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Round 1 - 10 October 2018

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  • Round 1 - 10 October 2018

    Round 1 will be on Andrew's track next Wednesday night.

    I'll take all the cars over to his place on Saturday night to do the qualifying laps for the race and take some videos.

    Last year Radarek set a lap record of 5.682 for the race. Will it get beaten this year?

    Here's the link to last years race + videos.



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    If I am not mistaken is this not the weekend for Bathurst? If so what a great time to kick off the event
    I would assume the start of quali is a short time away?
    Good luck and have fun


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      Bathurst is indeed on this weekend. Final practice today and the mighty race tomorrow.

      I'll be on my way soon to Andrews for proxy qualifying with all the cars except Radarek and Alexis - both still in the post.


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        In post.... my tracking is saying that car is delivered since Wednesday?


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          Delivered to 69 Cowper St?

          What's the tracking number and with which postal company?


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            Canada post


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              I'll check with the post office tomorrow.


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                Qualifying was done last night and the cars all were good to drive. Andrew did the driving - it's his track - and I asked his view on each car.

                I took videos of each car, including Andrew's comments and they are currently being downloaded to YouTube but it's going to take all night, there's about 4Gb worth and I have a slow connection. (EDIT: It's taken 2 days to download half the videos. For Wednesday's racing I'll take videos with less resolution so they upload quicker).

                What we did find with timing the cars is they got better as the night wore on and the heater warmed the garage and the track. ALS time was 6.655 but came down to 6.145 after we ran all the cars. Same with Curef99, down from 6.479 to 6.185 so on race night the heater will be on early to make sure the track is warm.

                Here's the lap times but because the track got better as it warmed up the times could be much better on race night.

                CJ74 ........ 5.907
                Lez .......... 6.075
                YHR .......... 6.087
                Lance ....... 6.092
                Leadfoot ... 6.095
                Brumos ..... 6.096
                Gas41t ..... 6.139
                ALS .......... 6.145
                Sports Racer 6.268
                Aloha ........ 6.297
                Peter Gunn 6.304
                Jimmy ...... 6.315
                Bov .......... 6.395
                Curef99 .... 6.424
                Charlesx .... 6.449


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                  Thankyou Paul. For the get Q Run & Great times ALS


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                    Holy Cow, can 2nd thru 6th get any closer! 21 thousandth between the 5 cars. WOW!


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                      Unofficially it's 6 cars in that bracket. I found one of my tyres was rubbing and when I fixed it my time dropped to 6.076. It was after the qualifying so I didn't count the time but yes, this is going to be a close race come Wednesday night.


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                        Oh my! We have some fast cars in the mix this year. I've never been TQ, so that is super awesome to see!


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                          Here's the first of the videos. As they get uploaded I'll put them here.

                          ALS first run when the track was cold.


                          Here's the difference when the track warmed up.



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                            The lap time would probably have improved with another run later in the night but I ran out of time. When your wife rings and says to come pick her up you have to go.
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                              Another one that was slow but did better when the track warmed up.