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Koolau Motorsports rounds 5 and 6.

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  • Koolau Motorsports rounds 5 and 6.

    Hello to all
    Cars arrived last night from Canada. Will unpack cars today and look to get the party started next week.
    Short synopsis two lane, 62 foot, MDF, Matte Latex finish, copper tape, TrackMate, Pyramid power supply and two DR 30 controllers...boy was that a long sentence.
    Weather conditions have been in the high 80 degree range with humidity in the mid 80%.
    Will be interesting. More later.
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    Hi All,

    More details to follow, but we have some photos from Dale's round to share.... Unfortunately, I couldn't format them any better, but you get the idea.....

    Nice looking Man Cave, Dale.....

    Cheers, Tony.
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      Guys sorry wrote one page of review on each car and it did not save.
      Please contact me and i can give an overview on qualifying of each of your cars
      Cars to address issues
      C27 wing broken, and found that tungsten weight had melted onto motor leads and caused intermittent power issues
      LMP30 rear tire delaminating
      C54 front wheels outside of body
      LMP7 has large gouge out of rear tire
      C86 rear track seems very narrow
      27LMP a great car...good job
      Enjoyed having the cars here.


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        Dale, these browser issues can drive you nuts. Best to write to Word or somewhere then block 'n paste the data in. Or use Ctrl+A to block and then make sure you save before submitting reply. If you get stuck or need help, email me via SCI and I'll happily help. Paul


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          Following up on yesterday’s results here are some of the observations of cars in this year’s proxy.
          First the qualifying was all done in the Lane 2 Red, all cars were driven by Lance for one-minute duration. Cars were qualified based on YTD standings. For race Lance drove Lane 1 White (actually 2 feet longer in length) and Dale drove Lane 2 Red for the required period.
          Comments for Qualifying and Race were as follows:
          Car # Qual Time Comments
          LMP 34 7.121 Left wire lead when quali began, smooth gear train, lacks grip, tail happy, could not push into turns
          C14 6.977 Quiet running, lacking top end speed, slides nicely, bicycles, runs better as time went on
          C54 6.963 Front wheels are showing outside fender wells. Car sits high, smooth gear train, handles well, lacks punch out of turns
          C 20 6.934 Rear tires should be checked, little chatter, good brakes, predictable, gear mesh a little noisy. Car seems to have more power, almost seems restrained
          LMP 30 6.993 Loose, good top end, squirly – takes time for car to recover leading onto straights, body too loose. Rear tires are suspect - delaminating
          LMP 7 6.888 Good brakes, predictable, little chatter, good top end, noisy gear train. Rt rear tire has large gouge out of it
          C86 6.831 Smooth gear train, good traction, handles well, good brakes, could use more top end. One rear wheel may have shifted in as rear tract is very narrow
          C27 7.714 Rear wing/winglet broken, was down on power in qualifying – intermittent power, front end seemed light, bicycled when pushed, not planted on this track. After Quali checked car and found that what appeared as Tungsten putty had gotten onto motor leads and created a short. Cleaned up for race but motor may be compromised
          C26 6.448 Body noise, good brakes, predictable handling, handles turns well. Car was well planted on this track.
          C0 6.689 Smooth gear train, good balance, could use more top end. Easy to drive
          C7 6.573 Great top end, runs well thru technical part of track, predictable
          C33 6.795 Little chatter, good top end, easy to drive, does not handle transition of chicane/esses well
          C29 6.867 Does not like transition of chicane, good top end, good brakes, some chatter
          C17 6.596 Quiet, does not slide – bicycles when pushed, smooth gear train, decent brakes. Noticed body roll, good punch out of turns
          C10 6.146 Quiet gear train, balanced and easy to drive on track where developed,
          C1 6.506 Quiet, smooth gear mesh, easy to drive, good pick up out of turns, little loose through transitions. Nice car
          LMP27 6.287 Very nice to drive, hint of chatter when pushed, quiet, quick out of turns, almost too much motor for track…fun to drive - a real pleasure

          It was a pleasure to have the cars … thank you all for supporting this proxy.


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            Thanks Dale and helpers to get the round completed so quickly...

            Very happy with the LMP, if only slotit made tape to tape the pod which will
            stop chatter...

            Well this is my first real problem I’ve had over 3/4 yrs of proxy racing, I’m happy
            Still to just be in this proxy....I’m still learning

            Congrats podium getters



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              Warm weather racing

              Porsche #00 was feeling good with your warm weather. Before you send the cars off .. could you set #00 out in the sun for a couple hours? Trapped in the shipping box is destroying it's tan. Super race you guys.


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                Your 1/32 routed track looks GREAT brahdah Dale! Have the other guys like Troy, Dwen, Jon, or Myron able to run a few laps on the track? What happen to the 4 lane Brystal HO track?


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                  Aloha Rick
                  Good to hear from you...HO track is under 1/32 track. Guys are into drag racing. Oh well i guess i like going in circles as opposed to a straight line. Be safe my friend!
                  Mahalo for checking in


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                    Thanks for hosting

                    Dale you have a great looking setup and again thanks for running and taking part in this great proxy

                    The damage to the rear on my #7 was not a tire defect BUT caused by careless handing of a solder gun LOL go figure.... I let ship this way as I don't think it hurts to bad !!

                    Anyway thanks again Dale



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                      Dale, thanks for the qual and the comments.

                      Wonderful, now a delaminating tire's gonna be a loooong proxy!


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                        Thanks for the quick turn around.
                        Bov what browser are you using to post pictures?



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                          Hi Darren,

                          I'm using DropShots.... I use SnagIt to take a screenshot of scoring Excel spread sheets (saving as a JPEG file), that I also save on DropShots. Then I just paste the Dropshots IMG ref details into my posts to display......

                          Cheers, Tony.


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                            If mother nature is nice tomorrow we will put all the cars out to get a little sun tan but will insure that we use SPF50 so no sunburns...seriously now.

                            Intend to put in another small chicane and run cars in the opposite direction. In the past this usually has the impact of a .2 - .3 slower lap and completely changes the dynamics of the course.

                            Your cars are enjoyable and look forward to seeing what happens

                            Thank you all now if I could just get pictures to post.

                            Take care all


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                              Koolau Motorsports Race 2

                              Second race here in Hawaii. Same track running in opposite direction with drop in Chicane added for a different configuration.

                              2018 Shootout Koolau Makai Course10/27/201884 degrees Farenheit82% Humidity9am - 11amClockwiseFinishing OrderRacers L1 L2SectorsT-Laps1C1051550.175106.1752Lmp2750540.15104.153C8650520.5102.54C2649520.45101.455C749500.9599.956C1448500.998.97C048500.4598.458C148500.2598.259C1748500.198.110Lmp747500.997.911Lmp3048480.62596.62512C2948480.596.513C3346500.396.314C2046480.92594.92515Lmp3446460.992.916C5444480.792.717C2742460.82588.825Qualifying OrderRacersFastest Qualifying L2RacersFastest Race Lap L1Fastest Race Lap L21C106.262C106.6466.2392Lmp276.505Lmp276.8226.5923C266.663C866.8476.644C16.672C266.966.6935C76.705C07.1426.7966Lmp76.729C176.9996.8497C296.808C16.9646.9558C176.813C76.8816.6689C866.839C147.1046.88710C06.895Lmp77.1226.78811Lmp306.901C337.1196.97412C146.965C297.0466.8613C336.977Lmp307.176.99214C207.082C207.3077.09915C547.172Lmp347.3967.31916Lmp347.367C547.5957.28417C277.472C277.8357.397It was great fun thank you
                              Dale and Lance