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Scaleracing Fly Racing & Slot.It GT1 Rules 2009

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  • Scaleracing Fly Racing & Slot.It GT1 Rules 2009

    Slot.It GT1 Rules Nissan R390, McLaren, F40 and Audi all allowed in this class. 21,500 rpm motor only.
    Inline only.
    S1 tires on the rear Zero Grip or stock fronts. No low profile fronts. May nail polish front tires. No re profiling of front tires allowed, you can only remove flashing. Tires must be stock shape and width/height.
    Rear wheels can be either big or small hubs, may use off set gears and pod. Must run inserts
    Front wheels can be either plastic or metal.
    Front ride height may be adjusted with parts only.
    Must run all chassis and body screws at all times.
    Can run magnetic suspension.
    No body or chassis modification other than to create body float.
    No modification to chassis to allow different gear sizes.
    There may be no breaks or cuts in the chassis, any chassis found this way must be replaced before entering the race.

    Any guide may be used. braid only. motor leads only.

    Lead can be added but only inside of the car, and not visible from the outside.

    Light sanding on the chassis and pod to allow float will be allowed however LIGHT is the description, anyone filing or removing more will be deemed to be trying to shave off weight and that is not allowed.

    The intent of the rules for this Class are to make it a Racers rather than a tweekers class, and in the interest of Fair Competition all cars will be visually inspected before the Races. Any protests must be lodged at that time, unless due to a change in a car during the actual race.

    All cars must start and finish the race with the same chassis and body as started. You can change Motor Pods, and Motors but must submit those to tech for inclusion into the race.

    You can add weight to tune your car as long as it is inside of the chassis and not of a magnetic material. You may not remove weight at all from the body, other than mirrors, small parts lost during the race do not have to be refitted. Wheel inserts and Rear Wings must be present at all times, any lost must be replaced under "GREEN".

    No work may be done on the Car or the Track while the power is off, cars will be moved to their next lane without any visual inspection and sit on the track until the power comes on. You may then "PIT" to check motor temp adjust braid , etc, all of this must be done in the Pit Room under "GREEN".

    No re-profiled front tires will be allowed, and no low profile Zero Grips.

    You can paint or clear nail polish your front tires to reduce grip, but nothing else. No chemicals of any type on the tires or track EVER. You may oil the car lightly but oil dripping onto the track or tires will cause your car to be "BLACK FLAGGED" and the problem fixed under "GREEN".

    The object of these races is to have FUN and I will do all I can to help enable that end.

    Fly Racing Rules
    The New Class Fly Racing Porsche, BMW M1, M3 GTR, 320i,F40 cars are to be run mostly stock, that means the only change is to allow trimming of the axles to move wheels under the body, and the fitment of small S2 tires on the rear of the car.
    Low profile Zero grip fronts are allowed in this class.

    Either the Rally 1 or 2 motor is allowed.

    Only Fly tuning parts are allowed at this time. If parts become a problem we will visit the issue then. You may modify and fit a gear mesh stopper to set the mesh on the crown gear.

    You may shorten body and motor pod screws and lightly sand the pod to allow float. You may switch to another decoration Fly BMW or Porsche body or repaint your car.

    No pod screws may be used.

    All cars all classes must have their Chassis screws taped over to prevent screws falling onto the track. No exceptions.
    All cars must have the correct length screws fitted in all places screws are required, no glued or taped motor pods.

    If it is not mentioned "It is not Legal"