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2016 CanAm Homologated Cars & Nominations

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  • 2016 CanAm Homologated Cars & Nominations

    For ease of use and maintenance, the Homologated Cars list will now be separated from the main body of the rules and will be included with each yearís Nomination thread. The current full Homologation List is attached at the end of this post.

    Since the CanAm Proxy Race has a rolling eligibility date that expands the window of eligible cars every year the race is run, Iím continuing Dr Vanskiís practice of having a thread for cars you think should be added, while the checking of cars for eligibility will now be done by Dale (aloha on SCI).

    Nominating Procedure

    Due to the amount of time involved in researching eligible cars, weíll no longer do extensive research to find all available new models as weíve done in the past, although, some obvious additions will be made at the organizerís discretion. Additionally, we will only consider adding new cars to the eligibility list that are nominated by someone who plans to race that car during the upcoming season. If you plan to enter next yearís race, you may nominate one car for each CanAm series class you plan to run in. Please do not nominate cars you donít plan on racing. The nominated cars must meet the criteria in the rules and must have raced in an applicable series from 1958 through the upcoming eligible season (e.g. we are currently considering in 2015 cars that raced through 1976 for the 2016 proxy series, next year we will consider cars that raced through 1977 for eligibility in the 2017 series).

    If you would like to add a car that you want to race next year to the eligibility list, please post a reply to this thread to let us know the make and model of the car you nominate as well as the CanAm Proxy class you think it should be eligible for (P, GT, or GTU), the year it was eligible to begin racing (also where, if you know), and which slot car/static model company manufactures the specific model of the car youíre nominating. It will now be your responsibility to also provide major dimensions for the model nominated, including overall length, width, and height.

    The seasonís nominations will be closed three months before the deadline for car arrival, to allow sufficient time to build and enter a car. When we roll to the next year of eligibility, after this seasonís racing starts, weíll include all approved nominees in the rules homologation list and start a new thread for the following yearís nominations. Approved nominees that havenít yet been moved to the homologation list will be marked with an asterisk (*) and may be considered as approved for next yearís series. Nominees that have been considered and disallowed will be listed in this thread, along with the reason they were rejected, to keep from continually revisiting them in the future.

    The current homologation list is attached at the end of this post.

    Here is what has been nominated so far:

    Nominees from 1958-1976 for the 2016 Race


    SCX SEAT (Fiat) 131 Abarth*
    Scalextric Triumph TR7 (Body only - the body sits ridiculously high on the original chassis)*
    Greenman TR7*
    RMS Resins Chevrolet/Yenko Corvair/Stinger 1965-69*
    SRC Porsche 914/6 GT*


    Fly Porsche 934*
    Carrera Porsche 935/76*
    Scalextric Australian Ford XB Falcon GT*
    Carrera Dekon Monza (cowcatcher nose)*
    Racer Sideways Porsche 935/77A and 935 K2 (as 935/76)*


    MRRC / Spirit Porsche 936*


    Fly Alfa Romeo GTV, GTAm, GTAjr - overscale
    Team Slot Alfa Romeo GTAm, GTA - overscale
    Racer Ferrari 250/275 - overscale
    OCAR, Racer Ferrari 312 - overscale
    OCAR Karmann Ghia - overscale (If you have dimensions I will reconsider)
    EM Ferrari 712 - could not find manufacturer (Provide link & we will reconsider)
    Polistil, Artin Lotus Europa (the PSK and Ocar look much more correct)
    Racer Silverline 240Z - overscale Chaparral 2E - overscale (width)

    *Already approved and can be raced, will be added to Rules Homologation list when appropriate.

    Jim (Zoom Beedo)
    Last edited by Zoom Beedo; 11-02-2015, 12:40 PM. Reason: Updated car list to include all 2016 eligible cars

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    Racer Sideways Porsche 935/77A and 935 K2

    Audi1 has nominated the Racer Sideways Porsche 935/77A and 935 K2 as entrants for this year because of the nearly identical body with the later factory entered 935/76s that would be eligible for this year. Aloha has checked the dimensions and we've verified the similarity of the bodies, so as of now, those two cars are approved for the 2016 season. Please do not confuse these two with the 935/78 and later "Moby Dick" cars, that body style won't be eligible for two more years.

    Jim (Zoom)


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      2016 Nominations Closed

      As of the end of October, nominations for new cars to be added to the homologation list for the 2016 CanAm Proxy series are closed. Once the season is underway, we'll start a new thread for nominations for the 2017 race.