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Round 11 -- Cheetahs back in the Northwest

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    Originally posted by acmost View Post
    Hey Blair, after last week I'm kinda dialed back in with the scoring so I just went ahead and did it. borninthe50s has the quickest lap right?

    Hey great job!

    Thanks.............You got the same results I did.

    And yes, Born in the 50s had the fastest lap at 5.877.....we should have done better for him overall!! Just came out too many times.

    JKBriggs: Yes, wasn't that a cool Cheetah that Lou E made me last year?! I had hoped to enter last year's race, but due to my inability to build anything, Lou was gracious enough to finish the project for me as a 'thank you' for hosting a race......It's a great runner and I've enjoyed it a lot.....unfortunately, it would not keep up with you guys at all.

    Lou: You're still one of the nicest guys on the site....I don't care what anybody else says!

    Twice now I have said this, but I hope to have an entry in next year's CIP. I better start working on it now!