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2019 Group 5 Proxy Build Thread

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    Car sent last night. Didn't get a chance to run a 20 lap qualifying heat. I thought the deadline to mail was last night but I had until today. Anyway I hope it makes it in the qualifying round. If not there is 2020.


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      Originally posted by F1Fan View Post
      I watched a "few FF races in my day....did Ed race a van Diemen, Ralt, Royale...?
      Ed's Formula Ford was an Alexis. Really nice looking car, something like a small Lotus 25 (but it was a space frame, not monocoque). Here's a shot of it on the pre-grid at Edmonton International Speedway for the prelim race to either the CanAm or Formula 5000 sometime around 1970.

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        I am still experiencing a few issues with SCI, but having said that, the site is running as good or better than it has for some time. Clicking on the back button, seems to work for me on resolving any issue. (I also cleared cookies/cache)

        We are on the eve of the proxy deadline and Halloween.....are you scared??



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          Not scared...

          Itís my sonís 7th birthday, Iím excited....



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            Hi Chris
            In the YouTube video recently posted to "evaluate" the individual cars you wondered what 53BN1 represented. It translates to a 1953 Austin Healey 100, the BN1 was the model number of the first series of Austin Healeys built. I was restoring one (Coronet Cream, may be the first painted that colour) never completed because of a cycling accident. Cheers Ed


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              Originally posted by camber View Post
              Body out of the paint booth.
              Time to get creative with body mounting sponge rubber as all bodies are different and you need to work out the best way to glue it on.

              What is important is to have the body slide nicely with a tiny bit of resistance on the sponge rubber making sure the body is on the centreline of the chassis. This will probably take some time to get right but trust me it is worth the effort. Plafits hate having tight and stressed bodies mounted on them.
              Hi Cam, what kind of foam is that you use? I have loads of 1/12th and 1/10th r/c pan car foam tyres, I presume I'd need something about as soft as a rear tyre rather than a front tyre?


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                Hi Kevan,

                I missed this post so apologies for the delay. The foam that comes with the Plafit chassis is good, you can play around with firmer foams as well. I wouldn't go softer than Plafit body foam otherwise you risk the body sagging too much and dragging the track. It also depends on how much you use to mount the body which will effect the dynamics of the body under load in corners.


                - Cam


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                  Thanks Cam, I did try pieces of tyre foam on two specially made mounts. The body did float well but the foam was too soft and the body would take a set after sitting in the box for a day or so. It was a lot of fiddling about to set it up.
                  Ultimately I went back to tape and not looked back.


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                    Thanks for the advise Cam
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