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  • 2018 Rules

    Here are the Scaleracing Group C and LMP/GT1 open rules.

    Group C

    Only addendum to Group C rules is rear tyres must be glued to the rim

    LMP/GT1 Open
    All LMP/GT1 models - R390 Road Car not eligible.
    Lola, Porsche GT1, Audi, Nissan R390, McLaren F1GTR and F40.
    Nissan R390 Road Car is not legal. call these cars Modern LeMans.

    Any part
    No modifications of body allowed
    Wheels must not be visible from above.
    Wheels must have inserts.
    Any rubber tires - No S1 or S2
    Tyres must be glued and trued.

    In both classes please ensure wheels/tyres are not visible out side of the body when viewed from above

    Post any questions in this thread please.
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    Hi Darren,

    Good to hear from you again - thanks for posting the rules...

    In Group C, the car I've just acquired (new...) - the 21.5k motor isn't bright orange, it's more orangey / browny kind of colour, but it still seems to me to be about the same as the earlier orange motors - is that ok?

    And - just to be clear, the cars are still due at Alan's by the 26th of July?

    Still ok to host again, if required...

    Cheers, Tony.


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      Hi Tony

      Any of the "Orange/Orange Brown" motors will be acceptable.

      26th of July is still the planned date.

      We look forward to a couple of rounds downunder once again.

      I will post tracks and discuss with hosts in the next couple of weeks.



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        Do we have to run the light kits ?



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          How much does it cost to join this year?


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            No Light kits

            I believe entry is $75, will get Alan to confirm and set entry on


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              Thanks Darren.



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                Rule update

                Please not on the first thread I have made an addition to the rules.

                "In both classes please ensure wheels/tyres are not visible out side of the body when viewed from above"


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                  Is the Policar F40 legal? It is a manufactured car after all.


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                    Good Question?

                    I think all the molds are the same but different branding.....

                    Will reply as soon as I can


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                      Policar F40 is legal....