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Round 3 - 7 November 2018

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  • Round 3 - 7 November 2018

    Round 3 will be on Steve's track this Wednesday night.

    I'll try to get there early to take videos of the qualifying.


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    Hi Paul,

    Um - you might want to change this thread's title to Round 3 - 7 November 2018......

    And, how many more rounds to be held down there after this week's one, before you send the cars up to Murray Farm Raceway?

    Cheers, Tony.


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      Qualifying was done tonight and it was easy to tell which cars would do quick lap times. All the cars handled well but if your car was fast down the 7 metre straight it picked up a couple of 10ths over the slower cars.

      The only car that wasn't qualified was YHR's which had a loose wheel. The grub screw is a weird size and I didn't have all my allen keys with me so I couldn't fix it tonight. At least it happened before the race.

      1 Radarek 6.256 - everything was spot on. Gearing is perfect for a 7 metre straight.
      2 Lance 6.381 - super smooth and fast down the straight
      3 Lez 6.404 - went well, easy to drive
      4 Gas41T 6.429 - another car that was quiet and quick.
      5 Leadfoot 6.434 - Fast on the straights, lots of power
      6 Sports 6.565 - needs different gearing, topped out half way down the straight
      7 CJ74 6.579 - nice to drive, felt quick
      8 Peter Gunn 6.628 - like my car, needs more hp
      9 Brumos 6.646 - smooth and easy to drive.
      10 Bov 6.707 - another car that was nice to drive, should do well in the race.
      11 Jimmyslots 6.732 - beautiful to drive but the weight killed it. This track needs quick acceleration.
      12 Alexis 6.734 - motor is vicious, should drive better with an adjustable controller.
      13 ALS 6.797 - no brakes and on this track that's no good because it's straight, hairpin, straight, hairpin.
      14 Aloha 6.800 - tyres didn't like this surface but this could change when they get some heat into them
      15 Curef99 6.876 - Brakes too well, couldn't carry the right speed through the corners.
      16 Charlesx 7.186 Outclassed in this group on this track.
      17 YHR DNQ

      I'll post the videos of each car tomorrow.


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        Originally posted by bov View Post
        Hi Paul,

        Um - you might want to change this thread's title to Round 3 - 7 November 2018......

        And, how many more rounds to be held down there after this week's one, before you send the cars up to Murray Farm Raceway?

        Cheers, Tony.

        Surely it's October somewhere in the world?

        There's 3 more rounds in Canberra including this Wednesday, all 2 weeks apart, then on to you for your round.


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          Here's the videos of each car qualifying. Steve (track owner) did the driving using a non-adjustable controller which didn't suit some of the cars so expect a few cars to do much better in the race.










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            i was ready to comment about the controller about the brake when i noticed the next post about the controller . all good, have fun, and thanks for the video.


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              Another great night racing. It's midnight here so results and videos will be posted tomorrow but here's the finishing order.

              Congrats to Radarek, Leadfoot and Lance for their podium finish.

              No cars broke down but some struggled for traction on the ferrodore surface.




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                Thanks for the round Paul and team,was it magnabraid?If yes it explains the 5th spot


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                  Yes it's magnabraid but so were the tracks on round 1 and 2. Your car is very quick out of the corners with it's boxer motor and this track is hairpin, straight, hairpin, straight so perfect motor choice for this track.


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                    Curious on the #10 running Yellow Dog. Is the car just a dog, really slow or is it tires not hooking up...just curious


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                      It's a nice car to drive, not a dog, but the tyres just don't grip as well as the other cars.

                      Did you glue the tyres on? Hope you didn't use superglue which works it's way into the tyre compound and hardens the tyre.
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                        Here’s the race results, spreadsheet to come.

                        It’s interesting to compare the number of laps against what the cars did last year. There were only 2 cars that did less laps than last year, everyone else improved.

                        Position – name – laps – laps last year

                        1 --- Radarek ----- 84.20 ---- 85.6
                        2 --- Leadfoot ----- 82.02
                        3 --- Lance -------- 80.94 --- 73.13
                        4 --- CJ74 --------- 80.66 --- 75.41
                        5 --- Alexis -------- 79.80 --- 82.23
                        6 --- Gas41T ------ 79.24
                        7 --- Peter Gunn -- 78.65 --- 71.05
                        8 --- Curef99 ----- 77.96 ---- 76.22
                        9 --- Sports Racer - 77.92 -- 73.74
                        10 -- Bov ---------- 77.66 --- 75.7
                        11 -- Lez ----------- 77.17 --- 65.3
                        12 -- Jimmy ------- 75.97 --- 69.55
                        13 -- Brumos ------ 75.96
                        14 -- Charlesx ----- 73.59 --- 71.72
                        15 -- ALS ---------- 72.59
                        16 -- YHR --------- 71.37 ---- 69.75
                        17 -- Aloha ------- 70.42 ---- 56.37

                        It was unexpectedly cold last night - 9 degrees C, down from 20 C the night before - and Steve didn't have the fire going in his mancave so the track wasn't as fast or gripy as it should have been.

                        Curef, Charlesx and YHR


                        Alexis, ALS, Aloha

                        The cars were put on the track in the wrong order for Alexis and ALS. The screen shot at the end of the video shows Alexis on the red lane and ALS on green. It should be the other way around and I'll correct the results scoresheet before I send it out. Luckily we noticed it on the last heat otherwise I would have put Alexis in 16th and ALS in 5th.


                        Brumos, Bov, Jimmyslots


                        Peter Gunn, CJ74, Sports Racer


                        Lez, Gas41T, Leadfoot


                        Radarek, Lance, Lez

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                          Thanks for the Round all involved...

                          Congrats podium getters

                          Very happy with my car ....



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                            Andrew got a great lap time out of it. Drove it like he stole it.