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  • Car Returns and Prizes

    Gentlemen, I have some good news for you. Your cars were all mailed out to you today! So, those of you closest to MA should start seeing them show up in your mailboxes by this weekend.

    In addition to that, we had some money left over this year from the registration fees; primarily due to the fact that some of the hosts picked up the cost of transporting the cars to the next track. A big thank you to those of you who did that!

    That extra money, combined with a very generous donation from Slot Car Corner, allowed us to purchase prizes for all entrants and special prizes for the podium finishers in each class: P, GT and GTU.

    For every car that was entered, you'll find a new Piranha motor and a new set of SCC racing bearings. Those that finished third overall get that plus 10" of SCC motor wire. Those that finished second overall get all that plus an SCC lube kit. Those that finished first overall get all that plus a set of CBDesign 15x11 racing wheels.

    This info is also posted at the bottom of the pre-registration thread; because that was the thread that had the largest number of replies.

    Have fun with your cars and your new goodies!


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    Thanks Allan,and SCC .



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      Wow thanks Allan and Slot Car Corner. I always get asked what to you get out of these proxies? Now, see what you get!!!!!



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        "Wow thanks Allan"

        U bet........Allan we all appreciate the time and effort u put into helping with this GREAT Proxy.

        Congrats to those folks that made it the Podium(s) this season and I for one look forward to next year !!

        Thanks again Allan so....



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            Car returns

            Thanks Allan, you did a great job organizing and keeping this proxy running! Thank you to Jim and Dale as co-organizers and Christian for his excellent scoring.

            Thank you Slot Car Corner for the prizes and donations and continued support - you guys are elite!


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              Thank you Allan and your support team for a job well done running the series in 2016. Also thanks to Slot Car Corner for their support and generosity with the great race prizes.
              Ray M.


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                Cars returned safe and sound. Thanks Allan!


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                  Thanks SCC!!!!

                  a motor and bearings!!!!!!


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                    The transporter arrived with 311 and 411 yesterday.

                    Thanks and kudos for organizing this year's CanAm proxy, you and your folks...Christian in particular. That scoring thing can be a bear! How many proxy races is it that you organize? I cannot count them all.

                    Thanks to all the hosts and the crews they each assembled to help make it happen. Ditto to SCC for their contributions.

                    Finally, my thanks to Nick at Super Tires for his support! Sorry that I could not build cars worthy of the tires. We did do a little better in a different series, though.



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                      My car showed up yesterday,along with some goodies.
                      Thanks again to Allan and SCC.

                      See ya next time,


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                        ...chicken dinner

                        slot car corner rules!


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                          Allan, cars arrived thank you for hosting this great proxy and thank you SCC for the prizes. This leases Ken to a question, which axles work best with the bushings NSR or Slot It ?


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                            Allan, first a big thank you for the time and effort you put forth in organizing this event. SCC thank you for the gifts and support of the proxy. It is really a great event with some very good builders and great support from the proxy drivers and support team. Christian your score keeping was spot on as well.

                            Cars arrived home in good shape but see that the GTU car has a crack in the chassis so time for that car to retire, it made it through two proxies and happy to have it home.

                            I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the Quickslicks stood up as I can not see any noticeable wear on the tires at all.

                            It has been a fun year and hope there is one next year ...