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Round #6 - Revell Raceway

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  • Round #6 - Revell Raceway

    Hello folks.

    Cars arrived safely. Been doing some testing to determine best format for the event. Plan is to run them next week. I have some vacation coming up so that's the plan.

    It's exciting to see how many different approaches there have been to car design. I will be running my old entry along side in the over class (recently re-powered with spec motor)

    I expect to have qualifying run Tuesday, 12/27.

    More to come.


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    Is anyone keeping a spreadsheet for all the stops in this series?

    Never mind. Saw in Allan's post from the River that Austin is the race coordinator.

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      If time permits could you take a picture of the underside of the cars. Interested to see what each builder did with their setups.
      Thank you for that consideration.


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        Started around noon today. All looked to be in good conditions. Saved all packing materials for reuse.

        Qualifying was run on the blue lane. There were some really smooth running cars especially in the under class. Brumos can build a car for me any days. Very very smooth running cars.

        Arroldn, unfortunately, your 53, and who ever has the Penske Camaro are at a disadvantage. I had to tighten up the 53's guide, and remove the spacer on the camaro, both guides were catching the bottom of slot at track joints. The 48 was having some issues too but snugging up the slop on the guide and front chassis did the trick. The 58 and 6 then were plagued with deslots. Like lifting the front tire type of deslots, which likely was the reason the guides were tuned as they were. I may try to source some other shims for the #6, May have a guide for the 53 too.

        Qualifying results will be posted tomorrow. 2 lanes have been run out in both classes for the actual event. Red and Blue. Race was run counter clockwise with 5 minute heats.

        My older boy picked the Penske Camaro for grand champ of the car show.[/QUOTE]


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          Underside pics


          Here you go.


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            Thank you for taking the time to photograph the underside of the cars. Interesting to see the set ups used.


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              Qualifying Results

              4- 10.813 - point and shoot, carries speed good through turns.
              33-10.976 - smooth
              79-11.340 - smooth, some body rub on rear, predictable drift in turns
              0-11.875- little tippy, really have to roll on the throttle.

              6-10.427 point and shoot, pulled guide out of slot some times.
              42-10.465 fun food corner speed
              8-10.557 carried speed well, good balance
              48-10.602, well balanced, guide is huge!!
              23-10.827, smooth, light, corner brake marks are critical. Pulls guide from slot time to time.
              1-11.029, smooth, carried speed well into turns, has more potential
              31-11.261, needs taller gear, poor traction, but stays in slot
              53-11.433, torque monster, transfers too much weight, pulls guide out of slot under throttle. Requires trigger fineness.

              Qualifying was set by best lap over a 3 minute period, running on the blue (one of the center lanes) lane.

              As a teaser, race results are not aligned with qualifying. As I learned to drive these cars more, some real front runners have surfaced. There have been a few other surprises as well.

              3 of 4 lanes have been run. Some rounds have been very tight, others not so much.

              Completed 2 lanes on the 27th, one today, and the final sometime the next few days.
              Stay tuned..


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                Hopefully after a few laps you have been able to tame the torque monster. Looking forward to the results.



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                  Sounds like your having a great time, That # 6 does need a win.


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                    Looks like #23 likes to look at rear bumpers. Hope that changes...have fun!


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                      What volt are you running at ?


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                        Track voltage was 12v.


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                          Under 2.0 liter Qualifying Results

                          Here are qualifying results for under class


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                            Over 2.0 Liter Qualifying

                            Here are Over 2.0 Qualifying results


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                              Under 2.0 Race Results

                              Here you go.