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Carrera Scramble - Year 2 - Round 9 - Autumn Hills

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    Dale you are correct, my spreadsheet error, correction coming.


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      Thanks to your team for getting the final round completed. Hey a 3rd place for my slow class A Audi.
      Thanks again. Hats off to all who entered cars and our series champions. I hope to have a better car if this series continues. May move up a class. May enter both.

      I see there was an error in the results in this thread. My Audi was 4th. Way to go Dale.
      Congratulations to CJ,Dale, and Lance

      See you did good Dale in the Big Boy Class. Hats off to JScott and Allan as well.

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        Thanks Aarold...
        Just curious on the Big Boy class that Aarold refers to it as, what chassis configuration did everyone run?
        Maybe Monte could take a picture with the chassis showing. I ran an angle winder set up and spent most of the time working on the tires (PGT).
        Maybe next year we can support Monte by running his tires in one or both classes
        Anyways it was fun
        Aloha Dale


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          The class was just about evenly split between anglewinder and sidewinder. In my case when I originally got my printed chassis I set it up as an anglewinder but I missed the deadline for the first proxy. At some point using it in our GT class I switched it to a sidewinder and I found it to be smoother with better lap times.

          In this proxy I used a 21.5 motor thinking it would be more drivable to the variety of drivers. It turned out to be a mid pack car with one podium finish, which is better and a lot of proxy cars I've sent out. Every proxy is a learning experience.

          As for how these cars compared to each other (Angle VS Sidewinder) I don't know, since I had a car entered I limited myself to Marshalling. As with most proxies Some cars appeared to run very well, while others were a bit of a challenge.
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            Anglewinder and sidewinders? I know all class A were inline, and my class B was inline also.


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              In Class B there were a couple that were inline, but that was about it.

              Of course class A were all inline, because, well that's the way they were made.

              The biggest thing they had in common? They were all fun.