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Race #6 Crown Point 100

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    Originally posted by arroldn View Post
    The #42 in COY did it DNF? Can it be fixed? Scott does he send it to me for repair or if Jason repairs it I can send him the money for parts or send him the parts.
    12 COT tires to aggressive. Are you saying to much traction and wont slide?

    Thanks for the qualifying results. Looking forward to seeing the race results.

    Congratulations to the top qualifiers.
    Regarding car, it happened late in the 2nd run so it was a decent result. Some cars had torque to pop the guide out of the slot, some were edgy in the turns and wouldnít slide.
    The #12 was a case of popping out of a slot from torque/traction. So had to ease into throttle effecting time relative to others.


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      CP100 is in The Books!!!

      The racing at CP100 has concluded. Scott has the results and will be posting shortly. This was a one man show, and took some time to get completed. COY wrapped up at 3:00AM this past Tuesday morning and COT wrapped up at 12:30 last night.

      The race format was as follows:
      Qualifying was run a week earlier. Cars were run Until I understood the characteristic of each. Once I felt I had the best lap that was it.

      The actual racing was conducted on the Blue lane. First run was done counter clockwise and the second was clockwise. Heats were run at 4:00 minutes.

      COY results were mostly consistent with qualifying, and COT results were all over the place. There under up being a commonality between the three podium finishers of the COT class... they had the same 3D chassis..

      As this is the first DaVols event on a road course, I say it went well. This is part of the reason we went both directions, to really challenge the field. Attrition was mostly avoided. I didnít notice too strong of a impact for biases weight either.

      One ring gear was lost and two others moved on the axle and bags to be re-adjusted. 12volts, and aggressive throttle and break must ha e really put some stress on drivelines. I would warn folks to re-consider partial gear engagement. May ultimately be less friction but itís also more stress on the gear surfaces.

      Thank you all for the opportunity. I have picked up a few pointers along the way. You have all done a great job.

      I was very surprised to see the pace achieved during racing. The winning COT car averaged 8.9 second laps!!!! That is crazy fast. Especially considering how far away the qualifying pace was from that.

      Good luck o the rest of the events.



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          Thanks Jason for hosting this race. It looks like in the COY race there was some close racing. REL13
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            Thanks for hosting. I know what is it like to host this event by oneself. I will have the cars in Sept.
            Congratulations to our podium finishers. DNF in the COY class bummer. My number 2 made a good showing but came up short.

            Just keep digging.


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              Finally a road course....yea

              Nice job Sh0wtym37. Love the track
              Congrats to fellow NC racer Thunderbolt



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                Thanks for hosting

                Yes Sir Jason

                thanks so very much........and you ran it alone NICE !!!!

                I didn't do well at this track BUT I love the idea of a "point and shoot road course" as that's all I have to test and run oval.......No big deal...

                Thanks again Jason



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                  Thanks for having hosted and running our cars. My cars must like your track. They finished well.

                  I dont post much but I had to thank you.
                  This site is really having login issues.I had to log in 3 times to get this posted


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                    Thanks for hosting, Big effort

                    Congrats podium getters

                    On to the next race