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November 19 - 21st Northwest Drivers Challenge 2010

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  • November 19 - 21st Northwest Drivers Challenge 2010

    Who is stepping up to the Northwest Drivers Challenge this year?

    Races to be announced for BRM, Slot.It, Avant Slot and Scaleauto. Along with support races.

    Will we see Cody Kosir defend his title from 2009

    Here are the rules to be used for the classes to be raced, if one of the mods could copy the rules over that would be great

    Friday 19 November 2010
    1.Slot.It Group C race S2 tyres Orange end bell inline set up. See the Challenge rules attached below.
    2.Ninco Cup Race rules as the the Ninco Cup rules except any model car allowed from previous years races - S2 Tyres.

    Length of races will be subject to entries - would like to start no later than 7pm.

    Saturday 20 November 2010
    Endurance day with 2 4hour races for BRM and Scaleauto 1/24th Cars.
    Track opens at 9am, tune/test for Scaleauto at 9:30am first race scheduled to start at 11am. BRM race scheduled for 3:30pm
    1. Scaleauto Porsche GT3 Challenge - 8 identical cars will be available if you don't have one, if you do you, you are more than welcome to bring your own ( We will supply 8 identical cars for this race now, all you do is turn up and drive, you may tune the car during Happy Hour if you wish ). Team event where teams will have 7.5 minutes to practice or tune in each lane - if you miss your 7.5 minutes in a lane because you were tuning that's just too bad! Once the 1 hour test/tune session is over we will have a 4hour endurance race. Tyres will be Scaleauto foam.
    2. BRM Challenge race with rules the same as Chicago - tyres will be Scaleauto foam. Once again a 4hour team endurance race. ( Normal BRM Rules, only addition is to allow the guide mod for Wood track guide, also you can glue on O ring to hold guide in place )

    Sunday 21 November 2010
    LMP/GT1 Challenge for Scaleauto,Avant Slot and Slot.It. See Manufacturers Challenge rules attached below
    Track opens at 9am Sunday with racing at 10am.
    1. LMP/GT1 Challenge is for cars in this category from Scaleauto, Avant Slot and Slot.It.
    Sponge tyres, any motor in the configuration the particular model was released in. Tires will be Scaleauto SC-2009, be warned you may not be able to fit under a anglewinder. Mod to Avant Slot chassis to clear hub is allowed.

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    Hmmmm, perhaps another Parts Bin Special might be in the works. Heaven knows, by sheer weight there must be sufficient parts to put together another car.


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      Come on up!

      We'd love to have you... it's only a 12 hour drive:


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        or 1 hour 40 minutes on a plane

        Count me in for sure!


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          Ah what the heck: I have been embarrasing myself in front of a smaller, familiar group for long enough now: I think it is time to step up to the big league and embarrass myself in front of more people that I have not met yet!

          I have been meaning to and threatening to get down south of the border a few times now: this time for sure!


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            You have embarrassed yourself in front of most of us already though... you will fit in perfectly Alwyn!


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              I'm in.Will there be an enduro and what cars will be raced in it?


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                Twin 4 Hour Enduro's

                BRM for one, Scaleauto Arrive and Drive GT3 for the other.

                $25.00 gets you entered in all three days races.

                Also the Scalearacing Pole Shoot Out $10.00 for three runs.

                Any car legal for any of the Races can run to set Pole time for the weekend.

                If at least 10 people enter it is $100.00 CASH to the Pole time.

                See you at the Races.

                All races score points towards the title of Northwest Driver of the Year. ( including the Pole Shoot Out )

                Current holder Cody Kosir.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  I'll be there.


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                    OK today is the day.

                    "The Northwest Drivers Challenge" starts tonight.

                    First race will be at 7.00PM

                    Hope to see you all there./here

                    See you at the Races.

                    Now back to getting ready, OK I'm never ready, where is that darn bunny

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                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



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                      The height of folly...

                      Or as Forrest Gump's mamma said: "Stupid is as stupid does"!

                      Some (rueful!) lessons learned from going down to the races this weekend:

                      1. Know thine track.
                      2. Prepare thine car for the track and conditions
                      3. Know thine competition
                      4. Know thine own limitations

                      This is a kinda summary lesson and to give an idea what my Friday and Saturday morning were like:

                      If you (i) have had a hard week (including going to teach a class at a local technical institute two nights a week and only getting home around 11pm, this after a full, long, stressful day's work that starts at 7am) and (ii) if this means you do not have time to prepare your cars properly for ANY track or conditions and (iii) are going to race on a track that you have never even SEEN, much less raced on, and (iv) if said track is probably about as different from your home track as it is possible for any two tracks to be (long, sweeping, fast, 8 lane commercial-style track using silicone tyres and running at 12+V while your home track is the epitome of a tight, twisty, technical 3 lane track running urethanes on 10V), and if then (v) you pick to drive from Vancouver to Tacoma past Seattle during rush hour on a Friday, in the pouring rain and (vi) if you arrive at the track like 45 minutes before the first race... without even having the right tyres yet and (vii) you are running against some of the very, very best drivers in the country, nevermind the Northwest, don't expect things to go particularly well!

                      "Don't expect things to go particularly well"? OK, I suppose I should look on the bright side: after that statement I am at least in the running for winning one big prize: how about "Understatement of the year"?!

                      A little more detailed feedback:

                      I got to the track at about 6:15pm after a 5 hour drive: I really wasn't at my best. Got some tyres off Alan and stuck them on my two Porsche 956's that I brought and started out testing... and it was not pretty! I was pretty much clueless: I drove like a complete neophyte that had not even seen a slot car in his life. Cars were OK but not great: one too heavy (Pappa Bear Porsche?), one too light (Mamma Bear Porsche?) but alas I did not have a Baby Bear Porsche (the "just right" one, remember?).

                      Running with brand new tyres probably also wasn't great, but that was nowhere near as bad as my driving...

                      Ran a bunch of laps on two of the eight lanes: OK!

                      Pulled out my Ninco Audi R8, stuck some S2's on that and ran that in one lane. This race was planned as a pretty much "box stock" class, so my lack of car preparation was not that big of a drawback. This one actually ran very nicely: handling was very good.

                      And so on to the first race: man, did I ever suck!!! My self esteem really took a huge knock here: felt like a complete ninny. Anyway: at least I got to run through all the lanes. And to look on the bright side: towards the end of each heat in each lane I was actually beginning to suck less: started to get a bit of a feel for the lane. And then on to a new lane with new challenges. Even just the different view of the track from the different driver station locations on a track that you have never run on before can be a big factor. Well, it was for me in any case.

                      And when one is doing badly,even minor things become a distraction: I did not have alligator clips on my controller so I was trying to force the small holes in the connectors of my controller over the pins on the control stations. The ID of the holes on the controller was a touch smaller than the OD of the pins, so could not get it to fit over the pin: it was just sort if scrunched on the top of the pin: not secure at all. So I ended up with a number of botched starts: at the start of one race my car took off like a rocket with bad results! Couple times it did not want to start at all and a couple more times I had no brakes. All calculated to increase my flusteredness level into the stratoshpere!

                      The less said about the race, the better...

                      And then on to the Ninco race. It was still terrible for me, but at least it was quite a bit less terrible. And I must say that I continue to be mightily impressed with Nincos. The Audi is a great car: I have only run it a few laps on Luf’s Targa, so it is not well sorted at all. But it ran very sweetly on Alan’s track: with a bit more preparation I could have done a lot better with it.

                      OK, so far it sounds like all doom and gloom: it emphatically wasn’t. The Ninco race was actually a turning point for me: this is where I slowly but surely started having fun again! And I actually ended up with a lap under 6 seconds!

                      After the race I got my Ninco Acura (which I had intended using but did not have time to put stock Ninco ProRace wheels and S2 tyres on before the start of the race...) going and tried that. One of the ProRace wheels that I put on (I normally run it with 18” BWA LMP wheels) was slightly bent, so it was out of balance but not bad: ended up getting a 5.685 second lap if my memory serves. Not blindingly fast, but at least the laps I was turning got me more familiar with the track.

                      And so on to Saturday morning:

                      The BRM race that the group graciously allowed me to run in even though I had to leave like half an hour into a four hour race was an absolute blast for me! Alan showed his masochistic side by offering to be my team mate to start: not sure how things progressed after I left though.

                      In any case: the two 15 minute heats that I was able to run was a tremendous amount of fun: at last I was starting to get the hang of the track and the loaner BRM car that Alan allowed me to use was extremely well prepared and set up: it was very, very fast. To salve my wounded pride, Kerry even generously allowed me to pass him once (while I was running in the fastest lane and he in the slowest!). But it is probably better that we do not talk about where we finished up in the heat...

                      So all in all a great time: It was great to see Alan’s lair and meet Ashley in person: it is always nice to have a mental picture of the people and place you are dealing with when you shop. And on top of that it was great to meet up with the familiar faces again: good to see you guys again!

                      So in closing, my advice for future fellow neophytes to this race:

                      a) Talk with the locals about car setup beforehand. Find out what works and what doesn’t.
                      b) If you have not run on the track before, go ahead of time and get acquainted with the track. Go a day early if needs be.
                      c) Try out all the lanes with all your cars ahead of time.
                      d) Make sure your controller’s connections suit the track. I have come to the conclusion that a set of alligator clips is the easiest way to go.
                      e) Practice!
                      f) Have fun!

                      From a chastened Alwyn... and as Shania Twain said:

                      It's 'bout as bad as it could be
                      yeah, it just ain't been my day
                      Nothin's comin' easily
                      There's no way but up from here!!!!!
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