford Escort TC
    • World Classics, OCAR Lancia Fulvia HF
    • Fly Alfa (GTV as) GTV 1750
    • OCAR Ford Zodiac
    • SCX Renault 8
    • Power Slot Opel GT
    • Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro
    • Scalextric Ford Mustang (4 headlights)
    • Ferrari 365 GTB/4
    • Carrera Ford Mustang
    • Scalextric Ford Escort TC
    • Revell Monogram Mercedes 300SE
    • Scakextric Mercedes Benz 300SLR
    • RMS AMC Javelin
    • Teamslot, OCAR Ford Capri 2.3L

    • Scalextric Porsche 917 (C22)
    • Fly Porsche 908/2
    • Fly Porsche 908 Flunder
    • Fly Porsche 917PA
    • Fly Lola T70 Mk IIIB
    • OCAR Lola T70 Mk III
    • Revell Monogram Lola T70 Mk II
    • Bauer, MRRC, Bandai Porsche 910
    • Fly Porsche 911 TR
    • AA Bodies Chevron B8
    • NSR/MRRC Ford Mk IV
    • MRRC Porsche 910
    • Bitume Slot Racing Chevron B16
    • EM Ferrari 712
    • Fly Porsche 908 flunder LH
    • Fleischmann Alfa T33/2
    • Proto Slot Kit Alfa T33/2
    • Racer Ferrari 250/275 - overscale
    • Racer Ferrari 312 - overscale
    Moving along then,

    Nominees for 1970

    • Proto Slot Kit, Evolution Slot Porsche 914/6
    • Arii Datsun 240Z
    • SCX Fiat Abarth 124
    • AutoArt, Fly Alfa GTAm
    • Scalextric Ford Mustang '70 (2 headlights)
    • Fly Porsche 911ST 2.5
    • OCAR Ford Capri 2600
    • RMS, SCX Barracuda
    • Sclaextric Camaro
    • Fly Porsche 908/3
    • NSR, Fly Porsche 917k
    • Fly Porsche 917LH
    • Fly Ferrari 512S
    • Fly Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga
    • HSRR McLaren M8D
    • Alfa Romeo 33/3
    • Spirit Ferrari 512M (two small winglets on the tail)
    Nominees for 1971

    • Arii Skyline KPGC10
    • Power Slot Opel GT
    • Teamslot Alpine A110
    • Lindberg AMC Gremlin
    • GB Track Chevron B19 / B21
    • Spirit Ferrari 512M (Penske car with one wing across the back)
    • Sloter Ferrari 312PB (no rear wing)
    • Slot Real Car, Le Mans Miniatures Porsche 917/20 'Pink Pig'
    • Proto Slot Kit Ligier JS3
    • Topslot Porsche 917/10 (the orange STP car)
    Nominees for 1972

    • Fly Porsche 911S, 911R
    • Fly Alfa GTAj
    • Teamslot Alfa GTAm
    • Power Slot Opel GT
    • Carrera Opel GT

    • Fly Porsche 911 RS
    • Carrera Ford Capri RS 3100
    • Sloter/ Ferrari 312PB
    • Fly Racing Porsche 911 RSR 2.8
    • Fly Porsche 917/10
    • Carrera McLaren M20
    • Sloter Lola T280/T290
    • Le Mans Miniatures Matra MS670
    Nominees for 1973

    • Scalextric Caterham
    • Fly Porsche 911S, 911R, 911RS
    • Teamslot & SCX Lancia Stratos

    • Fly Racing Porsche 911SC

    • Bitume Slot Racing Porsche 911RSR
    • Powerslot Lola T298
    • Carrera Porsche 917/30
    Nominees for 1974

    • Carrera Opel Commodore
    • Fly Porsche (934 as) 911RSR
    • Fly Porsche (934 as) 911RSR
    • Bitume Slot Racing, Carrera Porsche Carrera Turbo RSR
    • SCX Alpine Renault A441
    Nominees for 1975

    • Rixvette Datsun 240Z
    • Fly BMW CSL
    • Revell/Monogram Greenwood Corvette
    • Carrera Dekon Monza
    • Le Mans Miniatures Renault A442
    Nominees for 1976

    • SCX SEAT 131 Abarth
    • Monogram Greenwood Corvette
    • Fly Porsche 934
    • Carrera Porsche 935/76
    • MRRC / Spirit Porsche 936
    Nominees for 1977

    • Spirit VW Golf
    • Carrera Chevrolet Dekon Monza
    • Monogram BMW 320i
    • Matchbox Porsche 935/77
    • BumSlot Dallara Wolf
    Nominees for 1978

    • Fly Ford Capri
    • Carrera Porsche 935/78
    • MRRC Toyota Celica
    • Power Slot Lola T298
    Nominees for 1979

    • Fly BMW M1
    • Carrera Ferrari 512 BBLM
    • Fly Porsche 935 K3
    • Fly Lancia Beta Montecarlo
    • Carrera Ford Pantera
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this list,

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    More 1969 eligibles:

    Porsche 917 LH
    Porsche 908/2
    Ferrari 365 GTB/4

    And all those Can Am cars from Resilent Resins.


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      FLY Porsche 917LH not 'til '70. The '69 car was nothing like what FLY tried to produce.


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        Scalextric C22 is a good model of the original 917.

        That's a Jouef 1/43 model in the foreground. Advertised as 1/32 on ePay. Neat model though.

        Ok, it's a not so good model, but definitely different from the later LH. Here's a race photo from LeMans '69:

        How about a factory sales brochure:

        I think that $50k was the asking price new. Here's John Wyer's roll out livery:

        I think I know what my '09 CPR P car will be.


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          I am fresh out of suggestions. Can't wait for CPR 2010, when the 1970 cars will hit the track. My Ferrari 512S may have returned from the GPR by then.


          • #6
            The rate of change in sports car design from the late 60's through the 70's was amazing. I'm looking forward to the chance to experience it first hand in 1/32 scale.


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              ...and when does the 914 become available for CPR usage?


              • #8
                I nominate the ARII Datsun Fairlady 2000 for GTU.

                Datsun won its first SCCA title, D production with Jack Scoville's Fairlady 2000 beating my man John Morton in the BRE 46 at Daytona. According to,

                With the introduction of the Hitachi aspirated 2000 in 1968, the Roadster was classified in the following classes:-

                1500 - G Production
                1600 - F Production
                2000 (Hitachi) - D Production
                2000 (Solex) - C Production
                Another reason I'm fond of the BRE team:

                A front air dam, incorporating scoops, cunningly disguised as brake ducts, which Pete Brock marketed as a SPOOKTM, (an amalgam of spoiler and scoop). The 2000 Roadster was the first production race car worldwide to feature an air dam.
                PB:- "Most people thought we were mad 'cause they were so ugly! But they did the job. Under the rules no such device was allowed, but "brake scoops" were permitted. My brake scoop design ran right across the front of the car and complied with the letter of the rules so it was permitted! Later everyone began to copy the idea and then they began showing up on the street. The rest is history"

                John Morton joins Frank Monise in mid-69:



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                  914 was introduced in '69 correct?


                  • #10
                    Great looking Datsun, JT!

                    You are correct, Dave.

                    I just need to find out which year they introduced the fender flares. Carrera made a non-flared 914. They do show up on German ePay periodically. Great suggestions guys!


                    • #11
                      Shows that Carrera and Riggen both made a 914...anyone have a photo of either?


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                        Hey Dave,

                        I thought you - like Gordo - was a BMW guy. Are you having an identity crisis? I was chasing one down on about a year ago. I gave up because the price was getting stupid on it. Evolution Slot makes a resin body:

                        Looks good to me. I lucked out when ordering from a Spanish Merchant I was corresponding with. I had ordered some oddball bits and pieces and just thought I'd ask if they had one as they used to be on this retailer's web site. As luck would have it there was one in the stock room. SCORE! An HRS does fit under it too! OCAR is coming out with one shortly.


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                          Though omitted this time around...wouldn't the Javelin & Barracuda be eligible - David R does both in resin ('68 models).

                          Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Kali


                          • #14
                            Could someone pm me David's web site? Thanks.


                            • #15
                              The RMS Datsun 510, if released by then would make a suitable candidate for 2009.