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Pony wars 2015 official rules

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    Any wheel will do provided it is not a flat disk or 3 sloted disk.
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      Rules stipulate
      3) Wheels can be from any manufacturer. Inserts should be applied to wheels, unless wheels are spoked or pierced in at least a semi-realistic manner. Blank aluminium discs, or three-slot discs, must be covered with an insert period compatible.


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        Thanks. Putting the finishing touches on the Challenger today. My part to repair the Cuda chassis at the guide area arrived in the mail today as well. Tested 2 Scaley motors, H&R Motor, and a Pioneer motor. You would think the easy thing to do would be to put the higher RPM motor in the car. I'll run some laps with them to see who crosses the pound. I don't think my H&R was down on power last year just bad guide location. But the Cuda could be in for an upgrade.


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          Pioneer motor question

          I was putting the final touches on the car and a question came to mind...I am using a Typhoon engine, 18,000 RPM, and then I noted the "with a small P" note on the engine listing for legal engines. I've never used one of these engines, and I just ordered an 18,000 Typhoon from a vender with the rest of the parts. Are there two versions of the motor? The one I have has a "P" on the side, but if there are two versions, how can I tell if the one I have is legal?

          Good thing I thought to ask before I shipped it!

          Don M


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            The motor should state 18,800 RPM on it. Some have a bigger P on the side. I was considering putting one in my car. Put the tach on it and my Scaley in the Challenger showed higher RPM. Went and got my notes not much higher. Scaley 6,076 rpm at the wheel or 18,774. Pioneer 5,995 rpm at the wheel or 18,524.A Scaley I had in a box tached at 7,060 at the wheel 21,815.

            From SlotCarNews Motor list.

            Pioneer Typhoon first type FC-130 18000 tested 18,967 RPM/12v - tested 131 gcm/12v, tested 6.2W/12v

            Scalextric standard “black stripe”, Sport FC-130 18000 tested 20,577-22,300 RPM/12v - tested 99-104 gcm/12v, tested 5.3W/12v

            H&R Racing Hawk Motor I FC-130 19000 tested 18,900-19,000 RPM/12v - 140 gcm/12v, 6.6W/12v

            So Scaley may turn more revs while the Pioneer is rated .9 higher in watts. Which do you choose? I may test the car with both motors and see how it shakes out. I have an H&R Hawk in my Cuda which will remain there. Notice H&R pulled the most watts at 6.6W.

            Mailing 1 car tonight for an HRW proxy and I'll need to finish my Forums Cup cars tonight or tomorrow before I can get to this.

            Best of luck to you.
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              Thanks for the confirmation the motor is correct.

              It is apparently the correct motor, with a fairly large P on the side. Gearing is 12/34

              U class is running the same gearing but with much less tire and power.

              The O class car is essentially done. The U car is done except for tires. Finding the right (narrow) wheel and tire combination is proving difficult.

              Don M


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                This is the correct motor


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                  My entry went out yesterday, cleaned, oiled, same Scalextric motor, adjusted the weight, changed the tires to Yellow Dog urethane and wheels to Changin Gearz CGS-43015, trying to improve its handling, hope it works



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                    Brass tube for front axle carrier? And Slot.IT CH07 Guide

                    Quick question on the chassis rule. Can I legally use a brass tube running between the two axle eyelets in the front of the SRC chassis?

                    I solved the SRC rear tire issue on the Capri by cutting down some old 8mm wheels to 7.5 mm and then cutting down some NSR rubber tires,

                    Also, is a Slot.It CH07 Wood guide too long or deep?

                    So once I get the answer on the front axle carrier and guide, I'm ready to ship.

                    Don m