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Carrera Scramble - Year 2 - Round 4 - R&S Raceway

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  • Carrera Scramble - Year 2 - Round 4 - R&S Raceway

    Hey kids, let's Scramble!

    A big thanks to Russel and Susan Pavur and the PSSRA for hosting the 4th round at the R & S Raceway located in Puyallup, WA.

    The track is 80+ feet in length. The cars got a good chance to stretch their legs.

    I have results and guess what, in typical Scramble-ness - a new winner. Go figure.

    Let me get things updated, hang on...

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    Yes, just as we imagined... new winners in each class. How can this be? I love these cars.

    Congrats to both Aloha and AJK for their first victories in the series.

    Be sure to check out the updated standings.

    Thanks to Tony (AJK) for providing the information and pictures. If we're lucky someone from the PSSRA will stop by to offer comments but you should bear in mind they operate more like a secret society.

    I understand that Steevew's car broke a wire at the motor just prior to the end of his final heat. It's been repaired and is ready to go for the next event. It was the only casualty that I know of, no idea on the number of wings launched.
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      Thank you to the Washington group for spending your Saturday playing with our cars. Very nice track.
      AJK good job there and thanks for the pics


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        Thanks for hosting this round.
        Congrats to the class podium standers
        Thanks for the repair to my car.



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          Thanks to the hosts and congrats to those sitting atop the podiums!


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            Thanks to all who made this event possible. Congratulations Dale. Thanks for getting a 2nd out of my Audi.

            Congratulations to all podium finishers in both classes.

            Hunting for a win.



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              I see my car settled into it's usual spot. Thanks to the gang that ran the race and congrats to all those in front of me.


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                I'm a little surprised my car finished two laps down from the second to last place car. Was there a mechanical issue?


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                  Look at how close 2nd 3rd and 4th are in the A class. Way to go Dale. Hope I can get a 1st somewhere!!!!!



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                    And 2nd through 5th in the B class just a lap apart.

                    Hang in there, you're time's bound to come around.


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