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  • Shootout 2018

    The Shootout 2018 is happening!

    Entries to be at The Scaleracing Center by 22 July 2018.

    We feel this is the best date as it gives our friends in the Southern Hemisphere sufficient notice.

    Rules will be posted soon.


    Group C - Stock - wheels must not be visible when viewed from above. This includes allowance for pod movement. Tyres must be glued

    LMP/GT Open - Body must be stock - chassis is open as long as all the parts are, same rules regarding tyres being glued and wheels being visible.

    Tracks will be announced soon but we hope to have 10 tracks but a minimum of 8.

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    #33 in Group C please
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      " Shootout 2018 is happening!"

      Great count me in ............

      Dick (MD43 on cars)


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        Please count me in and let me know what I can do to support.



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          G'Day Darren,

          Good to hear from you! And good to hear about the Shootout

          As always - I'll be in, and be able to host......

          I'm thinking car #2 in Group C.... change that to #20, still in Group C...

          Will be able to confirm entry details for sure once you have the rules sorted...

          Good news !!

          Cheers, Tony.
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            Awright Darren, thanks for lighting the fuse!

            Please put me down for #40 in LMP/GT. Potential for an entry in Gp C also.


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              Grp C #17 please.



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                Group C for me please #10 would be great...Thank you


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                  Group c #27 & LMP/GT for me please not sure on a number
                  As yet....



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                    I will edit my first post to put car numbers and entrants in a list. If possible we would like 12 entries for each, if we get more there will be a "qualifying".

                    Rules will be close to the last shootout, I will try to get them posted this weekend.

                    As for LMP/GT you can use any Slot.It part and modify it to your needs - as an example:

                    You can drill holes in Slot.It wheels to lighten them if you want, if you find a Sauber C9 chassis works wonders for the handling of your F40 once the chassis is modified to fit then you can use it.
                    The only part not allowed to be modified is the body! I haven't tried the C9/F40 chassis swap it was just an example however if it works I'll take full credit. Motors may be glued in place in LMP/GT.

                    Group C motors may be held in place by screws, apparently the new pod has provision for this?
                    Motors CANNOT be glued in Group C.


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                      I'll have a car for group C. Not sure of number yet.


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                        What type of track are you looking for? We're wanting to get in on a proxy race.

                        Here's ours.


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                          Originally posted by CincySlots View Post
                          What type of track are you looking for? We're wanting to get in on a proxy race.

                          Here's ours.

                          I do believe that your track would do quite nicely indeed!
                          Is it rubber tire friendly? (i.e. no silicones used on it)


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                            Group c #85

                            Hello I would like to change my# 85 to#54 Thanks ALS Count me in, GroupCBox Class #54 / LMP CLASS #65
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                              Sorry, we allow silicone tires.