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2016 CanAm Proxy - Track List

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  • 2016 CanAm Proxy - Track List

    The following is a list of the tracks that are lined up as of today for the 2016 CanAm proxy.

    We have a total of 11 tracks at this point and will add one more as it becomes available (hopefully in Canada; so that we can keep the numbers somewhat balanced between the US and Canada)

    We will also include pics of each track and a description of it, so that you can use this information to help set-up/tune your cars.

    Here are the tracks, locations and tentative target race dates (all dates are actually ranges and the race may take place either earlier or later than the target date).

    Total time for the 12 races should be about 7 1/2 months, shorter if we can get the races closer to 2 week intervals. We've structured the races so that the transportation will be relatively easy; starting in the US-East, moving to Canada-East, then Canada-West and going from there into US-West and back to US-East. Having 3 races in MA-CT, 2 in MI, 3 in the WA-Canada-West area and 2 in Canada-East, helps a lot with the timing for the races.

    1. Lee Marquardt Raceway - CT - Feb 15, 2016

    Length - 57 ft
    Surface - Mdf well seasoned
    Voltage - 10.5 volts
    Timing System - Trak Mate
    Lane conductivity: Braided

    2. Wayne's World - CT - March 1, 2016

    3. Cornerstone Raceway - MA - March 15, 2016

    • 4 lanes
    • Track length: 75′ to 83′
    • MDF latex painted surface with copper tape, 7'x20' foot print
    • 4 driver stations with reversing switch and fuse
    • 5 Track call buttons, (one main, one per station)
    • XLR and alligator clips

    • TrakMate SW with photo diodes

    • Pyramid PS26KX power supply, 6-15 VDC, 22AMP
    • Continuous, positive polarity.
    • Track voltage 10V

    4. Circuit de la Grande Dame - Montreal, Canada - April 7, 2016

    Length - 80 feet
    Lanes - 4 lanes, copper braid
    Software - Race Coordinator software, TrackMate interface
    Surface - latex paint, smooth surface. Lots of fast turns, very flowing track, marshaling not always easy (offs can be costly)
    Power Supply - Run at around 11 volts / 10 amps

    5. Circuit Courville - Quebec, Canada - April 21, 2016

    Length - 57 feet
    Lanes - 4, copper braid
    Surface - painted latex (smooth), very technical track with a faster section
    Software - Race Coordinator software, TrackMate interface
    Power Supply - usually run at 10V / 20 amps

    6. MG Raceway - Victoria, Canada - May 15, 2016

    7. Suzuka - Victoria, Canada - June 1, 2016

    8. Scaleracing - WA - June 15, 2016

    9. Cloverleaf Store Track - MI - July 1, 2016

    10. Cloverleaf Home Track - MI - July 15, 2016

    11. Amoskeag North Racing Park - NH - Aug 1, 2016

    3 Lanes
    Avg. Lane Lenght is 60ft
    Painted with Flat Latex
    Usual running voltage is 10v
    Silicone and Urethane are both run on my track

    12. The River Run - MA - Aug 15, 2016


    Length - 60'
    Number of lanes - 3
    Surface - flat latex
    Voltage - 10V
    Software - Trackmate

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    Tracks re-ordered to show flow and tentative dates. Still looking for one more track in Canada.........



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      Well, we tried for another track in Canada, but could not work out the schedule. So, the last track will be in Manchester, NH; Amoskeag North Racing Park, starting around August 1, 2016. Thanks to Josh for making his track available for this proxy.

      I'll update the track lists as soon as possible. Right now, I'm having trouble posting messages or editing messages on this board...........not sure why...............



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        I'll start working on getting pics and details on each of the tracks now, so that you can plan your builds for surfaces, distances, layout, etc.