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    Please include with your car the following details:

    Body Make
    Chassis Make
    F/R Tyre Make
    Guide Make
    Motor Make & RPM
    Pinion #teeth
    Spur Gear #teeth

    A label with your address for return shipping an email address where you can be reached

    SHIPPING Details:

    Address: for postal shipments - [please PM me if you are planning to ship your car with a courier as you will require my street address]

    Chris Struwig
    PO Box 2575
    Sardis Station Main
    Chilliwack BC

    Last edit - July 28th

    Since the June 1 deadline has come and gone, here are the accepted entrants for 2016/17

    F1FAN #7 paid **arrived**
    GASCARNUT #1 paid **arrived**
    STEEVEEW paid **arrived**
    ARROLDN #79 paid **arrived**
    CHRISGUYW paid **arrived**
    COQUITLAM KID #52 paid **arrived**
    LEZ #54 paid **arrived**
    CGYRACER #10 paid **arrived**
    Aloha #4 paid **arrived**
    SACESTA #13 paid **LATE**
    Audi1 #19 paid **arrived**
    HarvWallbanger - #26 paid withdrawn
    Raderek #27 paid **arrived**
    AJK - #49 paid **arrived**
    Leadfoot46 #46 paid
    GAS41T #51 paid **arrived**
    AMATEURSLOTTER #14 paid withdrawn
    SMOKEIO #70 paid **arrived**
    GT6 #12 **arrived**
    Brumos RSR #3 paid **arrived**
    DMN17 #17 paid **arrived**
    heli_ca #8 paid **arrived**
    Superslab #62 paid **arrived**

    Bumped/Waiting List: Haystack - did not make payment deadline

    This brings us to 22 entries - this series is now full for 2017! Thank you for your support!

    Payment deadline is July15th and the entry fee is $22 USD. Car deadline for entries to be in Chilliwack BC is October 31st, 2016. (as per last year, I am asking for the payment early, that way I can make adjustments to the series if needed)

    PayPal preferred - group5slotproxy (remove) AT (remove) gmail (remove) com (remove) and use @ sign

    SHIPPING Details:

    Address: for postal shipments - [please PM me if you are planning to ship your car with a courier as you will require my street address]

    Chris Struwig
    PO Box 2575
    Sardis Station Main
    Chilliwack BC

    Rule Summary: (2016/17 version) - this is a summary, please review PDF attachment when posted

    1) the series is open to any chassis, stock factory, kit, metal, plastic, carbon or anything else that you can think of - buy it or build it!
    2) the body must be a 32nd scale factory build hard plastic (by slot car manufacturer) body of a group 5 car. No resin, no Lexan and no home build and must be on the list of approved car bodies Please see below for eligible bodies, if it is not on the list, then it is not legal. Bodies must appear from the outside like the 1:1 car, fenders and wheel arches cannot be modified. Paint and decals can be of the entrants choosing
    3) there will be no minimum weight
    4) Entry must be received here in Chilliwack by October 31, 2015 – please see provided address – 5 penalty points for late entries.
    5) Maximum number of entries will be limited to 22
    6) this is a RUBBER tyre proxy (NSR, Slot.It, Sideways etc)
    7) tyres cannot be "wet" or leave any residue on the track, tyres can only be cleaned with tape during the series, no lighter fluid or oil can be added during the series.
    8) no limit on the clearance, however any car that is deemed by a race host to cause damage to the track or be a hinderance to other cars, will be excluded from the that race. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that his car is compatible with the selected tracks.
    9) cars may be lowered, BUT the car and driver must "somewhat" resemble the 1:1 car in stance and tyre size, no slammed cars or bowling ball drivers - please see PDF for more details.
    10) front wheel size rule: the minimum size has been reduced by 1mm from 18mm to 17mm minimum - new rule 17mm x 7mm minimum front wheel size
    11) 5 penalty points can be applied at the Race Director's discretion to entrants that require additional adjustments or modifications to meet these rules or make the car ready to race. If a car needs to be returned to the owner prior to the series start, it will be at the owner's cost, there will be no delay in the series, and 5 penalty points will be incurred.
    12) all cars must display their number in 3 places and the entrant's name on the bottom
    13) if a car is damaged during a race, or has a mechanical issue the owner will have the option to have the car returned at his cost, or have the track host repair the car. The impact (if any) to the results from that race will be the only penalty. Shipping expenses must be paid for by the owner, and the series will continue at the scheduled pace. Cars that are returned to the owner during the event, can only have the needed repair work done, and must be returned to the series without additional tuning or “refreshing”.
    14) if a car(s) is significantly damaged during shipping, all effort will be made to repair the car(s) to its original state – where possible the race event will be delayed to facilitate the repairs.
    15) 9 out of 10 events to count.

    Eligible body/manufacturer: (all group 5 bodies)

    Racer Sideways: Capri, Lancia, BMW 320, M1, Ferrari, Porsche Moby Dick, 935/77 and K3, Ford Mustang if available in time
    ScaleAuto: BMW, Porsche 935
    Revell Monogram: BMW, Corvette
    Fly: Lancia, Zakspeed Capri, BMW, Ferrari 512BB, Porsche 935 K3
    MRCC: Toyota
    Carrera: VW Beetle, Pantera, Chevrolet Dekon Monza, Ferrari 512BB, Porsche 935 "Moby Dick

    The below is from the original post dated Feb 18/2016

    Hello Fellow Proxy Racers

    We are halfway through the 2016 series and with a short break between events, I thought this is an opportune time to canvas you all on the series going forward.

    I think it is fair to say that we have a proxy that might require a few minor tweaks, but generally speaking we are good to go. The cars have been well received by host's and drivers, and based on lap times and feedback, we have a group of very fast and competitive cars.

    To help get the discussion started here are a few comments:

    1) I will clean up the rules, especially around penalty points, and make that process more transparent. I have learned from this years event, and I want to ensure that there are no ambiguities on this matter.

    2) The event will be limited to 24 cars. I personally feel that this is the maximum number of cars that any host should have to deal with. I propose that in 2018 (the series after next) the top 12 cars will have an automatic spot in the following year's event. The bottom 12 will be on a "first come first serve" basis. That way I think we will have the best of both worlds. Since this a new idea, it would only be applicable after the next series.

    3) Rubber only tyres & plastic bodies will stay.

    4) Questions:
    Any concern that this series will be dominated by Capri and BMW bodies?
    Any concern that the series will become a die-cut steel chassis series?

    Can you please also post a "yes","maybe"or"no" - to show your interest in joining us again next year. This is not a commitment or an entry, it will only allow me to judge the interest.

    I look forward to your comments and/or thoughts, please let us know.
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    Currently being ranked 15th I have some work to do but count me in running a Porsche #3
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      Rubber only servers is good. I wasn't looking forward to having to run Silicone tires.
      No concerns about being Capri or BMW dominated.
      No real concerns about domination by spring steel chassis.. I think a well engineered chassis can be competitive in just about any material. The diversity is what makes things interesting.

      Already planning next years car...


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        I concur with Coquitlam Kid.

        I think the rules should continue to require rubber tires. My guess is that most of us prefer to run one or the other on our tracks. SCANC almost always runs rubber on all of our tracks. We may occasionally run urethane or foam, but we never run silicone. Silicone and rubber just don't mix.

        I have no concerns about this being a Capri or BMW dominated series. Having just run the race at Woodland Trace Raceway I think it was simply a matter of coincidence that the top running cars happened to be Capris and M1s. Many other cars in the series could have been podium contenders with a little more work.

        Although that sprung steel chassis that Gascarnut brought to the party is one fine piece of hardware, I think a plastic chassis car can be made to be competitive. I say keep the rules liberal in terms of what motors, gearing and chassis' are allowed. I think the experience of racing such a variety of cars to see what works and what doesn't is what makes the proxy worth running.

        It's been an eye-opening experience for me to see how my car performed compared to others and to have a chance to run cars that differed in their construction from what we normally run locally.

        I'd like to participate again next year.

        Next time I will bring a car with more horsepower and shorter gearing.


        BTW, cars are in the mail today on their way to Massachusetts.

        Happy Motoring!


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          My 2 cents:

          1) Rules - please clean up the penalty rules. If people are going to be penalized then it has to be for contravening an enforceable rule. For example, if the tracks all have shallow slots, then the rules need to specify the depth to which the guide can penetrate.

          2) Entry limit: 24 is plenty, more than that makes for a very long day for each host track.

          3) Rubber tires only is good. Bodies need to be more than just "plastic" as lexan is also a plastic, and some may want to use resin bodies.

          4) Body domination - there is no decent evidence yet of the domination of one or two bodies. This year it is a Capri/BMW Battle, last year it was a Toyota/BMW Battle, the year before there was no battle. As Racer and Scale Auto bring out new bodies, some other shape may yet be competitive.
          "Die-cut steel"? No such thing, these frames are made using EDM or laser cutting. Personally I will not re-enter one of these as it is too easy, but I do not think they should be banned.

          Maybe that's 4 cents, or 5...


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            I would like to enter again next year. I find the variety of chassis quite interesting.i would say to leave it open and we can see and/or rank if a car is stock plastic, laser, metal or some other composite. This was my first Group 5 proxy and have learned a lot and will continue to understand what it takes to build a better plastic chassis and true better tires. May I pls have a lesson Mr Smokio. Already looking forward to next year.


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              I'm in for next year and beyond!!!!

              METAL CHASSIS : not a fan metal spring steel are for group 12 1/24 scale racing
              But as I said before it makes it a challenge to build a box stock chassis car to try beat

              RUBBER TYRES : that's all I know & that's all I've ever used our tracks are rubbered
              Up so silicon is best used for women's toys ��

              PENALTIES : should be in place as there are rules to build your car if you send your
              Car that's outside of the rules its penalised I've entered proxies for 2 coming upto 3yrs
              And I've never been penalised

              LEXAN BODIES : don't agree they belong to 1/24 scale racing if it gets any closer to 1/24
              Scale racing I won't be entering sorry got all my 1/24 scale cars packed away love 1/32 scale
              The picture I'm getting with steel chassis & LEXAN bodies is this

              Just voicing my thoughts

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                The reason I joined this proxy was for the openess of the rules, no need to go through endless rules regarding manufacturers, I would keep the open spirit of this proxy the same. It is a license to build something even better next year for myself as the bar gets set higher.

                The specific list of various manufacturers Group 5 car bodies, rubber tire only, all chassis types, 24 entrant max......I'm totally fine with.



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                  Thanks for taking the time to provide your input, I hope we will get more.

                  I am not sure for how much longer "I will lead this wagon" - but while I do, the following will be "non-negotiable...

                  1) Only Rubber Tyres or even Tires.

                  2) Only hard plastic bodies from a mainstream manufacturer that are on the approved list for that season. New bodies (e.g. Sideways Mustang) will be added.

                  I am happy to read that most of the post's thus far are in favour of the open rule concept, and as I mentioned in my original post, I will clean up any ambiguities in the rules.

                  Please feel free to provide any additional comments and thoughts.
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                    I'm in for next year. I'm running the Moby Dick Porsche. Learned after purchasing it that it was not a competitive platform. Can it be turned into a winner? Maybe. As a newbie to running in proxies with this group I have a lot of catching up to do.

                    Rubber or urethane tires sounds good to me.
                    I think I was penalized for cars being late. My fault on that. I'm okay with it.



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                      Regarding Lexan bodies. Not Group 5 , but just because it's Lexan doesn't mean it can't be high detail. This is from Milan Tomasek in Slovakia. Beautiful custom made cars... but not exactly cheap. I'd like one of his Nissan NPT91C... but I'd never enter it in a Proxy

                      Edit: BTW, I've got no problem with the current " Plastic " bodies and am not pushing for Lexan, but there is some mighty fine Lexan products out there.


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                        Juts for interest sake, He does make some Porsche 935K's that I think would be eligible as a Group 5 car: Lexan though...

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                          Those are beautiful cars and I have visited his website a few times to admire his creations. Thanks for sharing.

                          I should however clarify the reasons behind the "hardbody by approved manufacturer" rule

                          1) it allows for easy pre-approval of cars without having to get involved in measuring cars and/or look for scale accuracy/detail.
                          2) off the shelf cars from a major manufacturer should be somewhat readily available to everyone and at an affordable price.
                          3) there is no need to go and hunt for a lighter, wider, shorter etc body to be competitive....(although I feel that after a two week holiday in SA, maybe I should go an hunt for a "lighter and narrower" body....if you know what i mean..)



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                            My friend and I are interested. He has a nice mdf track and we are located in Sacramento Ca. Where can I find the rules section please?



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                              Originally posted by Hundo View Post
                              My friend and I are interested. He has a nice mdf track and we are located in Sacramento Ca. Where can I find the rules section please?


                              Post #1 here has the rules:

                              Please note registration is not open yet, it should be in March. Rules for next year will be mostly the same, with a few minor clarifications/updates added.

                              Keep an eye on this section for news about registration and further updates