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Round 1 Westbrook Raceway Victoria BC

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  • Round 1 Westbrook Raceway Victoria BC

    So I've held off posting results as I wanted to have some pictures to go with them as we all love pictures.
    Westbrook Raceway is a new routed track with recessed steel braid, about 58ft 4 lane.
    From the start it is quick burst into a 90 right under the bridge, then a long left short straight into a 80 left under the bridge. Quick acceleration into 100 corner very short straight 90 short straight 90 onto 15ft straight into 180 banked corner to start finish.

    Dave owns the track and next to him I have the most track time on this track. We ran the 2 centre lanes(Black and Yellow) as this is what we normally do when we're "practicing". Vince did the race control.

    I used the Qualifying from the ScaleRacing Centre and decided to run the 2 Groups separately.
    For future rounds I have decided to run them mixed according to finishing order of previous Round.

    We marked on the track where cars finished in order to determine who was ahead, however I did not record sections. Letter next to best time is Lane it was set in.

    POS # LAPS Best time Class

    17. #34 118 5.441 B LMP/GT
    16. #30 124 5.278 B LMP/GT
    15. #7 126 5.174 B LMP/GT
    14. #14 130 5.231 B GPC
    13. #20 134 5.183 B GPC
    12. #54 134 5.162 B GPC
    11. #33 135 5.111 B GPC
    10. #27 136 4.840 B LMP/GT
    9. #26 136 4.944 B GPC
    8. #29 137 4.808 B GPC
    7. #00 139 4.919 B GPC
    6. #86 140 4.918 B GPC
    5. #27 142 4.833 B GPC
    4. #7 142 4.821 B GPC
    #17 142 4.762 B GPC
    #1 143 4.768 Y GPC
    #10 145 4.743 Y GPC

    We ran 2 heats of 6 minutes so each car got 12 minutes. Tyre choice seems to be a critical factor, but we'll see how the rest of the Shootout goes

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	20180821_190952.jpg
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    Awesome, thanks for the first round and the start of the slotit shootout.....

    Congrats podium getters

    Tyres: well I know my cars should get better as the P6’s come on and I know wear will not be a factor.....
    I couldn’t say that about n22’s but ??
    Very happy with 5th in grp C & 1st in LMP

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      Darren, Dave, Allan and Vince,
      Thank you all for the time and effort put forth
      It looks as though there were some close racing and hope you guys had some fun.
      Congrats to the builders for their entries and the first event is in the books...wonder what comes next.


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        Good to get the racing started...thanks Darren and crew!
        Congrats to the podium sitters.

        Looks like a long, sad Shootout for the #30.