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Round 7 Murray Farm Raceway

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  • Round 7 Murray Farm Raceway

    Hi Everybody(Hi Dr Nick…)
    So, this surprisingly large box arrived from Hawaii today…… well, large for 17 cars….
    Yes – once again the Shootout has arrived DownUnder!
    But first, let’s meet the field:
    Group C

    #00 Torquemutant Porsche 962 IMSA 9/26 F22s(?) Spring Suspension

    #1 MD43 Sauber C9 9/25 N18

    #7 Arroldn Porsche 962 KH 9/25 N22

    #10 Aloha Porsche 962 IMSA 9/26 N22

    #14 Johnnyslots Porsche 962 IMSA 9/28 F30

    #17 Steeveew Porsche 962 KH 9/26 N22

    #20 bov Porsche 956KH 9/25 N22

    #26 Lance Porsche 956 LH 9/26 N22

    #27 GAS41T Nissan R9CK 9/28 P6 (and a detached rear wing. Ross, I’ll leave it off till I bring the cars over to you…)
    To be continued…
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    Continuing with the 2nd half of the field….
    Group C:

    #29 Slotbutton Lancia LC85 9/24 N22?

    #33 Brumos RSR Porsche 962 IMSA 9/24 N18? (and winner of the custom paint division….)

    #54 ALS Lancia LC85 9/24 N22

    #86 Geezer Porsche 962 IMSA 9/27 N18?


    #7 MD43 Lola B12/80 Flat6S 10?/28 A/W N22?

    #27 GAS41T McLaren F1GTR LT ‘White’ 11?/36 S/W Unidentified Tires

    #30 B52RN Nissan R390 LT ‘Red’ 10?/36 S/W N18

    #34 Johnnyslots Ferrari F40 ‘Orange’ 11?/32 S/W F30

    So, that’s the 17 cars doing battle…
    I’ll do a ‘shakedown / qualifying’ run in the near future, with a view to running the round some time soonish after that – so stay tuned……
    Thanks for submitting your entries, we’ll try to do them justice…….
    Cheers, Tony.


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      Oh - and this is actually Round 7, not Round 6 (the two runs in Hawaii - different directions - were scored as separate Rounds...)

      So, if the Mods could change this thread's title - it would save confusion.....

      Cheers, Tony.


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        My cars have p6 tyres Tony


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          N22 tires for the #33


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            #00 Torquemutant Porsche 962 IMSA .... N22 tires


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              Originally posted by bov View Post
              Oh - and this is actually Round 7, not Round 6 (the two runs in Hawaii - different directions - were scored as separate Rounds...) So, if the Mods could change this thread's title - it would save confusion.....
              Tony, you don't need a mod being as you launched this thread.

              Just go back to your first post, click Edit, then click Go Advanced, and you'll find that you can do it yourself instead.

              Good to see that you're still putting on such a good production for the Shootout!


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                Ok - thread title updated......

                Attached is a spreadsheet of my measurements of the Group C field. Didn't do the 4 LMP Cars as the data is a bit sketchy, and I'm not about to open up the cars......

                'Shakedown / Qualifying' will take place tonight.......

                Cheers, Tony.


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                  Very interesting


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                    Qualifying / Shakedown.....

                    Hi All,

                    Qualifying / shakedown was undertaken last night. Track conditions were good - a healthy 12v throughout the lap.... As always, one of the big determinants to a good lap around Muffay Farm Raceway is the ability to cope with the raised curbs of the Scalextric Sport system. Cars with little or no pod movement will always be at a disadvantage - so when you see the reference to 'curbs' in my notes, this is what I'm referring to.

                    A lot of these cars are very fast and can achieve a remarkable lap time. But I suspect the ability to churn out those fast laps consistently through a race run may see a change in the current pecking order we will see....

                    And you'd think I could do a better job of tuning a car for it's own track - or is that just part of a devious plan.....

                    Cheers, Tony.


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                      the word "devious" makes me worried
                      tony have fun...


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                        Hi All,
                        Round 7 is done and dusted….
                        Everything went well, apart from MD43’s #7 LMP Lola which dropped a lead wire out of the guide in warming up for it’s first run. Now I’m not the most familiar person with’s LMP guide system, so it took a while to successfully get it all together again – but this was accomplished and the car made it’s runs to the best of it’s abilities…..
                        Quite a few of these cars are really great… How you guys get your drivelines so silky, whisper quiet and smooth is a great testament to your building abilities.
                        As foreshadowed in the qualifying notes, a car’s ability to cope with the peculiarities of the Scaley Sport track system is always a determinate in a racing situation. Cars that can ride the curbs in a consistent manner will always do well……
                        On the other side of the coin, cars with very little compliance ‘a stiff suspension’ set-up will be a struggle on this track.
                        So, the results for this round will be a little ‘out of the norm’……

                        Congrats to Lance, MD43 and Torquemutant – each achieved their results in a different way…

                        The #26 is the only long tail Porsche in the field – maybe that helped it ride around the fences all day long….
                        The #1 Sauber was just so smooth and well balanced it was a pleasure to drive….
                        The #00 is the only entrant with rear suspension, and I believe that gave it an advantage this time out…
                        The #10 was really great but it just wasn’t as consistent as some of the others – on this track… Sorry Dale, driving it I assumed it was bound to finish higher, so I was quite surprised when the overall results came out…..
                        The #33 and #86 Porsches were super consistent to drive around all day long – really good cars!
                        Rossko’s Macca – well, this thing is so incredibly smooth to run – you just can’t believe it… (mate, we need to talk…..). If only it had some curb riding abilities, it would’ve been so far ahead it’d be in a different postcode….. Great power delivery too….
                        Nothing much to report about the remaining mid-pack finishers – they were all either very smooth, or very consistent or very pleasurable to drive – but not in such great combination as those above them – on this track….
                        Oh - and Johnnyslots can build two completely different cars, and have them perform very similarly overall – on this track…
                        At the other end of the spectrum, the only cars that were a real struggle were the LMP Lola and the Grp C Nissan. Power delivery and handling were the issues – the Lola had a lot of power with the Flat6S, but couldn’t use it. The Nissan seemed a bit down of power compared to the rest of the Group Cs, but what it had was a bit hard to use with such a stiff set up – for this track…
                        I fully expect things to completely change at the next round, such are the vagaries of proxy racing!
                        When you get to the overall points cores thread you will see that even though the results today were a bit different to previous rounds – the point scores aren’t shaken up too much, so no real damage there….
                        Once again, thanks to all the entrants for visiting Murray Farm Raceway – a pleasure to have such a wonderful field of cars to spend some time with…
                        Cheers, Tony.


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                          Hmm - that did look better when i typed it out in word, and then pasted into the reply....

                          And it doesn't seem to want to attach files tonight, oh well.......

                          I'll try again later....

                          Cheers, Tony.


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                            Thanks for the run
                            Congrats to the podium finishers
                            Lance it has really been your week


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                              And onwards we go....

                              The cars have been delivered to The Streets of Oakhurst for Round 8....

                              Good luck to all.

                              Cheers, Tony.