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2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy - Sponsors and prizes

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  • 2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy - Sponsors and prizes

    Borrowing from our friends in the Can Am Proxy, I'd like to announce our growing (hopefully) list of valued sponsors for the 2011 series. This will be an ongoing process but we have decided to announce who has signed on so far, so that we can all consider them first for parts and supplies as we prepare our cars.

    So for the 2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy:
    • Our friends at Slot Car Corner, Steve & Dickie, have come on board for this years CIP. Their state of the art performance enhancing products speak for themselves on the track. Combine that with the excellent service and genuine friendship these gentleman offer our sport, we are extremely pleased to have them in our series for 2011.
    • Our friends at Fantasy World Hobbies, Tony & Dave, who have helped with support and participated in many other proxies. Fantasy World Hobbies is a national leader in 1/32 slot car products and provides excellent customer service and support.
    • A 1/32 Resin Cheetah for the Concours 1st Prize (anonymous donation)
    Prizes for 2011

    - Lola T70 #16 George Follmer donated by Fantasy World Hobbies (final standing prize) great guys there at FWH!

    - Slot Car Corner Setup Block (final standing prize)

    - 1 pair each of CDB 5 spoke classic hubs and CBD Insert wheels (final standing prize)

    - One Official NERF Cheetah T-Shirt (final standing prize)

    - A large package of Slot Car Corner Axle Spacers, assorted sizes (for each participant)

    - Slot Car Corner Hat (for each participant) donated by Slot Car Corner (these are very high quality! like everything from SCC)

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    Steve and Dickie's parts are in all my proxy cars. I don't know if that's an endorsement or not ! Seriously, SCC is great! Nice to have them aboard. 50s


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      Great tech support from SCC when I purchased the drivers' stations and wiring harness for my wood track.


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        Originally posted by rixvette View Post
        Great tech support from SCC when I purchased the drivers' stations and wiring harness for my wood track.
        I agree, when I bought by driver stations and harness I was on the phone for literally hours over the course of a few days, Steve never rushed me off the phone and took his time explaining things so that I knew exactly what I was doing. He also took his time recommending what setup he believed would work best for me, which was actually cheaper than what I originally asked him for, and a few years later I have to agree with him that the choices he recommended for me were the right ones.


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          I had asked a few dumb questions about options I was thinking about installing. His answers were clear and to the point. I installed the terminal blocks and followed the instructions. Everything worked the first time.


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            My car arrived today...thanks Bob.
            The SCC parts included look great...the shims,nylon spacers and tube spacers will all get a use somewhere,sometime.The quality looks to be right up there with the best.
            Neat hat too.


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              Munter, Did your RMS Cheetah arrive yet?


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                Yes Lou...thank you.
                I have PM'd David expressing my thanks.
                They are surprisingly different to my Tassie resin body but still a very nice prize.
                Thank you again.

                ps We should all lobby Phil K to enter the 2012 Cheetah event...he builds a mean proxy car
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                  Briggsy has already stirred me up some time ago!

                  I even have one car almost finished!