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1/24th Scaleauto 24HR Endurance Race

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  • 1/24th Scaleauto 24HR Endurance Race

    There will be a 24HR Scaleauto 1/24th Scale Endurance race September 30 2011 at 132Slotcar Raceway. This will be over the weekend of September 30/October 1&2 2011, the race will start on the Friday 30 September ending 24hrs later October 1 with enough time to go and have a Mexican dinner(Not a Mexican for dinner!) those with enough energy left on Sunday may want to meet and race Go-Karts(Real ones not the Ninco ones)

    All available Scaleauto 1/24th cars will be eligible as well as any 1/24th GT body that will work with an unmodified Scaleauto 1/24 chassis.

    Entrance fees, date and complete rules to be announced soon.

    Cars will have to have lights installed, rules will probably specify DS light kits
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    My eyes are getting blurry already!

    I have just the car so I will try to put a team together for that one. Sounds like a blast. It will be good to see you all again!


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      A little more clarification.

      Only Scaleauto bodies, no modification allowed.
      By no modification we mean you can not modify the shape of wheel arches etc. You can modify the area around the head and tail lights to allow fitment of the DS light kits.

      Bulletproofing is allowed to strengthen the bodies, and wing. All major body parts must be fitted in the correct position at all times. Rear exhaust detail is considered a major part. Windshield wipers are not.
      BMW's must not run external rear view mirrors.
      Porsche must have mirrors fitted at the start of the race.
      At no time car a car run with a major part of bodywork missing allowing the chassis or wheels to be visible. A car thus damaged must immediately pit for repairs "Under Green" and can not be worked on during Lane Changes.
      All repair work will be done at the Tech table in full view of the Technical/Race director.
      Personalized or custom decorations encouraged, Race numbers must be declared at entry, no duplicate numbers or bodies will be allowed at the Track during the Event.
      Cars must start, run and finish with the same Chassis and Body, no body or chassis can be changed, they must be repaired "Under Green"

      More after the weekend, including the Rules and Entry fees.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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          I spy with my little eye.

          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.