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  • Slop Track clarification...

    My understanding us that we are to be under 9 square feet. 3'x3'. But is that just the area of the track ? In the example of a hillclimb are we not counting the hillside with bushes and such ?
    Or is it the actual area the floor plan covers and encases. Such that a track that loops around a spot counts as all the area under the track and guardrails and space inside of the loop/circle that the loop fits into?
    I understand that if I build a building parking lot I could go indefinatly UP. But we are only counting the actual roadway and NOt the center I could have a uch larger track going indefinatly up.

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    It's the footprint. You can go infinitely up.
    It also doesn't have to be 3x3 or 2x4 or whatever, so long as the footprint is 9 square feet or less, and you can show that it is, you're good.


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      Making it Fit!

      If you made the track say, 2 x 5, that equals 10 square feet. You could cut the semicircles on both ends to be about 9 square feet. That would also allow you to tack a barrier onto the outside edge of the turn. When you do the math, you may have to make the board an inch or so shorter, but it would still be approximately a 2 x 5 track. Mine is just under 22 x 60.

      On my first track, El Toro Slop Ring, I just cut across each corner. The part cut off allowed a 24 inch wide track to be 57 inches in length.

      Luf's track from Slop 2 was a dumbbell shape about 8 feet long, but still under the 9 square foot footprint.

      You can see the past Tracks in the old threads on this forum.


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        I have a slop track question on materials:

        Whats a good place to get copper tape? or
        Any copper tape will do, or is there different thickness, widths that are better /not so good?