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  • 2018 Shootout Pointscores

    Hi All.

    Not sure if this is wanted or not - but I made up the attached spreadsheet to keep track of how this proxy is progressing. This is modeled on the scoring system used in the last SCITCC proxy - slightly tweaked so the podiumites of each round have a bigger points spread than non-podiumites, again dropping your worst round.
    So, 1st gets 23 points, 2nd gets 19 points, 3rd gets 16 points, 4th gets 13 points, 5th gets 13 points down to 17th receiving 1 point....

    Hope this is acceptable for all.....

    Cheers, Tony.
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    Thanks for the update...
    Any word on the next venue????


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      Thanks BOV nice spreadsheet. I can never keep the up with the score so I am very glad you are.


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        I am ready to ship.

        Dale you mentioned October wasn't a good month?

        I can ship to Tony before it gets too hot down under?

        Let me know and I'll ship the cars Thursday.



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          Hi Darren,

          In all honesty - I don't think I can host a round of any proxies until at least the 2nd weekend in November (from Friday 9th onwards...)......

          And yet, still very keen to maintain the tradition of hosting a round of the Shootout, and the SCITCC...

          Many other things going on around Chateau bov ...

          Cheers, Tony.


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            An afterthought....

            Having said that - Darren, if you want to send the cars down to me - I could at least make a start on photos and stuff......

            Same old home address, not the office address.....

            Cheers, Tony.


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              Send them to me in advance of Tony

              I can run event here before end of month. May I PM you my address?



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                Hi Dale

                Please PM me your address.

                Tony I hope you have better luck posting pictures!



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                  Hi All,

                  Updated point score.....

                  Rossko's getting away - some tight battles down the field.......

                  Cheers, Tony.


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                    Pointscores after Rd 6

                    Hi All,

                    Whilst the field is spreading out - it's still pretty close in places......

                    Cheers, Tony.


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                      "Pointscores after Rd 6"

                      Hey Bov

                      Thanks for all you to keep all of us informed and up to date...
                      It's to see ole #1 in 3rd after 6 rounds that car ran great on it's home track and one csn only hope it continues.

                      Once again THANK YOU !!!



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                        Point scores after Round 7

                        Well, with the inability to attach files to posts tonight - I hope you can follow these two images of the updated point score...

                        I will try to tidy this up with attachments, at a later date....

                        Cheers, Tony.


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                          Hi All,

                          Point scores after Round 8:

                          Cheers, Tony.


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                            Hi All,

                            Updated overall pointscore after Round 9 :

                            Not sure if the photos and attachments will work, but in summary:

                            1. Gas41T's McLaren LMP 148pts
                            2. Aloha's Porsche Grp C 141pts
                            3. MD43's Sauber Grp C 121pts
                            4. Lancelot's Porsche Grp C 120pts
                            5. Arroldn's Porche Grp C 106pts
                            6. Torquemutant's Porsche Grp C 97pts
                            7. Steevee's Porsche Grp C 92pts
                            8.Slotbutton's Lancia Grp C 92pts
                            9. Geezer's Porsche Grp C 90pts
                            10. Brumos' Porsche Grp C 85pts
                            11. Johnnyslots Porsche Grp C 55pts
                            12. bov's Porsche Grp C 51pts ( sniff... )
                            13.MD43's Lola LMP 47pts
                            14. B52's Nissan LMP 47ps
                            15. Gas41T's Nissan Grp C 46pts
                            16. ALS' Lancia Grp C 37pts
                            17. Johnnyslots' Ferrari LMP 24pts

                            Cheers, Tony.
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                              Hi All,

                              Updated pointscores after Round 10:
                              1 27 GAS41T - McLaren F1 GTR LM LMP / GT 171
                              2 10 Aloha - Porsche 962 IMSA Group C 154
                              3 26 Lancelot - Porsche 956 LH Group C 136
                              4 1 MD43 - Sauber C9 Group C 135
                              5 7 Arroldn - Porsche 962 KH Group C 125
                              6 00 Torquemutant - Porsche 962 IMSA Group C 109
                              7 29 Slotbutton - Lancia LC2/85 Group C 101
                              8 17 Steevee - Porsche 962 KH Group C 100
                              9 86 Geezer - Porsche 962 IMSA Group C 100
                              10 33 Brumos RSR - Porsche 962 IMSA Group C 90
                              11 14 Johnnyslots - Porsche 962 IMSA Group C 62
                              12 20 bov - Porsche 956 KH Group C 57
                              13 7 MD43 - Lola B12/80 LMP / GT 52
                              14 30 B52 - Nissan R390LM LMP / GT 50
                              15 54 ALS - Lancia LC2 / 85 Group C 48
                              16 27 Gas41T - Nissan R9CK Group C 47
                              17 34 Johnnyslots - Ferrari F40 LMP / GT 26