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SCITCC Round 9 Allenbrook

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  • SCITCC Round 9 Allenbrook

    Allenbrook is a new routed three lane track in Tigard Oregon. Each lane is just over 69" long. Power comes through copper tape, the timing system is the latest version of Track Mate.

    All the cars have been qualified. While some cars were faster than others there were no clunkers, they all ran great which is wonderful this deep into a proxy. That being said there are several loose wings in the box, someone else can sort that out.

    I'll post Q results later today and I'll try to include pictures as I have the SCCA proxy to qualify yet today. I'm not sure how many cars are in that one but the box is much larger.

    As none of tomorrows driver have run on this track we'll run some of our cars first then run the proxy with the slowest cars first and ending with the fastest, however these cars are all so close it probably won't make much difference.

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    This one was an oops