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  • Rememberig to first Ponywars

    This is the rules and cars for the 1st ponywars proxy race in 2011

    Cost will be $10 each car you enter
    1st race in October 2011

    Signed up
    Lou E
    Big Jack

    Car Rules:
    The following rules are to ensure a competitive field of scale model race cars.

    All repaints entered in Concours, 1st place will be rewarded
    Each driver at a host track can pick the car they think looks the best

    Any repairs will be made with timer running only, That means if you need a new gear at the end of a race, time it takes to change the gear will be taken off your next race.

    I. Body Rules
    A. 1966 to 1972 that ran in the Trans-Am class as in Book by Dave Friedman “ The Pony Cars Wars”
    1) Bodies must be injection moulded or resin cast, in 1/32 scale. No vacuum formed or blow moulded bodies.
    2) Tires must be fully under the fenders. No tire may project beyond body work, as viewed from above, at maximum side travel of wheels.
    3) Bodies must be removable to allow inspection and photography prior to the first race, and to allow maintenance and repair during the race series.
    4) Driver figure is required, with representation of at least head, shoulders, and arms.
    5) Interior must include representation of dashboard top, as seen through windshield, and shelf under rearwindow, as appropriate to actual car. Vacuum formed interior pieces may be used.
    6) Clear window material must be present as on the actual car. Windows may be vacuum formed.
    7) Any paint, decals and markings may be used. Racing numbers are required. Both “fantasy liveries” and accurate reproductions of real cars are encouraged. Car owner and body screw adjustment information on car underside is encouraged.

    II. Chassis:
    1) rear wheel drive only
    2) Underside of car chassis and body must clear track road surface (not rails), on level track, by 1.2 mm (0.047”) minimum. Gears may be lower, but cars may be excluded from racing if gears contact the track or rails, and track owner judges them a hazard to track or rails.
    3) Guide must be entirely under body, and not visible when viewed from above.
    4) No traction magnets are permitted.
    5) Chassis must be based on plastic RTR , No Slot.It parts or pods added to chassis,This means the chassis from front to rear must be one part as manufactured. Stock SCX chassis and pod OK
    5a)A stock Trans-am class chassis may be shortened for the small U2 cars only. Cut out a peace and put back together useing only plastic reinforcement for stock plastic chassis class
    6) Chassis may be reinforced at the guide with a small metal, PCB, or Carbon Fibre fabrication such as a plate and bushing, as long as that fabrication does not exceed 25mm (1”) in any dimension.
    7) Aftermarket gears may be used
    8) Aftermarket adjustable front axle blocks may not be used.

    III. Tires and Wheels
    1). No tire compound restrictions, except that tires must be black.
    2). Wheels and tires should be appropriately sized for the car.
    3). Aftermarket wheels are ok'ed if under 16 mm by 8.5. No tires wider then 9.5 mm and diameter near stock that came with chassis
    4). Aftermarket axles front and rear

    IV. Motors:
    A. General Motor Rules,:
    1) Motors must be stock, as manufactured, but may be run-in prior to this race series. No changes or modifications to motor are permitted aside from removal of capacitors, chokes, or resistors external to the motor.
    2) No capacitors or other electrical devices may be fitted to motor circuit

    Trans-Am Motors Stock Plastic Chassis class

    BWA slim (FF-050) 14,000-14,600 RPM/12v; tested 14,145-14,702 RPM/12v
    BWA NC1-type (FC-130) 14,300-14,700 RPM/12v
    est. 60-77 gcm/12v, est. 2.5W/12v
    Cartrix TX 1 13,000 RPM/12v
    Cartrix FX Sport 17,000 RPM/12v
    Fly standard (Mabuchi FC) 18,000 RPM/12v, tested 20,000-21,000 RPM/12v
    Fly "black endbell" (FC-130) tested 21,450 RPM/12v
    tested 85 gcm/12v 4.6W/12v
    Fly Racing Rally (FK-180) [15,429 RPM/12v] 18,000 RPM/14v, tested 14,960 RPM/12v
    H&R Racing Hawk Motor (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12V
    MRRC CS-2002 Clubman Special Supersport (FK-130) [19,500 RPM/12v] 26,000 rpm 16v
    NINCO NC-1 (Mabuchi FC) [12,730 RPM/12v] 15,700 RPM/14.8v, tested 13,500/12v
    NINCO NC-2 [14,676 RPM/12v] 18,100 RPM/14.8v, tested same as NC-5
    NINCO NC-8 12,973 RPM/12v
    NINCO NK-1 14,000 RPM/12v
    Ozrace 18,500 RPM/12v
    Pink-Kar Typ 1 19,700 RPM/12v
    Pro Slot Evo 1 (FC) 18,000 RPM/12v
    Poineer 18k Typhoon
    Revell Monogram/MRRC (FF) slim can 19,200 RPM/12V
    Scale Auto SC-01 15,000/12v
    Scale Auto SC-02 [12,000/12v] 18,000/18v
    Scale Auto SC023 Home Set „white‟10,000 RPM/12v
    Scale Auto SC024 Home Set „white‟ (FC-130) 10,000 RPM
    Scalextric standard, Sport (Mabuchi FC) 18,000 RPM/12v, tested 20,000-21,000 RPM/12v
    Scalextric slim F1/motorbike (FF) 18,000 RPM/12V
    Team Slot TS6 [18,000/12v], 21,000/14v
    SCX RX-41, F1 tested 13,500 RPM/12v
    SCX RX-41B 18,256 RPM/12v
    SCX RX-42 tested 15,400 RPM/12v
    SCX RX-6 16,500 RPM/12v
    SCX RX-62C 18,540 RPM/12v
    SCX Pro Speed Double Rally 19,100 RPM/12v
    SCX Pro Turbo 18,000 RPM/12v, tested 20,100 RPM/12v
    SCX Pro Turbo Plus 19,000 RPM/12v
    SCX RX-42B 18,000 RPM/12v
    SCX RX-62C tested 20,100 RPM/12v

    Trans-Am open Chassis Motors

    Artin (SMC) tested 24,000 RPM/12v
    Avant Slot Hunter „green‟ (FK-180) 20,720 RPM/12v
    Avant Slot Hurricane „orange‟ (FK-180) 21,892 RPM/12v
    BRM 027 standard (FK-180) 23,500 RPM 12v
    Carrera E-200 (Sun) 26,000/14.8v, tested 19,400-20,200 RPM/12v
    Cartrix TX 2 (FK-180) 18,600 RPM/12v
    Cartrix TX 2.3 Speed [17,200 RPM/12v] 21,500 RPM/15v
    Cartrix TX 4 [16,000 RPM/12v] 20,000 RPM/15v
    Cartrix TX 5 Genius (FK-180) 22,500 RPM 12v
    Cartrix Xperimental (Sun) 20,000 RPM/12v
    Fly Daytona Prototype (FK-180) 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,575 RPM/12v
    Fly Racing EVO-2 (NC2 type) [17,820/12v] 22,000 RPM/14.8v
    Fly Truck (FK-180) 18,000 RPM/12v
    Green endbell (Sun) 24,000 RPM/12v, tested 20,100 RPM/12v
    MB Slot Gnik 21 (FK-180) 21,066 RPM/12v
    MB Slot Gnik 23 (FK-180) 24,000 RPM/12v
    MB Slot Krahs 23 (FC-130) 23 23,955 RPM/12v
    NINCO NC-3 [17.108 RPM/12v] 21,100 RPM/14.8v
    NINCO NC-5 [16,216 RPM/12v] 20,000 RPM/14.8v
    NINCO NC-6 [19,054 RPM/12v] 23,500 RPM/14.8v
    NINCO NC-7 [15.649 RPM/12v] 19,300 RPM/14.8v
    NSR King 21,000 RPM/12v
    NSR Shark 20,000, 22,000 RPM/12v
    NSR Shark 22,000
    Ozrace T Spec 21,000 RPM/12v
    Ozrace V Spec 23,500 RPM/12v
    Pink Kar Competi power Plus 3 (FK-180) 17,432 RPM/12v
    Pink Kar Type 1 (small box) 19,700/12v
    Parma 458 Homeset-Transformer (16D) est. 21,000 RPM/12v
    Pro Slot Evo 2 (FC) 21,500 RPM/12v
    Revell-Monogram standard (Mabuchi FC) tested 20,800-24,300/12v
    Scale Aulto SC-08 “silver can” (FC) 19,900 RPM/12v
    Scale Auto SC-011 “silver can” 20,000/12v
    Scale Auto SC014 Tech-1 „silver‟ 20,000 RPM/12v
    Scale Auto SC017 Tech-1 „silver‟ 20,000 RPM/12v
    Scalextric Sport Plus „red‟ slim (FF) 20,000 RPM/12v
    Scalextric Sport Plus „yellow‟ (FC) 20,000 RPM/12v
    Scalextric Moto Bike slim (FF) tested 22,400 RPM/12v
    Scalextric F1 slim (FF) tested 22,800 RPM/12v
    SCX Pro Speed 19,600 RPM/12v
    SCX RX42E 19,600 RPM/12v
    SCX RX-91 tested 20,533/12v
    Spirit old type (512M, B2K) 20,000 RPM/12v
    Spirit SX03 (FC-130) 18,750 RPM/12v
    Slot.It V12/2 Boxer 17,000 RPM/12v, 20,967/14.8v
    Slot.It V12/3 "blue endbell" (FC-130) 19,500 RPM/12v, tested 19,232-19,450 RPM/12v
    Slot.It V12/2 (Sun) 23,000 RPM/12v
    Slot.It V12/2 Boxer 24,000 RPM/12v, 29,600/14.8v
    Slot.It V12/3 (orange) 21,500 RPM/12v Flat 6 20,500 RPM/12v Flat 6R 23,000 RPM/12v
    Sloter „black stripe‟ (FC-130) 22,304 RPM/12v
    Sloting Plus Rally-1 (FK-180) 18,000 RPM/12v 230gcm/12v 10.4W/12v
    Spirit Ferrari 512M, Lola B2K (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v
    Spirit LeMans (FK-180) 20,100 RPM/12v
    Spirit S3X (FK-180) 20,581 RPM/12v
    Spirit SX01 (FC-130) 24,000 RPM/12v
    Spiriti SxXx (FK-180) 20,640 RPM/12v
    Team Slot TS-6 (FC-130) 20,600 RPM/12v
    Team Slot TS-9 (FK-180) 18,400 RPM/12v

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    The cars


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      When does this proxy start
      Thanks Rossko


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        They are running the 6th round of the 2015 race right now, The 2016 race and any chances in the rules will be posted later.


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          The early years were great!