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Race #9 Oakhurst Oval Australia

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  • Race #9 Oakhurst Oval Australia

    Ok guys
    Round is complete, it was a sprint race...
    I picked the best lane for the cars and ran them in both directions....
    It’s not a fancy track but next year I plan to make a better Oval

    This was a great challenge for me the driver as it was for the cars...I didn’t qualify the cars as my software didn’t allow me...but it was a blast thanks for allowing me to play with your cars...

    I’ll take a picture of all the cars individual then have them ready to post before the end of the week....

    So comments on the cars : There all excellent, some are a bit better than others but I can’t really judge this field of cars it’s been a learning experience, as builders congrats to you all is all I can say an
    Thank you Rossko
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    Thank you for hosting these 2 races, I hope you had some fun running all the cars. Thanks again, REL13


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      Thanks Ross for holding the last race of our proxy. Great Track wow very nice.Thanks Adrian ALS


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        Wow! My #9 COY really woke up in Australia, it must like the southern hemisphere lol. Thanks for your hosting and giving all cars good runs. Congrats to all entrants and podium finishers. On to Nashville...


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          Congrats to Dean, Dale, and Arrold for the podiums in COT and Ken, Bill, and Clem for COY podium finishes.

          The cars will go to Arrold for his annual Nashville race, then Ken for the IRB oval and Roval before the final round in Cortland, NY. I think there has been a great mix of tracks this year and the finishes have always been a nice surprise.

          In the coming weeks I will post a 2019 DaVols Forums Cup discussion thread so we can talk about anything we want to bring up about the series. I'd like to have rules finalized by the end of 2018 so everyone has enough time to build.