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Carrera Scramble - Year 2 - Round 9 - Autumn Hills

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  • Carrera Scramble - Year 2 - Round 9 - Autumn Hills

    The cars have arrived back in Oregon and that means we have come to the end of the road. With but a single event remaining on our schedule and with a total of 9 races being scored each driver will receive one throw-out. As it stands today, there appears to be some very close races for the top spots.

    Rico can jump in here and take over but just let me offer the best of luck to all.

    Welcome back to Oregon.

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    I will pick up the cars from our leader Thursday evening. I will be out of town for Memorial Day weekend but we may have the race as soon as the following Thursday (June 1st) if we can get things worked out tomorrow evening.


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      Just let me know Rico and I'll help out. BTW June first is an odd Thursday.


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        I managed to get the cars qualified this evening and the plan is to have the race tomorrow evening.
        Without further delay, here are the results:

        The field thunders by the pits

        Class A through the bend

        Audi1, reek455 and Mitch58

        SteeveeW, Aloha and lancelottalove scare the hippo

        kidvoltage, AJK and JScotIII battle on the bridge


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          Thanks for the qualifying results. Looks like it is almost anyone's race in Class A.


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            Amazing, it looks like all of the wings are still there.


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              Wonder why that motor is so slow. Oh well.



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                And now it comes down to this.

                It will be an interesting and fun night. Hope to get a little driving in myself. Probably the Class A cars.

                As the series winds down to the final event there are some close races. And with one throwout allowed the question is who will increase their total by bettering a lower scored event. With a few last place finishes I hope to up my total just a bit but you never know.

                Tonight the story will be complete.

                Best of luck to us all.


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                  Just like every proxy I've entered, about half way through I think, if I could set it up today, it would be a much better car.


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                    Any video or link to watch the race?


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                      Autumn Hills Results

                      We raced this evening as planned and we had great fun running the cars on the tight and twisty Autumn Hills layout. I would like to thank my helpers Al, Mitch, Dan, Stan, Chris, Monte, Jeff and Amy.
                      The results are pretty close as they always are at my track. And the results are:

                      We managed to take some random pictures when we remembered or weren't too busy. In no particular order:

                      Guy from museum, Jeff, Doc, Stan

                      A little bit of Al, Guy from museum, Jeff, Doc, Stan

                      Doc, Stan, Mitch, Me, Al and Monte

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                        Thanks for the run. Congrats to the race winners.
                        Thanks to the organizers, hosts and participants.
                        Im already thinking what to do for next years Carrera Scramble).
                        Any insite or driver impressions are welcome.
                        Maybe the can be updated next year.


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                          Addition has corrected the Class A results.

                          Final results and standings have been posted.

                          Lance, perhaps we will update the site next year if there is a third year. The one of me this year didn't have the extra time.


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                            First thank you for the last run of the series. Was interesting to see how it rolled out. Congrats to Audi1 and CJ74 in class wins.
                            I learned that a fast car definitely does not make a winning race car, Class A car it is all about tires and handling.
                            I looked at the championship standindings and don't understand how the final tabulations were made.
                            Thank you again it is an interesting series and would love to see more enter the Class A as Carrera really does make a fine product.


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                              Thamks for the run and final results. Very close racing in both classes made this a fun proxy to be in. Hoping for year 3!