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Round 8 Kelowna,BC - Canalami Raceway

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  • Round 8 Kelowna,BC - Canalami Raceway

    Hi all, the Group 5 cars arrived in Kelowna on Wednesday. This round is planned for the Canalami Raceway owned by Lez. The track is a high speed track with straights leading in corners that vary from very tight to broad. Good acceleration / speed work here plus good brakes is a must. There is a S curve at the back under the back straight that can catch you off guard but a well balanced car and driver attention can actually pick up time here.

    I'll be delivering the cars to Lez today with Lez doing the qualifying possibly this weekend or early in the next week. Email will be out to the guys for a possible race day mid to late next week.

    Flat Latex
    Variable Power between 11V to 12V usual settings

    Few pictures of Canalami Raceway