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    Unofficial entry - bragging rights only sounds fair.


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      Are we not all in this for bragging rights? If he wants that, he can pay the entire entry fee, build a car to the rules that were posted about half a year ago and get the entry in on time. Adding an extra car for the hosts to deal with for the next 6-8 months is a big ask just for nothing. He can work on next years car if he wants.


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        I have to agree with some of the above posts, we all built car and entered them on time.
        Entering a car for bragging rights doesn't wash with me, that one car could hurt someone elses race results
        I personally don't agree with it


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          Alvaro's car won't be entered in any results so it will not affect anyone's points. It won't be racing on any tracks other than the Canberra tracks and it's not an entry in this proxy. Not this year.

          It's only there because I wanted to see how well he can build a car against some of the best builders from other countries. If a F1 driver showed up at your car club meet unannounced would you tell him to get lost or would you watch, listen and learn from the encounter?

          I entered this proxy for the competition and to pick up tips on how to build a faster car. Seeing Alvaro build his car has amazed me with the precision he's put into it and everything I learn I'll pass on so everyone can benefit.


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            I donít need info from Alvaro as when I came to Canberra, I set the lap record on Tonys track
            and I was racing as I said itís not hard to better something after you get to see what everyone has and as for his car racing with the field could effect other entrants results .....


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              Yes, you set the lap record on Tony's track but you did it during a proxy when everyone agreed to drive for the distance, not flat out trying to set a lap record and coming off every few laps. And Alvaro didn't have a car in the proxy so you've never driven one of his cars.

              He built a touring car based on my car which isn't the best, not anyone else's car and it laps his track more than half a second faster than mine. It's his track and he knows what works so why would he need to see what everyone else has built?

              But this is all academic, his car isn't an official entry, just there to show what a good Canberra builder can build.


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                I don't have a car in this proxy, but my 2 cents is, run Alvaro's car by itself, so as not to interfere with the others.



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                  My opinion differs from Gas41t.
                  I would like to see Alvaros car


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                    This is Alvaro's car.

                    Note the wear patern on the rear tyres after the race. They aren't even scrubbed in and his car was lapping faster than Radarek's before the race when less than 4mm of the tyre was touching the track. Makes me think that skinny tyres might be the way to go because there's less surface area so more force on the bit that touches the track.

                    Motor is a 23k BRM. Alvaro uses plasticine, not lead and sets up the chassis first, adding or removing the plasticine as he goes. When the bodyless car is going as well as he can get it he puts the body on and then keeps finetuning it with small amounts of plasticine on the body. When it's tuned to the n'th degree he takes the plasticine off the body and puts it on the corresponding spot on the chassis. All the time he's making sure his lap times are going down, not up. Before he does all this he makes sure the chassis is perfectly flat and the pod sits flat to the chassis. It's also more nose heavy than most other cars - 42g front, 58g rear.

                    This car has turned my tuning regime upside down. The pod is tight, the chassis is tight on the body, skinny tyres and plasticine for weight. From now on I'm going to get the chassis running well on my cars then fit the body and more tuning.
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                      Let Alvaro's car run during a qualifying round at a track, but it's way too late in my mind to enter a car, and potentially alter outcomes.


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                        As long as he finishes second I'm good😂.
                        To be fair to all I think he can enter qualifications only that way nobody will lose anything during the proxy. All this races are based on level of trust...
                        Trust that all the cars are treated the same
                        Trust that all drivers are right to the task
                        Trust that no work(tunning) is done on the cars during proxy by home builders... etc..

                        Is for fun. But for fun for as long as fair. And rules are to make sure that all is fair. Any way proxy is on and enjoy the ride boys


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                          Originally posted by steeveew View Post
                          I don't have a car in this proxy, but my 2 cents is, run Alvaro's car by itself, so as not to interfere with the others.

                          I'm with Steve - also not involved - however it would be a difficult discussion to explain that a non-entry took out an entrant.

                          Looks like some small diameter front tires, did we give up on the proportional tire rules?
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