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    ... a 2017 Shootout anywhere on the horizon?

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    How far away is the horizon, from where you live?


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      I am close to the it is far away for me but would be interested in entering again


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        What's really cool about looking at the horizon from Hawaii is being able to detect the curvature of the earth.

        This gets better as the evening goes on, only it's suddenly dark now.


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          I will talk to Alan, but personally it will be easier to set a January or February 2018 start.

          Although if we can get cars in by October 31 2017 we could do a 2017/18 race?

          I'll keep you posted.

          Seeing as we're talking about it.

          Was the class mix to everyone's liking? Similar format or go back to just Group C, maybe a quick poll?


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            Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
            How far away is the horizon, from where you live?
            It's just over yonder....and if you go there, you'll fall off the edge.

            And Darren, for your poll, I like the mix.

            While I hate to wait so long, I also think a Jan or Feb start date might be good since Alan always gets slammed busy at the end of the year, holidays and all, so maybe it would take something off his plate to delay it until 2018. However, if the rules are not going to change, maybe we could go ahead a start building our entries in anticipation. Just a thought.
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              My 2 cents...
              Being that has predominantly two classes of cars, this past challenge probably is a good venue for each to be showcased.


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                For me, I think the key is to engage with Schedule the Shootout so that the placegetters can be a part of's display at the Toy Fair.... I will admit it was a disappointment for me not to have my cars at the Toy Fair, at the conclusion of the last Shootout.

                So - I say run the proxy from March to November, normally 9 months should be plenty of time to run 10 to 12 rounds. And if things run a bit behind, there's still 6 weeks or so before Toy Fair preps. Thus for me it'd be cars due Jan 21st 2018, podiumites making the 2019 Toy Fair...

                As for classes - I'd say keep Group C as it is, but there's plenty of alternatives for the 2nd class: LMP, Classic, Touring, HRS2 hybrid...

                A couple of other proxies have seemed to have fallen by the wayside - let's keep this 'institution' motoring along.....

                Cheers, Tony.


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                  If there is a new series in the works, which I hope there is, how about these for the two classes;

                  1 - open Group C
                  2 - stock motor 60's/70's Vintage Racing (Can-Am cars, Ford GT 40's, Alfa 3/33's, Ferrari 312's, Matra) (gearing, wheels, axles, open. Minimum weight and tires TBA)


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                    Power to the Polls

                    I think this years series was a good venue representing slot cars. I would like to continue with box stock group C because there are so many models to choose from. The Modern LaMans cars might be better off running the motor that came with the cars from but open up suspension modifications for the techno needy.
                    I like the idea that LeMans race cars all need lights for the realism.
                    Let's get this party started.


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                      Group C and EVO GROUP C and LMP and EVO LMP


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                        Soap Box Spotlight

                        I completely agree with BOV[FLICKR][

                        For me, I think the key is to engage with Schedule the Shootout so that the placegetters can be a part of's display at the Toy Fair.... I will admit it was a disappointment for me not to have my cars at the Toy Fair, at the conclusion of the last Shootout./FLICKR]

                        So, BOD, let's make a decision and let us get this years event on our work benches. A great deal of the fun is in the preparation. Sitting this on the shelf is not a good way to please interested participants.


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                          Alan writing as the Store.

                          The only reason the cars were ever at Toy Fair was because I carried them over ( OK one year we mailed them and had to pay a Kings Ransom to get them back. )

                          Attending Nurnberg Toy Fair is not likely to be on my schedule anymore unless the Market changes dramatically.
                          Most of the News happens online now, sadly most of the sales also online only. So Nurnberg is less important now. The days when you could not walk down the aisles on Saturday and Sunday are long gone. There were more closed off booths than leased booths in the Toy Hall last time I visited.

                          I will speak with Maurizio regarding displaying cars but this was always me who did the display not

                          Not sure how big the Booth will be at Nurnberg in 2018 but I will ask.

                          I very much want to continue the Shootout and personally like the close to stock Group C Class and the LMP Open Class we used last time.

                          I do need to discuss with Maurizio regarding Event cars going forward as well as the Shootout cost of operation costs my Company ( SCI ) to host every year. Especially with covering shipping to Australia etc.

                          I also do not want to see the build cost of the cars go too high so lights while a great addition to any car do add to the cost.

                          Regarding rules I feel we need to clarify car widths and also try to encourage builders to glue on tires some of the LMP cars were just too hard to drive as supplied. Slip on tires will not be required in either class as I feel most now have the ability to glue and true tires. This makes such a difference to the cars performance. Also to the enjoyment of the host racers as they do not have to drive slowly to prevent tires dismounting.

                          So that is my thoughts, this Shootout was more difficult than most, in part as I am very busy running the ScaleRacing Center. Plus building cars in America.

                          But I want to see this series continue more from my end as soon as I can.



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                            Soap Box Spotlight

                            It is certainly good to hear straight talk from Alan and I can see that the Shootout still has strong support with its chief. It's not hard to understand that there are some particularly busy weeks that are scheduled in the business year. So why not do some reverse engineering and start with some point in the business year when you will be more likely to spend time with our Shootout races and then work back on the calendar to give us the start date. We need our own time to process and plan our race strategies, build our cars and do a little smack talk in the meantime.

                            It's about us racers, builders and newbies wanting to get into some fray action so we can be a part of something bigger than the little ponds we live in.

                            We love Slot it slot cars but we don't need Slot it corporate to have the time of our lives. We can take pictures and post the on this forum and others, for the world to see and give everyone the chance to want to be part of what we have. We do that without Slot it corporate. Honestly I don't see much Slot it corporate support in the USA at all so I think they should tickled that the Shootout even exists. Just a few words from Maurizio as to his enjoyment of this series will be satisfying enough for us all.

                            So give us a date to have our cars at the starting line .. any particulars about regulations .. and we be a happy crew indeed.

                            You're the man, Alan


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                              I'm very keen to enter this proxy, I'm in Sydney Australia with postage I will cover shipping cost I live close to tony (BOV) so we don't use cash to get two rounds done in Sydney...
                              I like the standard rules for groupC and open for lmp so I'm just going to wait for the go ahead