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Group 5 Proxy *2019 Edition* - Registration

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  • Group 5 Proxy *2019 Edition* - Registration

    Group 5 Proxy 2019 Edition - Registration

    On the eve of round 8 in the 2018 series it is time to open registration for the 2019 series. As before the event will be limited to 24 cars. Previous champions of this series, as well as the top 16 of the current year, will have a guaranteed entry. If more than 24 cars are entered and received, then there will be a pre-qualification event to decide which cars make it into the field proper. Cars that are declined a space in the series due to it being full, will get a full refund of their entry fee - less the cost of return shipping. [more details on this process closer to the time - if needed]

    The rules (attached below) will remain unchanged for the 2019 season. I have noticed that there might be some new Group 5 releases and those will be added to the eligible list of cars, if & when they become available.

    In broad strokes the rules will be divided into these buckets

    1) List of eligible cars
    a. (let me know if there are other cars that have been released and should be eligible.)
    2) Scale Compliance (body, wheels, driver figure etc.)
    3) Performance Category (motor, tyres, etc.)
    4) Racing / Host Category

    Entry fee will increase slightly to $26 USD – I will also provide an US address for entrants shipping from South of the border. There will be an additional $6 fee if you make use of this address, but at least it will reduce shipping cost to Canada and it will also reduce the mailing time. (the reason for the additional $6 charge is due to the fee I pay the shipping receiver for picking up the package)

    Racing will be 10 events with the best 9 to count.

    Payment deadline is July 27th and the entry fee is $26 USD. Car deadline for entries to be in Chilliwack BC (or at the US address) is October 31st, .

    CANADIAN ADDRESS: (PM me for USA address + $6)

    Chris Struwig
    PO Box 2575
    Sardis Station Main
    V2R 1A8

    PayPal preferred - group5slotproxy (remove) AT (remove) gmail (remove) com (remove) and use @ sign

    Please take moment to read the below.

    The specific rubber tyres makes have been removed, as it is impossible to tell what make of tyre is being used (unless it says on the sidewall e.g. NSR) all rubber tyres that are commercially available are allowed. since NSR has recently released some red/orange tyres I am adding - PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TYRES MUST BE BLACK

    Rims need to look somewhat period correct, "deep dish" style wheels were "in" during this time, if you are unsure, paint the wheels and/or ask.

    I have tried to clarify the use of penalty points, and when repairs are allowed. I have also added that cars cannot be upgraded/changed (for improved performance) during the series.

    Thanks for entering, hope you will be back to race in the fastest hard-body scale proxy in North America!

    Eligible body/manufacturer: (all group 5 bodies)

    Racer Sideways: Capri, Lancia, BMW 320, M1, Ferrari, Porsche Moby Dick, 935/77 and K3, Ford Mustang
    ScaleAuto: BMW M1, Porsche 935
    Revell Monogram: BMW, Corvette
    Fly: Lancia, Zakspeed Capri, BMW, Ferrari 512BB, Porsche 935 K3
    MRCC: Toyota
    Carrera: VW Beetle, Pantera, Chevrolet Dekon Monza, Ferrari 512BB, Porsche 935 "Moby Dick, Zakspeed Capri

    Please include with your car the following details:

    Body Make
    Chassis Make
    F/R Tyre Make
    Guide Make
    Motor Make & RPM
    Pinion #teeth
    Spur Gear #teeth
    A label with your address for return shipping & an email address where you can be reached

    entries dated ending July 27th or earlier:

    Brumos RSR #33 paid arrived
    Aloha #4 paid arrived
    Arroldn #53 paid arrived
    Camber paid arrived
    Redlynr #5 ppaid arrived
    chrisguyw #60 paid arrived
    AJK paid arrived
    Superslab #82 paid arrived
    Leadfoot46 paid arrived
    steeveew #18paid arrived
    cgyracer #10 paid arrived
    Coquitlam Kid #52 paidarrived
    dmn17 #17 paid arrived
    Smokeio #70 paid arrived
    Lancelotalove #24paid arrived
    F1Fan #7 paidarrived
    GT6 #8 paid arrived
    jimmyslots #79paid arrived
    ALS #65 paid arrived
    GAS41T #50 paid arrived
    Lez paid arrived
    Slotracing Hawaii #51 paid arrived
    Audi1 #19 paid arrived
    Mr Carp paid arrived
    53BN1 #9 paid arrived

    jscott111 paid withdrawn
    Sportracer paid tentative
    mongo the monster paid

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    Please post your interest to enter this event below.

    Field is limited to 24 cars, top 16 and past series Champions are guaranteed a spot in the field, if there are more than 24 paid and received entries, then all those that were not in the top 16 from the previous series will take part in a pre-qualification event to determine the 24 cars that will race in the event.

    Looking forward to having you in the series!


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      #3 please sign me up R&D has begun


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        #4 interested


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          I'm in with 27. Thx


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            I will be back with the #53. This means it will have to race it's way into the field. Well maybe not. We only had 21 cars this year. Looks like a motor change coming when it gets back.

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              I wouldn’t mind having another crack if you’ll have me. Will run a commercially available Plafit chassis 3300 this time, a really nice chassis that should be a good runner. Will hopefully have another local (and multiple oz champ) keen to enter as well.

              Now was my race number 5, 51 or 20


              - Cam
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                I'll give it another shot after many years off, if there's room...


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                  I will have a car ready if theres room.


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                    Count me in.

                    Chris Walker


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                      Add me in the mix



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                        And I would like to throw my hat in the ring again as well please Chris. I have been thinking about doing something slightly different this time...


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                          Fantastic to see the interest, thank you for the support.

                          Bring your best weapon, buy it, build it, steal it....but make sure it is fast, easy to drive, reliable and consistent.... easier said than done.

                          Returning drivers get first dibs at keeping their number, number 1 is reserved for the current champion.



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                            I will try again, if I can figure what has gone wrong with this years car!

                            Now, if I can only find a Plafit 3300 chassis?
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                              Originally posted by camber View Post
                              I wouldn’t mind having another crack if you’ll have me. Will run a commercially available Plafit chassis 3300 this time, a really nice chassis that should be a good runner. Will hopefully have another local (and multiple oz champ) keen to enter as well.

                              Now was my race number 5, 51 or 20


                              - Cam
                              Bring the fastest car you can build or buy, and tune it to the best of your abilities, we love a challenge! I will not make the same mistake of adding the yellow "go-faster" stripe next time, you will be on your own....

                              I would suggest you use all 3 numbers....that means 15 penalty points....some of us might need the head-start

                              IF you win, number 1 is yours, if not, then returning drivers have first rights at using their current number, or any number that is not spoken for.