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Next years proxy - 2020

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  • Next years proxy - 2020

    It's too late in the year to get a Touring Car Proxy organised for this year so the next proxy will start in February or March 2020.

    It will be run only on Aussie tracks so I can keep it to a strict timetable of a round every 2 weeks, maybe even weekly.

    I'll also organise trophies for the top 3 finishers and do a post proxy report on each of the cars so you can see what makes the quick cars quick.

    Rules will stay the same but rubber tyres will be allowed again.

    Entry fee will be cheap because I only need to cover the trophies and postage of the cars back to their owners and Aussie postage is pretty cheap.

    Thanks to everyone who entered this year. I know it dragged on but next year will see the proxy start and finish within a few months.


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    Hi Sportsracer.

    Thanks again for a second great series.

    Looking forward to next year. Greg Murphy will be ready to go in his Supercheap Holden Commpordore No.51 hopefully with a little more grunt in the engine bay.

    In due coarse it would be interesting to hear recommendations on rubber tyres that are suitable for Aussie tracks. Longevity would be one of my concerns. Urethane tyres though have severed us very well.

    Looking forward to getting my car back when you can manage.

    Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


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      Hi Paul,

      How about specifying N22s or N18s? As they are branded accordingly, it would make compliance easier to check than say another Italian brand which doesn't identify it's compound on the sidewall....

      And this time I won't pass up on hosting a round.......

      Cheers, Tony.


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        Tony is right

        I would say rubber or urethane but dont mix.
        open rubber or open urethane or one brand for all...


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          I'd love to have a spec tyre but what's out there that everyone can easily get?

          Radarek has proved that Yellowdogs work well on the Aussie tracks and I know MJK's are good but these aren't readily available to overseas racers. They need to be ordered and shipped which adds to the cost of entering the proxy.

 rubber tyres don't work on all the tracks and I don't know how NSR's would work because we don't use them.

          Most of the cars in this proxy ran Yellowdogs with a few using Paul Gage or MJKs. There were no bad tyre choices so should we keep the rules the same and only allow urethanes or have everyone use Yellowdogs?


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            Yellow dogs worked on my car & work great on my Nascars...
            So Iím happy to keep using yellows