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Round #5 - The River Run

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  • Round #5 - The River Run

    The next Round of the Pony Wars Proxy will take place at The River Run on Saturday, November 19th.
    I'm sorry for the delay in the series, but the CanAm, RAA and Pony Wars proxy cars all showed up within 1 week of each other at my track.

    We ran the final round of the CanAm last Saturday. The next Round of the RAA is scheduled for November 5th. That puts the Pony Wars Round on November 19th.

    Stay tuned, I'll get updates posted as soon as I have them. We'll run the quali and post the results for the Pony Wars Round mid the week before the race.


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    I like this cars in all of these proxies. Now to build them better.



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      Revell Raceway

      Hi all. Been away for a while. Anyway, I now have a 100' long 4 lane track with trackmate timing system.

      The track is in Crown Point, IN.

      I am willing to host a race if you guys are interested.

      Happy racing.

      Showtym37.... Go Cubbies!!!


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        sounds good,, How is DEC for you ?


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          Available. Over the holiday break would be best. When you thinking?


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            We ran the RAA proxy cars yesterday, so we're still on target for running the 5th Round of the Pony Wars proxy cars on November 19th. Sorry for the delay, but the CanAm cars, the RAA cars and the Pony Wars cars all landed on my doorstep within 5 days of each other............!

            Quali results, pics and more as we get closer to the 19th.



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              The 19th is still the day for running the next Round of the Pony Wars Proxy series. Stay tuned for quali results ahead of race day.



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                I ran the quali on the cars today; in advance of tomorrow's race. Lots of variation in the performance of the cars; in terms of traction and power. But, when the smoke cleared, here's how it came out:

                Under 2.5 Liters

                Car# / 10 lap average time / best lap time

                0 / 9.42 / 8.931

                33 / 7.99 / 7.879

                79 / 7.71 / 7.556

                4 / 7.61 / 7.487

                Over 2.5 Liters

                Car # / 10 lap average / best lap time

                6 / 7.96 / 7.815

                48 / 7.83 / 7.701

                42 / 7.86 / 7.346

                8 / 7.49 / 7.322

                53 / 7.46 / 7.313

                23 / 7.60 / 7.312

                1 / 7.36 / 7.244

                More fast lap spread in the U-Class cars; pretty tightly bunched at the top of the O-class cars.

                Race day is tomorrow. Results and pics before midnight (i hope!)



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                  Thanks Allan for the run. Looking forward to the results. Surprised to see the #53 leaping out there.

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                    We ran Round #5 today and it was good, close racing; especially in the Over 2.5 Liter class.

                    Here are a few pics of the field taken before the start of the race. U-class cars in the rear; O-class cars in the front. Faster cars on the right hand side.

                    We ran each car in each of the three lanes. The drivers stayed in their lanes throughout the race and the cars were rotated starting in the red lane (inside) and finishing in the blue lane (outside). Each heat was 3 minutes long, so the cars got 9 minutes of racing, total.

                    Here are your drivers; from left to right: Bob (rleog), Matt (Changing.Gearz) and Jeff (dge467):

                    And here are the results, by class:

                    Under 2.5 Liters

                    Car # / Total Laps / Fastest Lap Tiebreaker (if needed)

                    0 / 62.4

                    33 / 68.5

                    79 / 69.5

                    4 / 70.5

                    Over 2.5 Liters

                    Car # / Total Laps / Fastest Lap Tiebreaker (if needed)

                    48 / 69.6

                    6 / 70.2

                    42 / 71.5

                    8 / 73.4

                    53 / 73.5

                    23 / 73.6

                    1 / 73.7

                    Along the way, we had some photo, we took them!

                    Here is the fastest lap data; by lane:

                    Red lane - 7.163 - car #53 (this car is defintely "point and shoot"; very fast on the straights but struggled some in the corners..)

                    White lane - 6.861 - car #53

                    Blue lane - 7.009 - car # 8

                    They were a lot of fun to run!

                    They're all boxed up now; ready for the next Round. Where do I send them, Austin?

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                      That iscreally some very close racing. Thank you to th drivers for running the event. Should have put driver on a diet to see if he could have gotten another 1/10 th on the track.
                      By the way are you able to run your track all year or does it get too cold in the winter?
                      It is really a nice set up you have there.


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                        Thanks for hosting and running. Plus all your help. What's that number 8 doing on it's side. Thanks for getting a good run out of the #53 Challenger. I found my entry sheet but I failed to put the gear ratio on it for the #53 I think it is stock gearing.

                        Congratulations to Allan and Dale.

                        Who's doing the spreadsheet?
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                          Team thank you for the run. Congrats Allan, Aloha and Arroldn job well done. I do have a question as I was trying to compare, Allan was the race counter clock wise based on the TA Proxy video or Clockwise?


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                            Dale, the track can run all year. It's in the uninsulated attic of my garage, but it has it's own heating system in both the attic and in the garage itself. I try to run most of the races between April and December.

                            Arrold, check in with Austin on the spreadsheet for this series; he's the proxy coordinator.

                            Tony, the race was run clockwise. The track will go either way, but because of the chicane in the front, it runs about 1-2/10ths faster clockwise.



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                              Hi Austin, These cars are all wrapped up and ready to ship out to the next track. Just let me know where they should be going; thanks. Unless you want to wrap-up this one, too; iike the RAA proxy. Let me know; thanks.