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Race #9 Far-A-Way Hill NY

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  • Race #9 Far-A-Way Hill NY

    Well the car arived yesterday and I got a chance to get them downstairs
    this morning.. And they are a good looking group of cars..

    The race will be held on my Far-A-Way Hills track... The track is a 4
    lane 60 foot 10 turn road course.. The power will be set a 10 volts,
    which is the normal power I run the non magnet cars at .

    Qualifying will be one 3 min heat. This lets me get a feel for the car and set the controller up for each car.
    And speaking of qualifying here we go. First up

    Car # 51 Born in the 50's

    very quick little car, good grip, smooth running, good handling, Just doesn't like being pushed real hart.

    Qualifying time.. 6.208

    Car # 30 My car

    Smooth, good handling, grip is decent but not as good as a number of other cars. very stable and can be pushed hard.
    But as many of the other hosts have said, It really needs more motor or a gear change.

    Qualifying time.. 6.379

    Car #26 Lou E.

    The car had good straight line speed but low grip.
    The biggest problem is that the chassis is tweeked and the right front tire is way up off the track about a 1/16 And that really hurts the cars handling in the 5 left hand turns on my track..
    ( Lou I'll see if there is anything I can do to straighten the chassis)

    Qualifying time 6.959

    Car # 68 Big Jack

    This car has a KILLER motor.. Almost too fast for my track.. Good grip, smooth running, good handling.. Just have to be on your toes when getting on the power coming out of the truns.

    Qualifying time 6.209

    Car # 9 Munter

    Car is very smooth running, very good grip. good speed and handling..
    BUT... very little brakes, so it is harder to drive than all the other cars but still put in a very good time.

    Qualifying time 6.265

    Car #15 Mether

    What can I say.. this one is the class of the field on my track.. Smooooooth running, great grip, even better handling. very easy to drive..

    Qualifying time. 6.051

    Car # 5 Rixvette

    On my track the car has a number of problem, low grip, needs more motor, handling is poor
    The main reason for the handling problem is like Lou E. car... the chassis is tweeked real bad and the right front tire is up higher than Lou's car. So in the left hand corners the car tip really bad.
    So the car is very hard, you have to be so careful in the left handers you loose a lot of time..

    Qualifying time 7.085

    So here is the qualifying order..

    1st) Mether 6.051
    2nd) Born in the 50's 6.208
    3rd)Big Jack 6.209
    4th) Munter 6.265
    5th) JBriggsK9 6.379
    6th) Lou E. 6.959
    7th) Rixvette 7.085
    Last edited by JBriggsK9; 06-06-2011, 05:17 AM.

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    Beautiful track, nice to see you are having fun!!

    As far as fixing my car, as much as I appreciate the offer I don't think the rules allow for that. How about I send it to you at the end of the proxy and you work your magic??


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      I don't mind if you straighten the chassis... better than running a car that is hard to handle. This is supposed to be fun, for the hosts too! If no one has any objections - straighten that chassis!

      BTW, great looking track John! And thanks for the great run!!!!


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        Very nice looking track. Good to see you managed to keep my "thingie" under control. Hope " it " races as well as it did in qualifying.

        Have FUN

        Big Jack


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          I really don't want to make wholesale changes to any of the cars. Just give them a chance to do their best...

          one of the chassis is a resin chassis and the front axle is set in JB Weld from the looks of it... That one I can't do anything with unless I break the front axle carrier loose from the chassis and I am afraid I will break the chassis doing it

          The sebring chassis I was able to make a good deal better and dropped the time down a tenth or so..



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            4th) Menter 6.265
            That would be "munter" but a little bit of "mether" might help my cars performance.


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              You were taliking about Lou's car??? In that case forget about it! No fix for you!!

              Good job John Would like to race on that track, it seems to have a lot of cool feautures, cross-over, wiggles etc... nice job


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                Originally posted by mether05 View Post
                You were taliking about Lou's car??? In that case forget about it! No fix for you!!
                I hope you are planning on using some run flat tires for next year, I have a feeling there might be some 1:32 nails in your cars path...


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                  You talkin' to me?!? My Rat-rod eats nails for breakfast!


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                    that rust bucket could probably use a few nails to keep the body panels from falling off!

                    JBriggsK9, did you pick a winner for the Concours?


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                      Not yet.. I am having my wife do it tomorrow night.......



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                        Must be that great looking body that helped Munter qualify in front of the home town car!


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                          That is a sweet looking body... I just didn't have the horse power to take him...
                          When you getting into the game Phil?? hope to see a car from down under nest year...



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                            Okay first lets take care of the concours judging

                            Janice looked the cars over and here are the top 3 ( I agree with her picks too )

                            1st.) Munter
                            2nd) Rixvette
                            3rd.) Lou E.



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                              Today was the big race day.... Sunny, temp. 93 degrees, Humidity about the same... And it was hard on the lap times and the drivers...

                              I want to give a special thanks Dave and Al who drove 80 miles in from Buffalo to help me run the race.. Al was the second driver and Dave had the buttom for track calls..

                              This was only Al's second time on the track and with limited time to get use to the cars and the track he did a good job of driving...

                              We ran 2 lanes and each heat was 3 mins. long...

                              So here are the results..

                              First place went to #15 Mether with a total of 52.10 and his fastest lap of 6.273

                              2nd.) # 51 Born in the 50's 51.25 his fast lap of 6.287

                              3rd.) # 68 Big Jack 50.80 (by 1 inch) his fast lap and fastest lap of the race 6.184

                              4th) # 30 JBriggsK9 50.80 his fast lap 6.508

                              5th) #9 Munter 50.10 his fast lap 6.438

                              6th) # 26 Lou E. 46.70 his fast lap 6.878

                              7th) # 5 Rixvette 45.35 his fast lap 7.128

                              Great job on the cars guys... It was fun (hot but fun)