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    Are there any plans of holding Regionals and a National race similar to 2009?


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    Scaleracing Events 2010.

    We are planning to run Events in 2010 at six key locations across America.

    We are looking for six Racing Business or Racing Groups who can supply a good group of Entrants to showcase Model Car racing.

    At Scaleracing LLC we believe now is the time to start growing Racing across the Country, and to that end we will not Show at iHobby rather we will target six locations with sales potential and a Racer base to present BRM, Avant Slot, and Scaleauto Racing cars to.

    So anyone with an interest in holding one of these six Regional Showcases please contact me as soon as possible.

    I am looking for places that can showcase an Event, that will promote it in their local community and will both promote it here on SCI and will document the Results here for all to see.

    See you at the Races.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Count us in...

      We have a couple of groups in the NY/NJ/PA metro area that are consistently running BRM, as well as Slot.IT and Avant Slot cars. Roughly what month would you be looking to do this?



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        I had posted the willingness to sponsor a BRM Challenge race at Mid-America Raceway in the BRM thread with the only stipulation being that Alan and Roger agree on a date.

        I would be willing to expand this to include and Avant Slot races also.

        I agree that the event dates need to be set as soon as possible for promotional purposes. I'd like to send out press releases to the local media at least a month in advance.

        Who knows perhaps I can swing getting some local personalities to attend. I have discussed attending this event with Motor Racing writer Burt Levy but he needs to schedule it on his calendar (for example).
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          Do you have more details at the moment?

          Will the BRM races be team event like in the past?

          Is it safe to assume the and Avant races are the individual races?