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2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy - Concours

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  • 2011 Cheetah Invitational Proxy - Concours

    Concours will be judged by the host of each round, allowances will be made for damages incurred during the proxy and the winner will receive an RMS Resins Cheetah kit. Placement on the Concours will be scored separately from race scoring and will not affect overall finish at the end of the proxy. Entrants have the option of choosing not to participate in Concours.


    Round 1 Winner - Borninthe50's
    Round 2 Winner - Munter
    Round 3 Winner - Munter
    Round 4 Winner - Lou E
    Round 5 Winner - Mether05
    Round 6 Winner - JBriggsK9
    Round 7 Winner - Lou E
    Round 8 Winner - Munter
    Round 9 Winner - Munter
    Round 10 Winner - Lou E


    I didn't have a whole scientific approach when choosing the Concours winner for my round. Basically I just picked the car that to me, combined not only fun to run but fun to look at and workmanship.

    The winner of the first round is Borninthe50's

    There are a lot of really cool touches on this car but what I really like is the color, it's gorgeous! Rixvette's car is a very similar color, maybe even the same, but I really like the attention to detail on this one.

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    Round 2 Winner

    Originally posted by NJSLOT1_32 View Post
    I was asked to judge a Concours winner for round 2.

    I give Munter's #9 red car the nod, just edging out JBriggsK9's blue #30 car. For me the deciding factor was the hood detail. Both cars had a very nice paint finish. Lou E's green/black #26 gets honorable mention, nice job.


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      Wow! I don't what to say, except maybe... "You go girls!" Thanks! 50s


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        Mr. Munter, (John) what body did you use for your Cheetah? It has the front openings and the air dam, did you add them yourself? Very nicely done if you did or didn't add them.


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          The body on my car is from Phil kalbfell and was moulded from a Cox body.
          I have had three of them now.The first one I destroyed(munted)due to a painting/decal misadventure.The second one was my 2010 car which was OK and this one for 2011 which seems to be a better body due to a more even resin spread during the moulding process.
          I have built a few resin bodied cars now and as part of the prep I look at the areas of thickness and try to grind(Dremel) any thick spots away.
          Thanks for the placing in the concours.


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            Round 3 winner

            Congratulations once again to Munter, his car was chosen as the round three concours winner!

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              I'm looking forward to seeing them up close and personal this summer!


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                You will enjoy this bunch, they are an awesome little group of cats!


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                  Round 4 winner

                  Lou E


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                    Round 5 winner



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                      Round 6 Winner



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                        Cornerstone Concours - additional notes...

                        JT - Close second (and special recognition) for me was the brawny green and black car of Lou E. Its high body position, and bulging tires really captured the spirt of a Cheetah. The interesting paint scheme looked great in motion. Car even sounded powerful!

                        Mether05 - Second place for me was Munters red #9, a Ferrari-like Cheetah! Very eye catching paint job, and the car was smoooooth!!!! I kept seeing a Ferrari 250 GTO going down the track!!!!!

                        Any one of these 3 cars could have won the concours! Very nice job gentlemen


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                          Round 7 winner


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                            Round 8 Winner



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                              Round 9 Winner

                              Munter takes it again with his beautifully finished Cheetah, congratulations!!