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Group 5 - Round 2 (The Professor)

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  • Group 5 - Round 2 (The Professor)

    We should hear more about round 2 soon, this will be the thread to share the applause or the tears, good luck to all.


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    We have the cars and should run them In a few weeks like the 22nd. Will keep you posted


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      Re: Gp 5 proxy

      Good morning everyone,

      I'll be warming up the garage Thursday evening and will qualify the cars. Also I'll give some feedback as to their performance on my track. The race will be held Saturday December 22nd. Good luck to all!

      Afterward the Irish Coffee's will be flowing

      Please stay tuned!


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        Well Professor, I for one am looking forward to the to the race and every other aspect of the race. From gualifying to the comments about all the cars. I am and will be sitting at the edge of my seat.

        Until then.....

        Paul out.


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          Originally posted by The Professor View Post
          Good morning everyone,

          I'll be warming up the garage Thursday evening and will qualify the cars. Also I'll give some feedback as to their performance on my track. The race will be held Saturday December 22nd. Good luck to all!

          Afterward the Irish Coffee's will be flowing

          Please stay tuned!
          Thanks John, looking forward to the race!

          If Smoke's car is faster than mine during qualy, then have the Irish Coffee's BEFORE the race, if it is slower than mine, please have it AFTER!

          Good Luck to all, especially ALL those single digit numbered cars with a 7 in it.....


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            2018 Gr 5 Qualifying

            I've just finished with the qualifying.* Track temp was 62 degrees, the voltage set at the typical 10 volts.* I usually qualify the cars in lane 2 since it's the most forgiving to me.* This is an amazing field with the top four under 4 seconds and top 12 under last years pole time!

            1 3.9220--#1 Camber----Unbelievable handling, great balance, power

            2 3.9370--#7 F1Fan----Super quick, agile, front runner for sure

            3 3.9540--#24 Lanceltalove---Great power, balance, light car-nervous at limit

            4 3.9840--#70 Smokieo----Smooth, balanced, great power, great car

            5 4.0000--#79 Jimmyslots---Fantastic handling, smooth, nice power

            6 4.0070--#10 CGYRacer----Great balance, smooth power

            7 4.0160--#60 Chriswguy---Great balance, good power, easy to drive quickly

            8 4.0310--#4 Aloha-----Great balance with drivable power, solid car

            9 4.0470--#77 AJK-----Fantastic handling, smooth, could use more power here

            10 4.0630--#62 Leadfoot---Good balance, smooth, could use more ponies

            11 4.0930--#50 GAS41T----Great balance, could use more power at this track

            12 4.0940--#82 Superslab----Smooth, predictable, good power

            13 4.1410--#5 Redlynr------Soft motor hurts here, great balance, smooth

            14 4.1560--#18 Steveew----Quick, great powers, bicycles at the limit

            15 4.1880--#19 Audi1-----Loose at limit, deepest guide in the field drags occasionally

            16 4.2190--#54 Lez-------Nice power, interesting chassis, chatters at limit

            17 4.2500--#17 DMN17----Wheel hop off the 180ís hurt times, could use more motor here

            18 4.2650--#52 Coquitlam Kid---Power comes in smoothly, loose off corners

            19 4.2810--#33 Brumos RSR-----Smooth, only needs more power here

            20 4.3440--#51 Slotracing Hawaii---Drives heavy, soft motor, chatter at limit

            21 4.4220--#53 Arnoldn--------Nice power, chatters at limit

            22 4.5000--#8 GT6-----------Rear weight bias hurts entry into the 180ís, soft motor

            23 4.5160--#9 B53N1--------Long wheelbase struggles in the tight corners, soft motor

            24 4.6090--#59 MrCarp------Noisy, rough sounding, bicycles at the limit

            The crew comes over Saturday to run the race.* Please keep a couple of things in mind: I typically direct the race and don't always drive.* My track is technical and while the drivers are some of the finest proxy racers in the Pacific NW and literally have thousands of laps here.* They will be attempting to get you all the MOST laps in the allotted time NOT fastest laps.* So be pleasantly surprised if these qualifying times are equalled.* Then again the track temp may be warmer which always helps lap times.* Guess thats why we run these races.

            Looking forward to this weekend and racing these fantastic cars.* Good luck to all.


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              Thanks Prof

              Really appreciate you taking the time to qualify and post the results so promptly, on what is a windy & wet night a bit further North up the coast.

              Not sure what I need to do to get ahead of that very fast car from Down Under, I only need the skin on my teeth!

              Good luck to ALL



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                Great write up regarding the gualifying. As Mr F1 had told me that this year will be a steep learning curve for me this year. So guys don't worry I think I will hold on th the last place spot for everyone and I will look after it. Lol. Looking forward to the race on Saturday. Will it be live?

                Cheers for now.

                Paul aka MrCarp.


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                  Race Day!

                  It's very early Sunday morning in Australia, maybe they are still asleep and perhaps I can fudge the results before they wake up to ensure a win for a green car...!


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                    Hehe Sorry Chris
                    I Sleep with one eye open !!!!!


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                      Originally posted by GAS41T View Post
                      Hehe Sorry Chris
                      I Sleep with one eye open !!!!!


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                        I'm up now too Chris
                        Looks another close race ahead, nothing in the qualifying times.


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                          Gr 5 Proxy Results

                          Well, another year has gone by and all of you competitors have been busy. Well the gang came over to contest the 2018 Group 5 series. We had HRK, Quick Vic, Brick, AA Trucker & Hazard handling the driving duties while AJK & I took care of marshaling. There were some respectful but fierce battles at times with the drivers pushing each other to quicker and quicker times.

                          And once the dust settled the results were as follows:

                          1. 173.28--#1 Camber

                          2. 170.16--#7 F1Fan

                          3. 167.20--#79 Jimmyslots

                          4. 166.11--#50 GAS41T

                          5. 166.02--#4 Aloha

                          6. 165.07--#70 Smokieo

                          7. 165.00--#77 AJK

                          8. 164.09--#82 Superslab

                          9. 162.35--#24 Lanceltalove

                          10. 161.32--#18 Steveew

                          11. 161.31--#60 Chriswguy

                          12. 160.06--#5 Redlynr

                          13. 159.22--#10 CGYRacer

                          14. 158.28--#54 Lez

                          15. 157.02--#52 Coquitlam Kid

                          16. 153.16--#62 Leadfoot

                          17. 153.15--#33 Brumos RSR

                          18. 151.31--#51 Slotracing Hawaii

                          19. 150.39--#8 GT6

                          20. 149.4--#53 Arnoldn

                          21. 148.16--#19 Audi1

                          22. 147.09--#9 B53N1

                          23. 147.10--#17 DMN17

                          24. 140.16--#59 MrCarp

                          Wow, the top 5 all logged more laps than the winner last year. You have all spent your time wisely raising the bar yet again for what can be done with a Gr 5 car. Our group truly enjoyed running this amazing field again this year. See you next year with the new GT3 cars.

                          Good luck to you all in the following races and from everyone of the proxy racers here we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and healthy New Year.
                          Last edited by The Professor; 12-22-2018, 03:09 PM.


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                            Merry Christmas & Happy New Year guys ...
                            Thanks to the host & all that helped...

                            Well congratulations Camber ,Chris and Jimmy and sorry Chris but
                            Team Pacific are haunting the top positions thatís 4 team members in the top 5
                            Iím over the moon with my RTR basic standard Car with standard plastic front rims and tyres & standard interior.....
                            WOW how do we make these cars faster is incredible



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                              Thanks for hosting John, well done Chris and my partner in crime "poppy" Jim.
                              Go Pacific