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Group 5 Proxy 2019 Scorekeeping

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  • Group 5 Proxy 2019 Scorekeeping

    We will keep this thread for the result updates and scorekeeping (one or two words?) and comments.

    I was hoping to ship the box onward to Round 2 tomorrow, but it will have to wait until early next week, I still have to repack the cars and make sure the documents are in order.

    I think this is year 4 or 5 for our travel box, let's wish it another safe trip across North America!

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    Looks like that box has clocked up a few thousand miles and tells some stories I bet.


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      Results after round #1. This is the thread we will be posting the official results and cumulative point scores after each round.

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        Downloadable results spreadsheet


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          Overall points after two rounds posted. Congratulations to Team Pacific for their very strong placings this round. There is a lot of Pacific teammates up at the top! Congratulations to Cameron for his momentum and building up his lead overall with his second straight win.


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            Gentlemen here are the overall results after Round #7 in Edmonton. Talk about of them actually! The battle for the 16th place cutoff between Audi1, DMN17, and Lez has been interesting. Battle for 8th so tight between Gas41T, Redlynr, and Lance. Aloha and Chrisguyw only one point separation for 6th. Then the battle for second place three guys F1Fan, Cgyracer & Smokeio with one point separation seems to be the tightest battle. I was three points behind F1Fan before this round but F1Fan's Top Qualify two points and my win tied us together. Smokeio unfortunately his 15 point round dropped him from Camber territory down to the logjam for 3rd. Oh ya...congrats Camber for being so consistent and holding a firm grip on 1st!

            Team Canada gained a point on Team Pacific but it seems that Team Pacific's early lead they gained this season seems tough to overcome. Seems like a Canadian sweep of the podium would be needed for Canada to make any decent movement on Team Pacific's lead.

            Thank you Radarek and the slot car addicts up in sure have a nice facility housing all your tracks, now it's off to Kelowna, BC where the tracks are spread across the valley amongst wineries.

            The spreadsheet