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Delay and a change for next year

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  • Delay and a change for next year

    Sorry for the delay in getting the cars to Radarek in Canada but I'm trying to find out where they are right now. They were supposed to have been posted 2 weeks ago and Radarek hasn't got them yet. The post office can't give me a tracking number and I think Gavin my local postie might still have them.

    I live out of town so I gave the cars to Gavin to take to town and post. He's on holiday and back next week so I'll know then what's happened.

    This has made me more determined to change the racing next year to only 10 rounds held here in Canberra. That way I can make sure a round is held every 2 weeks, maybe even weekly, and at the end I can post a video of an examination of the top 10 cars to show everyone what makes them fast so we can learn something.

    It also means I can to do trophies for the first 3 cars.

    Entry fee would be reduced because once the cars are here there's no further transport costs other than posting the cars back to their owners and Aussie post is cheap. I can also post the cars back in the same box they came in.



    Edit: Cars have been found and will be in the post on Wednesday.
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    Hi, other Paul.

    With all these recent site issues, people have had a hell of a time logging in, as we all know. This Thread, which you started a week ago, has only been viewed once or twice by logged in members. So a lot of people may have missed it.

    No doubt the cars will be delivered forthwith, if not sooner.


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      Thanks for the up-date Sports Racer. Look forward to steady progress from now on or at least to be kept informed.

      The move to solely Aussie rounds sounds like a good idea although I have really enjoyed some of the USA and Canadian Proxies I have contested.

      Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


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        I see the cars were found. Hopefully round 6 will happen soon. Lance


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          Hey Paul

          i would love to have this proxy hosted on my track...
          As my track is sponsored by Supertires ...
          It won’t cost for postage back to you as I’m happy to pay postage...
          i noticed a lot of the tracks in Canberra are very similar layouts....
          food for thought !!