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2016 CanAm Proxy Race

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  • 2016 CanAm Proxy Race

    The 2016 CanAm proxy race is alive and well; just a little delayed vs. last year.

    We have a new/old group of organizers for this year. I'll direct/administer the proxy and will handle the tech inspection, Jim (zoom beedo) and Dale (aloha) will handle the nominations/eligibility process and Christian (cgingras) will keep the scoring for the event.

    We're obviously getting a late start this year; about 6 weeks later than last year. So, to even things out a little and to keep everyone from being in rush mode, we're going to move all of the key dates out by that same period of time. So, we'll move the registration payment deadline to January 1, 2016, the car due date to January 31, and the first race to the first two weeks in February.

    We plan to have around 10 tracks again this year and the cars will be running about every 3 weeks at a new track, so about 7 month total time.

    Same classes as in the past; GTU, GT and P.

    I'll be posting a revised set of rules tomorrow and other information in about a week. Look for Jim's changes to the nomination/eligibility process; we want to streamline this as much as possible while, at the same time, providing everyone with the opportunity to enter newly eligible cars each year.

    By the way, 2016 is a silicone tire year.

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    Thank you for heading up the Can Am 2016 and the All Star Cast to help out!!! I'll cause trouble now #33 P Class with GT class YTBD

    The other Tony


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      Allan,thanks for taking over the reins of this proxy.
      You are becoming the proxy king.
      I'll try to enter this one,but too early to commit.
      Thanks also to your appointed/volunteered cabinet members.
      Good Luck.



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        You're on the registration post, Tony. Let me know when you decide on your GT car.

        Steve, I hope we see a car or two from you, too.