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CIP Race Scoring Spreadsheet For Future Use?

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  • CIP Race Scoring Spreadsheet For Future Use?

    If y'all are's the spreadsheet for scoring individual races with points, for the future maybe. Maybe you want to practice . Hah! This is using total laps covered.

    It's really easy, obviously you can change the colors and all that stuff but all you do is...

    Put the Winning Number of Laps completed in "Column E", then put the Entrant's number of laps completed in "Column D". The math will automatically happen(hopefully). You'll manually have to enter in the score if you're rounding off to 10ths or whatever, plus add a point for fastest lap. You might be able to tweak it all the way and have it all calculate by itself. This is what I ended up with using my really limited spreadsheet skillset. You'll also have to manually change the order(rows of columns) also after the points are calculated.

    Anyway...holler at me if you try it & it's not clear.

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    I kinda like this format myself......can/should I use it this week when running my round?


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      Hey Blair, that'd be great. There's only 7 cars so it'll be easy to keep a handle on it plus in all the other separate 2011 CIP Race Track threads there should be links to individual spreadsheets for that particular race...if you want to see a completed one. Have fun!