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  • Round 5 Kennebunk, Me

    The cars arrived, I will not be able to qualify them until after the Labor Day weekend. I will open the box and check the cars. We will be running the first race here at Ironwood, the second race will be at a new track my friend Sam just built, he is working the last bugs out now, and running it in.


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    Hello George.

    It is good to know the cars have arrived safely and not too late.



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      George, if Sam has any problems with his track, then we could run the cars at The River Run. Just an option; let me know if you need that track.

      Looking forward to the race at Ironwood!!



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        I checked the cars today. There were a few a minor issues and one major. The front body post broke off the chassis of the #57 Alfa. I glued it back in place but don't know how long it will last.

        Here are the qualifying times and comments:

        O Class, as follows: Car, average time, deslots, fast lap, comments

        #1, 5.38, 0, 5.263, handles well

        #04, 5.29, 0, 5.182, handles very well

        #21, 5.17, 0, 5.116

        #42, 5.39, 1, 5.219, fast and loose

        #48, 5.03, 0, 4.928, just kept getting faster

        #53, 5.21, 1, 5.057, fast; slides in the turn; needs wider rear tires

        #87, 5.09, 4, 4.944, fast and tricky in the turns

        #99, 5.1, 2, 5.025, handles great, maybe needs more speed

        #111, 5.26, 2, 5.141, loose in the turns; brakes are light

        U Class

        #4, 5.49, 1, 5.45, easy to drive, smooth

        #38, 5.94, 0, 5.751, drifts in turns, fun

        #57, 5.64, 2, 5.504, fun, slides a little

        Organizing the race now, should be before the weekend.



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          Thanks for the quali results, George. Looking forward to the race.



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            After a few delays the race is in the books.
            There are no changes to the track this year.
            We ran 3 min. heats at 10 volts, the cars handled very well this year, my complements to the builders.
            # Total Laps Fast Lap and Lane Comments
            48 105 4.827 W Fast and smooth handles great
            04 99.5 5.078 W Fast and Smooth
            53 99.45 5.156 W Fast, slides in turns at limit
            21 98.625 5.130 W
            99 98.25 5.093 W Fast and smooth, could take more speed 0 deslotes(AKA. Sinister Black)
            111 96.875 5.225 W Fast and smooth
            87 95. 4.878 W Almost too fast for my track, had trouble getting out of corners
            1 92.5 5.380 W Fast, Slides easy in turns
            42 89.5 5.534 B Fast, Slides easy
            4 89.5 5.311 W Fast and smooth, Tips and deslotes at limit, with clean tires
            38 84.5 5.906 W Drifts thru turns, fun to drive
            57 80.875 5.740 W Drift thru turns, fun to drive

            The next round will not be at Sams new track, due to unforseen circumstances. Allen (Audi1) has offered to host at his new Riverrun Raceway, thanks Allan, and thanks to all the entrants and Alexis.

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              Thanks for getting the basically stock Challenger on the podium. Congratulations to the top two finishers.

              Thanks for hosting.

              What does the W or B stand for?


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                Sorry about the mistake on the total laps for the #57, fat fingers, I hit 9, rather than 0.
                W+B are the lane colors, B-blue lane, or the outside, longest lane, W-white is the inside, shortest distance, tightest turns.
                The Challenger was one of my favorites, because it was stock. I think if it had comparible tires to the rest of the field, it would have finished higher, if not an all out win, I want one.



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                  How wide are most of the tires. I'm just using the tire that would fit the stock replacement. I think these are Yellow Dogs and may be 8mm.
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                    Most cars in the O class are using aftermarket wheels with at least 10mm tires, as close as I can measure.



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                      Thanks, upgrade upgrade.


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                        Oops.I just realised i did not post standings: