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Carrera Scramble - The Wrap Up

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  • Carrera Scramble - The Wrap Up

    Well now... as the series comes to its conclusion I am going to take the following actions:

    1. Take pictures of all the cars with their tops off. Easy boys... So if your car comes back and the screws are out of adjustment, that will be why.

    2. Establish some awards, award some prizes.

    3. Head 'em up, move 'em out, rawhide. I expect cars to be headed home by the first of next week.

    If you'd like to forgo the shipping costs and just donate your car to me, I'll be happy to give that some consideration. Otherwise you should send me your address via PM. I may already have it. Or not.
    Perhaps you have moved or been entered into a witness protection plan.

    Stay tuned...

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    Here we go, feast your eyes.

    This is all the cars minus Rico and Mitch's cars which were carried off at the end of the final race.


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      Mine was also a sidewinder using a Piranha Motor on a 3D printed chassis.


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        My Class B was a BMW with red 3D chassis running anglewinder Anglewinder set up.
        Monte thanks for the pics and time taken to put this wrap up together


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          The time has come to make some awards.

          For taking 1st in Class B, 2nd in Class A and 1st in Distance King we award Aloha a $20 gift certificate to

          For taking 1st in Class A we award CJ74 a $15 gift certificate to

          For placing 2nd as the Distance King we award Steevew a $15 gift certificate to

          For placing 2nd in Class B we award JScottIII a $15 gift certificate to

          Aloha also kindly donated three electric charge units which I will be randomly placing in boxes - though not his. Thanks Dale (Aloha).

          Audi1, Lancelotaove, Arroldn each receive two sets of BOSA tires. Thanks to BOSA Tires for their contribution.

          And Aaroldn... You have struggled with that older car for two seasons now. Spend some money on a new one. You win FREE ENTRY next year.

          Gift Cert winners, I need your email address. Tire winners please go to the site and send me your choices. I'd like to start sending the cars home.
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            My car had a Sloting Plus chassis with an inline NSR triangle pod with spring suspension. Power via Boxer2 and BOSA tires. Upon post proxy inspection the chassis was too flexible especially in the thin areas between the motor pod and the rear wheel cut outs. I since have added bracing and the car now performs much better. Oh well, better late than never.

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              Monte,thanks for running this proxy.
              Thanks to all who were involved ,one way or another

              Pm coming your way with E-mail info.



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                Point made. Audi will be retired. Wonder if I should build a hotrod. Thanks for the gift. See wveryone next season.


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                  Howdy all. Sorry for the delay.

                  All the cars are heading home tomorrow.

                  I look forward to hearing of their safe return.

                  Those of you receiving tires, they will be sent separately.

                  Thank you for your participation!


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                    Do you know what BOSA Tire fits the Carrera 575 Ferrari? I didn't see it in their list.
                    I would also like this tire: Fly Porsche 906 (BOSA008) In the event you can't find one for the Ferrari this would be nice: Scalextric Trans Am '69 Camaro / Slick (BOSA0026)



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                      Arrold, we may not have that one yet. We do our tire making at Bill's house however, Bill is selling his house and buying a new one so we are in a bit of flux at the moment. I have all the stock here but we're not at all prepared to make anything beyond what we have until he completes his move - maybe another month or so. PM me and we can discuss further.


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                        I think you have them for the 906, I think I saw them when I was looking for something else.


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                          Cars made it across the pond safe and sound. You did a great job with the boxing of the cars thank you.


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                            Thanks for the charger. Tires arrived.



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                              scramble car returns

                              My cars arrived also. I was notified the Tires have arrived also.
                              Great proxy and thank you.
                              Can not wait till the next one