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2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy - Rules

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  • 2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy - Rules

    Still working out the schedule details, if you run silicone tires and want to be a host please contact me or Mether05. Starting date hasn't been set yet but should fall around mid-late February, that way we all have plenty of time to build some fast cars and try to take Mether05's title away from him.


    2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy Rules

    First and foremost the CIP is about having fun, these are toys so let’s enjoy them as such. Any whining will result in public humiliation, the same goes for cheating. The rules are designed only to make sure the cars will look good together and are within the spirit of the 1:1, we all know what a real Cheetah looks like so have fun with your build but keep it within the rules. Just about anything goes as long as it looks like a Cheetah!

    There will be a Concours for 2011 so you can put not only your building/tuning skills to the test, but your painting/detailing skills as well. Participation in the Concours is optional and will not affect finishing order at the end of the proxy.

    I. Body Rules
    1) Car must be a Cheetah. Topless versions are allowed (ie: Cro-Sal, Spyder or Roadster). It’s called the Cheetah Invitational Proxy for a reason.

    2) Bodies must be injection molded or resin cast, in 1/32 scale. No vacuum formed or blow molded bodies allowed. (Approximately 1/30 scale is the maximum oversize permitted)

    3) Tires must be fully under the fenders. No tire may project beyond body work, as viewed from above, at maximum side travel of wheels.

    4) Bodies must be removable to allow maintenance and repair during the race series.

    5) Driver figure is required, with representation of at least head, shoulders, and arms.

    6) Interior must include representation of dashboard top and steering wheel, as seen through windshield, and shelf under rear window with spare being optional. Vacuum formed interior pieces may be used.

    7) Windshield must be present for open and closed top cars, and rear window is required for closed top cars. Vacuum formed windows are allowed.

    8) Required body details as appropriate, got to have carburetors or fuel injection stacks, etc. & headers also. It's a Cheetah! All cars are also required to have the front valance in place because you guessed it, it's a Cheetah! Trimming of the valance is allowed for guide clearance but must appear complete when viewed from the front.

    9) Fantasy liveries are encouraged with racing numbers required on at least three sides. Entrants name on car underside is a must. Body screw adjustment information, if any, would be helpful.

    10) The car must be pre-registered and race number obtained prior to tech inspection.

    11) Body modifications are allowed as long as they fall within the rules, flares may be added up to the max width of 2.53". (ie: Hurst)

    12) Examples of eligible bodies for the Cheetah Invitational Proxy:
    Pastimes Hobby
    RMS Resins (
    *Homemade resin bodies are allowed as long as they fall within the rules.

    II. Chassis:
    1) Chassis may be made of any material, and may be any design.

    2) Underside of car chassis and body must clear track road surface (not rails), on level track, by 1.2 mm (0.047") minimum. Gears may be lower, but cars may be excluded from racing if gears contact the track or rails and track owner judges them a hazard to track or rails.

    3) Guide must be entirely under body, and not visible when viewed from above. Any guide (other than a pin guide), bushing, gear etc. may be used.

    4) Traction magnets are not allowed.

    5) JB Weld is allowed.

    III. Tires and Wheels:
    1) To avoid running tires of different compounds together in the same race, compounds will be alternated every year. For 2011 only silicone tires will be allowed. Any cars found to have tire treatments will be disqualified and returned to the owner, entry fee will not be refunded and will be added to prize pool.

    2) Tires must be black and in the spirit of the 1:1, no low profile tires will be allowed and sidewall height must be a minimum of 3mm (.118”). Any cars ruled to have a lower than stated sidewall height will be returned to the owner to change tires prior to first round. If car is not received by the scheduled date of the first round it will be given a last place finish but it is still eligible to continue on. Should the owner decide not to continue the series, entry fee will not be refunded and will be added to prize pool.

    3) Any wheels may be used as long as the rear wheels do not have a smaller diameter than the front ones. Any F1 or LMP wheels are not allowed, it just wouldn’t look right.

    4) Inserts are required with the exception being the following wheels (only those listed are allowed, if you know of others that you feel would look right on a Cheetah please PM Mether05 or Lou E with picture of wheel)

    Sloting Plus
    Slot Car Corner
    CB Design 5 Spoke Classic Wheels
    CB Design Stock Car Wheels
    Super Wheels DF
    Super Wheels FF

    5) Tires must be fully under the fenders when viewed from above.

    IV. Motors:
    1) Any motor may be used and modifications are allowed. There are no RPM limitations.

    2) Motors drawing excessive current, which results in slowing other cars on the track, or tripping of overload protectors in track circuit, may be disqualified from racing on that track. (I'm assuming most of the host tracks have the amperage to spare for most motors but I don't know)

    V. Entries:
    1) All cars must include a spec sheet with the following info:
    Axles (brand, if any, and any info you wish to include)
    Body (brand and any modifications, if homemade, material and any info you wish to include)
    Braids (brand and any info you wish to include)
    Chassis (brand and any modifications, if homemade, material and any info you wish to include)
    Crown (brand and # of teeth)
    Guide (brand and any modifications)
    Inserts (brand and any modifications, if homemade, material and any info you wish to include)
    Motor (brand, RPM’s and modifications if any)
    Pinion (brand and # of teeth)
    Tires (SILICONE ONLY - brand and if homemade, any info you wish to include)
    Wheels (brand and material)
    Concours (Yes or No)

    2) Any cars that are found to be in violation of the rules may be either returned to owner or fixed at the track at the host’s discretion. The proxy will begin as per the schedule, if the car is not fixed in time according to the schedule, it will be scored as a last place finish.

    3) Repairs may be made between rounds. These can be done at the track at the host’s discretion or returned to the owner. If returned to the owner, it will be his/her responsibility to have the car at the next track on time. This is an allowance for repairs only, owners cannot make any changes to the car beyond the original spec sheet. For example, if the car is returned to you to fix a broken guide mount, you cannot change the motor because you have realized the car is underpowered. If the car is not returned in time, according to the schedule, it will be scored as a last place finish.

    VI. Official Scoring
    1) Scoring will be the same method that was used in 2010 with the exception being fastest lap will only receive one extra point.

    VII. Concours
    1) Concours will be judged by the host of each round, allowances will be made for damages incurred during the proxy and the winner will receive a yet to be determined prize. Placement on the Concours will be scored separately from race scoring and will not affect overall finish at the end of the proxy. Entrants have the option of choosing not to participate in Concours.

    VIII. Track Hosts
    1) Track hosts are allowed to run their round however they choose but are required to state the manner at which they plan to do so when they commit to the CIP.

    2) Hosts will be required to submit the following info:
    Phone Number
    Name of Track
    Lap length
    Notes (Anything that will help builders become successful on your track)

    3) In case a host needs to drop out and a replacement host is found in time, the replacement host will have the same freedom in how to run their round with the exception being that voltage cannot be lower than the lowest voltage shown in a round of the schedule, or higher than the highest voltage shown in a round of the schedule.

    Last edited by Lou E; 10-20-2010, 12:26 PM.

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    Yeah mether05 - you're going down! Hey wait, that's me!

    Nice job Lou, BTW, I have a question about the rules.... you can log off but you can't hide!


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      How about Cox cast magnesium wheels? Who makes sillies for them?


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        WOW, that was fast! only took 17 minutes for the first question


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          And 44 minutes for the first bad joke ...

          ... I guess that Cheetin' isn't allowed in the Rules, eh?


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            Cheetin' is encouraged, just don't get caught!

            Actually, with the rules being as open as they are, you'd have to almost go out of your way to do something that wouldn't be allowed.


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              Great job! Thanks, guys. Can't wait! 50s


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                Great, this thread answers some questions for me already...thanks


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                  Well, looks like I have a year to get my car ready.

                  No sillies for me.

                  See you guys next year, or, is it the year after that.
                  Last edited by BWA; 10-14-2010, 02:15 PM.


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                    " No sillies for me."

                    What do you mean Al?

                    You are not in favour of silicone tires?
                    You have no silicone tires?
                    You are being silli?

                    As I read the rules if a car has not got silicone tires on it then it would be deemed illegal.


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                      Don't have any, don't want any, won't use them.

                      I can barely stand slot cars with Urethane tires.

                      I'll be back in a year.


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                        I'll be back in a year
                        Ok I'll stand by the door and wait....

                        I can barely stand slot cars with Urethane tires
                        I take it you are a "rubber" only man....

                        Maybe you should enter the NZ proxy for Canam cars...rubber tires only for that series.


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                          The IPS is for Ninco rubber only, I'm in second place overall, and, I may have won the last race (if they ever get the results posted, the race only ran last Sunday).

                          They (Ninco) tires run reasonably nice, decent grip, easy to sand/true, and, run fairly smooth.

                          Unfortunately, I was around at the beginning (yes, the first beginning in 1959) of slot cars, when we were running on Veco model airplane tires. Nothing compares for smoothness, grip, and quietness of running as those tires. Slot cars were totally different back then. The new stuff is not an improvement.

                          Actually, the car I entered in the IPS is 45 years old (Both the chassis and the body), and, is almost kicking everybodies butt. Here's a quote from the last race "but best of all was the blue and white 250. We all loved this car. It was a very forgiving driver with speed on tap. A pleasure to drive. " Not bad for a 45 year old car.

                          This is an NC1 event, and, the cars are plenty quick.

                          Here's the car.

                          Modern tires, both Urethane and especially silicone, are very chippy, chirpy and, noisey, I hate them.


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                            Lou E,
                            Please check your PM's
                            Would like to host a round.

                            Big Jack


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                              Al,that car deserves a thread of its own....why not?

                              The IPS is for Ninco rubber only
                              Ninco?rubber? I was under the impression it was just black stuff shaped like a tire.

                              I like urethane tires because they can be worked ie shaped/profiled and trued easily.

                              What I would like is a wiiiide range of tires using NSR rubber ! Now they are good !

                              Silicone mmmm? hard, noisey and need a thousand laps to true but are plentiful and readily available.