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Round 11 -- Cheetahs back in the Northwest

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  • Round 11 -- Cheetahs back in the Northwest

    The box arrived safe and sound today Once again, I feel priviledged to host a proxy race round of the CIP:

    I let them stretch their legs today, trying to get a feel for how they handle on my short 16x4 wood track. More pictures here:

    (The three pictures of the green Cheetah are there to show off the one Lou E made me......he even personalized it with my screen name on the hood! Thanks again Lou)...

    Since you guys sent me some rockets again (), I turned down the voltage to 10, and made mental notes on where the sensitivity and brake knobs on my Professor Motor controller worked best with everyone's car.

    After running them for 5-10 minutes each, here were the best lap times for Practice session #1 in the center (best) lane:

    #15 5.79
    #68 5.88
    #9 5.91
    #30 6.10
    #51 6.56
    #26 6.58
    #5 6.76

    (To get an idea, my NSRs and Slot.its run about 5.8--5.9, so you should all be very proud)

    Cheetahs were all so smooth and enjoyable to drive, the craftsmenship again this year is spectacular!

    Thanks so much guys for letting me host again this year.....I really appreciate it.
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    Concours Results

    I thought I would get the judging out of the way first.........I wanted to rely on my first impression/gut reaction, knowing that I would over-analyze my choices if I looked at them all week before deciding.

    I should mention that my preference in Cheetahs are the ones that are straightforward in color and style. That's not to say that Lou's wasn't awesome (it was!), but that a more simple yet classic look catches my eye more in these models.

    So without further ado, here are the results of the round 11 concours:

    Red #9 Munter

    Blue #5 Gondeck

    Navy Blue #30 JK Briggs

    with Honorable Mention to Big Jack's #68.

    I'm not quite sure how y'all are keeping track of this portion of the contest, but I just wanted to get these out there for you guys now.

    More practice later in the week, with qualifying and race results by end of this weekend.

    I'm gonna have a blast with these things!



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      Thanks Blair for the quick update on our "cats". Looks like my epoxy fix is still holding together. I've got a suggestion for you.......... Why not join us next year

      Big Jack


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        Thanks Blair

        Lets hope the red car is more than just "show" and has enough "go" to make the race podium.



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          More Fun in the Garage

          Results from Practice Session #2 tonight (best laps):

          #15 5.700
          #68 5.751
          #9 5.828
          #30 5.931
          #51 6.126
          #5 6.453
          #26 6.629

          I was really trying to push the cars in this session, wanting to get the most I could out of them.

          #15---super fast and steady, I would be really surprised if not on the podium.
          #68---a little loud, but definitely got better the longer I ran it.....should give the #15 a run for his money.
          #9---the smoothest to drive of them all.......quick, great handling car.
          #51---wow, somehow this car really woke up tonight, much quicker than in practice 1. Got better and better on the long run, this is definitely the dark horse of the group.
          #5---fast down my straights, loses a little time in the esses (but what a beautiful car to watch around my track).
          #26---Lou, I'm sorry buddy, I'm trying to do whatever I can.....but the car is just too loose (over-steer), and not enough speed down the straight. It was also coming out a lot when I pushed it.....I promise to try harder for qualifying and on race day.

          So what I will do is have two minutes qualifying heats on Friday night, with the race on either Saturday or Sunday.

          The format for the race will be 10 minute heats per car in the middle lane, with a quick pit stop (e.g. cleaning the tyres) every two to three minutes as needed (crew chief to make determination if lap times are dropping off significantly). Most laps will obviously win, and I will fill out the cool spreadsheet that acmost posted in the other thread.

          I'm really looking forward to race day....These babies are just so much fun to drive, its been a real pleasure for me.

          Thanks again boys,


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            Alright Blair. my # 68 is liking the West Coast !! Glad to see you are having a blast with the "little cats"

            Looking forward to the race results

            Big Jack


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              Qualifying Times

              Perhaps because it was early this morning (got up before the wife and kid), or I just hadn't had my first cup of coffee yet, but the qualifying times were a little slower than in the last practice session.

              However, the order did not change:

              #15 5.745
              #68 5.890
              #9 5.952
              #30 6.093
              #51 6.126
              #5 6.617
              #26 7.076

              Still pretty quick around my track (which still needs a name BTW, I'm taking suggestions)....

              Slight adjustment for race day. My friend Tim (elvinator) wants to come over Monday and help run the race, so I've decided to have the same 10 minute heat times, just put myself still in lane 2, with Tim in lane 3 (outer lane). I don't think it will skew results at all, it might just help improve times with someone racing me in an adjacent lane.

              Anyway, we'll add up the 2 lap totals together to determine winner/places. Results Monday night.

              Happy Independence Day to you all.



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                Thanks for the update Blair. I've noticed some small differences in times on my track from one day to the next. It's never the driver but, I did start to keep temps to see if that has a bearing on lap times. Most likely A**L of me but, "ya just never know till you check".



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                  Race results

                  The elvinator brought me coffee today at 9:00 am and away we went in the garage......Again, the format was 10 minutes each in both lanes 2 and 3 (Blair in 2, Tim in 3), rotating through all 7 cars from slowest to fastest (by qualifying times)....we also had to marshall our own cars.

                  I should note that lane 3 (outside) is a bit longer and typically slower than lane 2 (middle) on my track, so slower speeds/lower laps were somewhat expected. Tim was also using my standard Professor Motor controller (e.g. no nobs for brakes/sensitivity) whereas I could adjust both between heats.

                  After total laps were added up, the podium looked like this:


                  Race Results (lane 2/lane 3)

                  #15 Mether 185 laps (94/91) 5.993 fastest lap
                  #30 JK Briggs 182 laps (94/88) 6.262
                  #68 Big Jack 177 laps (91/86) 5.919

                  So the surprise of the day was the was not only fast down the straights, but very forgiving in the corners for both drivers.

                  #30 also came out the least amount of any of the seven entries....and that is what I love about proxy races......its not always about the fastest car, but the car that is fast AND has good handling.

                  The rest of the field:

                  #9 Munter 172 laps (90/82) 5.999 Too many offs
                  #51 Born 50s 169 laps (93/76) 5.877 Really struggled in lane 3 for some reason
                  #5 Gondeck 158 laps (84/74) 6.417 Speed was good, just a little loose
                  #26 Lou E 139 laps (71/68) 7.065

                  I'll fill out the spreadsheet at work tomorrow, and see if I can post that here.

                  Total blast today....not a bad way to spend an Independence day!

                  Thanks again gents for letting me be a part of this year's proxy (and thank you Tim for helping me run this round)!!

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                    Hey Blair, after last week I'm kinda dialed back in with the scoring so I just went ahead and did it. borninthe50s has the quickest lap right?

                    Hey great job!


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                      Here's the Final Results for Round 11 - Hello Kitty International, with points and how they were calculated if anybody... Congrats!

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                        Thanks for hosting the race... I see you had a much fun as the rest of us did

                        And congrats to Mether for the win... nice job again...

                        I have noted that all the hosts have said the samething.. need more power... I even noted it on my track as conpaired to the other cars in the field.. but again the car showed it had consistant times and good handling which helped to make up for the lack of motor...

                        When she gets back home I will be doing a lot of testing with gearing and a 25k motor for next year... That is after I find some rubber tires that will work...


                        PS.. When looking through your pictures I noted a NICE looking cheetah with your name on it... will it be showing up for next years race?? And how did it run compaired to this years field??


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                          Thanks, Guys. Nice green cheetah! 50s


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                            Thanks again Blair for hosting. 3rd place, & 2nd fastet lap time, not too shabby. Looks like the #68 likes the west coast
                            Congrats to Bob Chris .

                            Big Jack


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                              Another great round and a happy host, these cars are too much fun! Blair, thank you for taking the time to run these.

                              Originally posted by Blair M View Post
                              #26 Lou E 139 laps (71/68) 7.065
                              Nothing to apologize for, I build crappy cars!