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Pony Wars Round four

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  • Pony Wars Round four

    I have the cars in my possession but the box remains unopened until a clear space appears in my schedule.

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    shakedown time and comments

    I found a gap this afternoon and took out the cars from their packaging. After a bit of a looksee I gave them a run over twenty laps to get an impression....some bright cars there.

    In no particular order:
    #04 Plymouth Cuda, gas4it, 6.226secs, smooth stable
    #111 Camaro, Peter Gunn, 6.511secs, Lively, tippy
    #87 Camaro, Audi1, 5.748secs, fast, smooth, turns well
    #4 Porche, Audi 1, 6.375secs, smooth
    #99 Camaro, Jmac, 5.742secs, fast smooth, handles great
    #57 Alfa, Alexis IG, 6.638secs, doesn't like a certain corner
    #21 Camaro, George Gillman, 6.246secs, planted
    #1 Mustang, unknown, 6.158secs, lots of body rock, touches track on one corner
    #53 Dodge Challenger, Aroldn, 6.414 secs, guide is floppy
    #42 Plymouth Baracuda, Aroldn, 6.276secs, smooth.
    #48 Camaro, DRW21, 5.765secs, great balance
    #38 BMW 2002, Vanger, 6.523secs, handles great.

    All cars have a little more to give, some more than others.

    Now to find a blank space in my schedule to give them their moments of glory.


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      Just a suggestion, but maybe you should tape that middle lane ...


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        I used an expanding router bit to get the widening effect on that lane.


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          Race results

          I put the cars through their paces earlier in the week but have only now found the time to put the results together.
          I did spend some time driving all the cars before racing them...they all are good drivers but the balance, speed, smoothness and predictability of a few sets them apart from others.

          1st place DRW21, Camaro, #48, 59.4 laps
          2nd JMac, Camaro, #99, 58.2 laps
          3rd Audi 1, Camaro, #87, 57.8 laps
          4th George Gillman, Camaro,55.1 laps, best time 6.105
          5th AroldN, Plymouth, #42, 55.1laps, best time 6.279
          6th Audi 1, Porche, #4, 54.7 laps
          7th unknown, Mustang, #1, 51.4 laps
          8th AroldN, Dodge, #53, 51.2 laps
          9th Peter Gunn, Camaro. #111, 49.9 laps
          10th Alexis IG, Alfa, 48.6 laps
          11th Vanger, BMW,48.3 laps
          12th Gas4it, Plymouth, #04, 47.9 laps

          And the car I want to keep is the silver 911 of Audi1. It was a giant killer on my track.


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            Thanks for hosting this round, John and for posting the qualification and race results.

            Congratulations to Dave and J-Mac on their finishing positions and to all of the other podiumites!

            I'm glad the little 911 was able to hold it's own on your track.



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              Thanks for hosting.
              Congratulations to my racing friends. Got to get better in the Chrysler Camp!



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                I just realised that i had not posted the Championship table