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SCITCC Round 10 - Al's Rippin' Ridin' Raceway

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  • SCITCC Round 10 - Al's Rippin' Ridin' Raceway

    Oh the road is long, with many a winding turn...

    With luck the road ends tonight in Portland.

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    That almost sounds poetic,,,,,


    Cheers, Tony.


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      Twas a slow night at the race track attendance-wise but we made the best of it and pulled off the final round.

      A big thanks to our host Al. Drivers were myself (for once!), Victoria and Al. Al's wife Donna manned the keyboard pausing for any offs and let me say she was ever vigilant.

      All the cars ran well and we had a good time hustling them around the track.

      There were no casualties and all cars are ready to head back to where they started.

      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks for another good round even from near the back of the field. Congrats to the podiumites, organsiers, drivers, marshals and other helpers. Has been a great series. Looking forward to commentary and photos. Regards Chas Le Breton


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          Other than hosting a round, I missed this year. I'll keep an eye out and get a car in next year.

          I wanted to make this particular race but had a work related meeting that ran extra innings. I hate it when the "suits" show


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            Hi Monte and Crew,

            Thanks for putting on this round, and organizing the somewhat Northern part of this series - it is much appreciated !

            Congrats to the Podiumites!

            The challenge will be to come up with a better mousetrap to go around with, the last minute revering back to plan D seemed to work out..... Not bad for a near stock in-line....

            Cheers, Tony.


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              Thanks to you and all who made this happen. Thanks for hosting and the race. It was a fun proxy, watching as it progressed.I hope it continues.
              Also thanks to Sport Racer for organizing.
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                Thanks Monte for hosting those rounds. Great work again.

                congratulations to Rossko and Lance for podium finish and big thanks to Tony for lots of work with spread sheet.

                Paul thanks again for this proxy.

                all the best guys




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                  As Lance & Radarek has said ....
                  congrats all builders & hosts



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                    Thanks for running the USA rounds.

                    Congrats again to Radarek for showing us how to build a perfect car. Everyone who raced it commented on how nice it was to drive.

                    There wasn't a bad car in the whole bunch, a credit to all who entered.

                    Thank you, to all hosts and participants.